Super Story Wednesdays: Halloween edition 1

Seashell here! Its been a long time since I have posted an SSW. But here’s the latest one!  To catch you up, I was getting attacked by spiders from Black Widow.

I was struggling. Not because of all that spider venom (well, it did make me tired and woozy). Not because my greatest enemy in all of Poptropica (well, she did freak me out a bit). I was mainly struggling to get out of the chair Black Widow had me tied and gagged in.

What I was thinking: Ahh! Spiders are attacking me! Wait, I’m a Nightcrawler, how can they hurt me? Ooh, if they can’t hurt me, I may be able to bend their minds to free me. Wait, these are Black Widow’s minions. Why would they help me?

What I said: Mphmphphm!!! Mphmphphm!!!

Translation: Help me! Help me!

2nd thought: Do I have my cell phone with me? I can call Banana if I do! Wait! I don’t even HAVE a cell phone.

That spider venom was really kicking in right now.

Suddenly, the room goes dark.

Then, the lights turn back on.

Black Widow was suddenly standing right in my face.


No, seriously. Her face was so close to mine that it was just weird. The sight of her so vlose to me made me jump.

She plucked the gag out of my mouth. Great. Confession time.

“Has my spider’s venom been driving you mad?”

“Yeah, and move out of my face before I drive YOU mad.”

Black Widow turned red with rage. “I’d be scared, if I were you.”

“Why should I be scared of you? All you do is send spiders that will turn me into a lunatic after me.”

Black Widow got to a maroon color now.

“Look, I really didn’t want to have to do what I’m about to do. You know, we really could take over Poptropica together..”

“Yeah, like that will ever happen.”

“…but I have no choice. I do not and will not regret the decision I’m about to make. One that is in the palm of my hand. Something that will end your life.”

Black Widow opens up her palm.

Inside, there is a scorpion. A very large, poisonus scorpion. One that can kill me.





Happy (Almost) Halloween!


Our new spooky (spoopy?) header!

Poptropica is already in the Halloween spirit! And so am I, actually. From zombies to fairies, Halloween is all about dressing up (and maybe about getting candy, too). That’s why the first piece of news is…

Poppy Puppet Costumes

I might just have to do a Gender Glitch for this one because both of these costumes look really cool. Of course, it’s limited time, so get it as soon as possible! It’s 400 credits for non-members, and, as always, free for members.

If you’re low on credits, you can always spin the spinnew…Halloween Spinning Wheel! Yep, it’s fully Halloweenified with fall colors, cobwebs, spooky spiders, and jack-o-lanterns.

Also, the Poptropica Help Blog is having its annual Halloween contest! If you dress up in a Halloween costume or fall-related costume and win, the Creators are giving a 1-month membership to all the winners!

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Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been away so long. Long story that I don’t have time to tell. But anyways, I just wanted to let yall know I’m back, and that SSW is still active. Oh, BTW, did I tell you I was going to post my SSW Wednesday if I have the chance. Also, I forget where I left off at, so guys, if you can just remind me what just happened. I think I joined Black Widow’s side but I was faking to be on Black Widow’s side to save some painting I’m not completely sure. Still trying to catch up on what’s happening on Pop, so please help me!


-Seashell out!😎


Mashup Mondays: Steven Universe

This post was written by Noveen, a Poptropica community member.


Over the course of 3 years, Steven Universe has taken the world by storm! Of course, this means it’s worked its way into the Poptropica community. Many of our fellow Poptropicans are great Steven Universe fans and have incorporated it into the game’s media. It also has various LGBT characters, inspiring many. Here’s a compilation of some of their works!


Master Pinpey has drawn several works connecting Steven Universe and Poptropica. The first of these is a short animation redrawing of a Peridot quote in Poptropica style. The second work, to the right, is a gorgeous Poptropica rendition of Steven Universe’s very own Rose Quartz!

While there are several Poptropica/Steven Universe mashups, there’s also Steven Universe fanart drawn by well-known Poptropica artists. Here’s a stunning painting of Amethyst drawn by Criaha. The coloring is just breathtaking:


imageBonus shoutout to Tall Cactus for this hilarious Pearl edit!

(Silver Wolf: TC has been wanting this post for awhile. Well, here it is! I thought the drawing was still worth a mention since you love SU so much.😉 )

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#PoptropicaArt Winners and Home Island’s Halloween

Hey spooky scary skeletons, TC here! Recently, Poptropica has been celebrating Halloween with some updates to Home Island, along with the #PoptropicaArt winners finally being announced after weeks of finalists. Let’s begin, shall we…

Congrats to Maryann P., who got first place with this out-of-this-world entry!


In second place is Crafty Poptropican, with Super Villain Island fan art that’s like a dream.


And last but not least, Slanted Fish takes home the bronze with this super drawing!


Don’t forget about the honorable mentions!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congrats to all the winners, enjoys your memberships! And to all of you who didn’t win anything, don’t worry, I’m sure there will be more fun contests in the near future.

Now, let’s go back to the whole Home Island update.

First of all, the Halloween Photo Booth is back and better as ever, make sure to enjoy it while it lasts!



You may notice some other sp00py changes too…

But the most shocking one has to DJ Saturday Nite’s new hair color, which looks strangely familiar…

So yeah, that’s all for now. Have a happy yet horrifying Halloween, stay sp00py, and make sure to never run with scissors!

-Tall Cactus / Devil DJ

9th Birthday, #PoptropicaArt, & More!

Hiya, Silver Wolf here, with some Poptastic Updates! I would like to note that this is replacing this week’s Mashup Mondays, but there will be one next week.

9 Lives Means 9 Birthdays

Now, I love cats, and so I’m pretty excited for Poptropica’s 9th birthday items… The 9th Birthday Balloon of course, and a hat with a cat in it (it even wags its tail)! So cute. Like last year’s 8-bit pig item, this year’s is also a play on the birthday number.

Poptropica’s birthday month is September, so they probably won’t be in the store for much longer! A little extra info is that Poptropica had a birthday party at their HQ, including Jeff Kinney. Looks pretty fun to me. I mean, cats!

Island of the Month + Credits

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Mashup Mondays: Doctor Who


The Doctor is in! Who? The Doctor! For this week’s Mashup Mondays, there isn’t any fan art, but I’ll try to make up for it with more costumes and a longer Bits & Pieces! Since the Costumes section is so big with photos, it will go at the end.

Bits & Pieces

If you know what Doctor Who is, then you would know it is all about time travel. So, what better island to bring up than Time Tangled? Now, Time Tangled may not have a cool — definitely not conspicuous — phone booth to travel in, but it does have a Time Device you can use! The first stop is (with photos