Moar Virus Hunter Sneak Peeks & Other News

Hilo everyone, Tough Spider here with a creator’s blog post!

It’s so dark in here…

Surely there’s nothing to be afraid of… right?

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Creators, we’re tired of the sneak peaks! Give us the island already! -_-

Other news:

As of the time I am posting this, we need 189 more supporters for Lego Cuusoo. We’re sooo close to those new Dr. Hare costumes, which look awesome. Come on guys! Less than 200 more! This is a piece of cake!

Regarding Poptropica Universe: After a while of debating, FF and I have come to the decision to allow Poptropica Universe to remain on the PTFP. We’ve barely made any progress on episode 9 since we were concentrating on this decision, and FF and I have been surprisingly busy.  We expect work to continue at a regular pace next week, which probably means no episode 9 until the last week of August. Sorry! 😦

~Tough Spider


About Tough Spider

I am a very political 15-year-old boy who likes poptropica, pokemon, DDR (if you know what that is), reading, playing my violin, and playing on my 3DS xL!

One thought on “Moar Virus Hunter Sneak Peeks & Other News

  1. It’s fine TS and FF! No worries. 😛 We have patience I’m sure. 🙂 Thanks for the update though! 😀

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