Costume Closet

Are you bored of all of your costumes? Want something fresh? Well, these pages are here to help you get through that boredom! From Zombie Kings to Katniss Everdeen, we have plenty of choices for you to choose from. You just have to choose which one you want to dress up as! We have all of them categorized so you won’t have to scroll through them all. Here are the categories:

Some featured costumes include:

If you have some costumes you want to share, comment the directions on how to make it and give a link to a photo of it or give a link to the costume in the Avatar Studio. Don’t worry – we’ll give you credit!


132 thoughts on “Costume Closet

  1. Formal pink
    Add “stupiddirectord”(no quotations) in your friend list and find the shirt in her closet.
    Get the pink fairy queen skirt (275 credits, or you’ll see)
    Find any pink lips, but the best can be found in the fall fashion outfits in the store.
    Use the hair in any vampire girl costume in the store.

  2. i found another glitch if you jump at the start of monkey wrench island you can stay upwards for some time until the the monkey tells you to go right

  3. Ok, u remember the thaila costume I mentioned, right? So you get the biker girl from the store, and customize the jacket. Get the short straight hair, put it on, and the really thick side bangs. Put those on, too. Get the electric staff thing from the store. The shirt and pants are from when you first start the game, but you can customize it from pinkcrayon234.
    The link: well, just type in the above username in the avatar studio. Thanks!

  4. but ma,am for that beard i will have to complete half of wild west and half of nabooti and wild west is difficult and reaching the nabooti island mountains of the moons is too difficult so i do not really have a account with all that stuff.

  5. ma,am, i also have a glitch which is really discovered by me, just me and nobody else.

    if you do not want to play the changes on reality tv, just click on reload and you you will straight away go on the voting. thankyou ma,am.

  6. silver wolf ma,am , i’ve the santa costume though their is no link to the avatar studio but i can tell you.

    first fiend santaclausechristmas and customize his pant and shirt and smile and shirt. then go to nabooti , open your phone and type 1225 and get the santa hat and bag. then complete the first part of wild west and use the beard brew tonic to grow the beard, change the skin color and go to any other place. instead of this i can say use the beard brew glitch. change your skin colour to whit or partly white. Thankyou ma,am

    • If you have Membership, you can save up to 30 costumes in your closet and customize them whenever you wish by clicking which one you want and putting on which pieces you want. Although, if your Membership expires, you can’t customize any of your costumes, so make sure to have Membership!

  7. Flame Princess
    1. Get hair from the Hypnotic costume. (If you’re not a member like me go to Early Poptropica and go to the green building at the window with the orange flower in a pot. Click the top left window pane and you will get this costume. Just use the hair.
    2. Get the bangs/crown from the Fairy Princess costume
    3. Get the cape and shirt from the Lil’ Demon costume
    4. Use the Cheerleader’s skirt
    5. (Optional) Use Vampire Girl 3’s Belt
    6. Now make your hair fiery orange and your skin a lighter orange (if you’re a member you can use the Burnt Orange Tan Powers but I think this looks better.)
    Here’s the Pic:

  8. I have Quite a few costumes.
    Cool Greek God:
    1. Go to mythology island and get the hair, pants and Spikes on your shoulders from the minotaur.
    2. Put on Hades’s crown and poseidon’s pitchfork.
    3.Get the shades from the greek surfer costume.
    4.Get a cape from Masks and capes in superpower island.
    Evil Alien:
    1. Change the skin color to dark green.
    2.Get the hat thing from the troll costume.
    3. Get snakes for hair with the Medusa power.
    4.Put on the Psychadelic shirt.
    5. Get the black vest from either the magician, the biker, or the rock singer costumes.
    6.Get the belt from the biker costume.
    7.Get wings from the Demon costume.
    8. Get a laser gun from a robot costume or the shrink ray. (Optional)
    Santa Claus:
    1. Get the santa hat and sack from the phone glitch on nabooti island.
    2. Customize the shirt from the king on astro knights island.
    3. Get red pants somewhere.
    4. Get a red cape from Masks and capes on superpower island.

  9. I have a really cool idea for a Link costume
    1.) You need to get the robin hood costume from the store and customize the shirt (without the jacket thing) and the sheath of arrows. You can also get the pants here
    2.) You will need the Templar knight for the store also, and youll need his sword
    3.) Go to skullduggery island and the guy on your ship with the green hat is where you get his hat…
    4.)To get the elf ears(since they are no longer in the store) you got to the mall on night watch island and go to the costume store and you will find an elf costume and this is where I got the ears!
    5.) I have bangs that cover most of the hat but any bangs should be fine for your character!


  11. Do mine SW its kinda gard to explain xD I got my outfit from every dummie and combined it all in too one and got the cookie cat bag from the new ad

  12. I have a costume I want added!

    Just Another Goth Girl
    Hair: Gamer Girl (dye it black)
    Bangs: Purple Rockstar 1
    Second Bangs: Purple Rockstar 2
    Dress: Witch from Haunted House
    Jacket: Publisher (Hemlock Herald) from Ghost Story Island
    Belt: Girl near the blimp on Red Dragon Island
    Lips: Assistant on Backlot Island

    I can email you the picture if that’s alright.

    • You can comment the directions, and put a link to the picture of the costume, or give a link for the Avatar Studio. πŸ™‚

      Sent from Silver Wolf on Poptropica!!!

    • T hanks! Whenever I put a new picture up, you have to guess it before anybody else. If you have any more questions, go to the “Snapshot” page. πŸ™‚

      Sent from Silver Wolf on Poptropica!!!

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  14. I did a Luna Lovegood costume!
    1.Get our hair from the girl with the beret on Cryptids
    2.Get slightly smiling lips from anyone
    3.Get the shirt and tie from the man selling grass skirts (or shark fins cant remember)
    4.Get the jacket from the man on Red Dragon
    5.Get cape from the witch on Haunted House
    6.Get the long skirt from the Grim Reaper on Haunted House
    7.Get the wand from the magician
    8.My favorite!! Go to the glasses store on Spy and get the pink glasses for Spectra Specs!!!

  15. Good job sleepy feather and spotted dragon on the awesome harry potter and Percy Jackson costumes! I have never heard of the other characters though, but i think i have heard their names before, are they from the hunger games? I have never read it.

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  17. I’ve got some costumes to share…

    The Blue Bard
    Hair: Woman on Main Street, Counterfeit Island
    Shirt: Boy in blue, Astro-Knights Island
    Jacket: I’m not entirely sure where you get that…ask Spotted Dragon
    Belt, pants: Woman on Main Street, Red Dragon Island
    Quill: Handheld item (friend everything173)
    Lips: Woman in Blue with Fruit on Her Head, Mythology Island
    Bangs: Goth boy, Reality TV Island

  18. How to get the most awesome mad scientist costume: Keep randomizing your poptropican until you get one with a shirt that has a skull picture on it that has grey stripes behind the skull. Then go to the haunted house, go to the monster party, and customize Death’s belt. Then go to super power island and customize the scientist’s lab coat. Then go to Mount Olympus on Mythology and customize the guy with the wind bags’s hair. You need the skull pirate costume, and customize its peg leg. Then get the goggles from the hypnotic costume.
    Use the customize anything glitch on any friends that have a robot face. But don’t take the eye, just take the other robot part (This is optional, but it makes the costume better). Then go to the carrot king diner and make a cup that has black water in it, and then fill it up as much as you can with white without it getting completely white, then choose your skin color. You can pick any color, but I prefer PD’s skin color. It is the best costume in poptropica!

      • Oh, can you give me a link from the Avatar Studio for this costume (I’m a girl, so I can’t):
        How to make Louis Tomlinson:
        Hair- from Cryptids elder person
        Hair color- A yellow-reddish color
        Shirt- Black and red mime shirt from Counterfeit
        Mic- from Singer

      • for Louis Tomlinson I know this is not the one did you get my idea very very sneaky other poptropicans take my idea c’mon make common sense

  19. How to make Louis Tomlinson Hair from crypdids elder person hair color little yellow red black red mime shirt counterfit mic from singer

  20. I would tell you how to make my contest winning costumes, but I didn’t find them on a specific character on a specific island. I got them from random Poptropicans in random Common Rooms. 😦

  21. Username:adventuretimepop1-

    Name:Zombie King

    How to make it:

    Robes and crown: From the king of Arthurus.
    Zombie eyes,mouth and face: From the Zombify item by completing Haunted House.
    Jacket: From the Leprechaun costume in the store.
    Shirt and pants: From the Frankenstein guy in the Ghost’s Gala (the underground tunnel in haunted house).
    Knife: From the guy with a grey beard on the far left on the Main Street in Astro-Knights.
    Scepter: From the Pharaoh costume in the store.
    Skin: Turn it purple using the Ctrl+Shift+S cheat,the Colourizer,or the balloons in PT,EP.

    PT=Poptropica Towers
    EP=Early Poptropica

  22. Death’s Mother
    1. Nose from the witch in Haunted House
    2. Cape, shirt, belt, pants from dark hooded figure in Haunted House
    3. Hair, mouth, bolts, from Bride of Frankenstein costume
    4. Scythe from a dummy costume
    5. Green skin from doing Ctrl – Shift – S cheat.
    Sorry, don’t have a pic for it. 😦 Maybe you can make it yourself and see!

  23. I got a boy account, gave it the drunk zombie costume, and went to every common room and zombified every person I saw! πŸ˜†

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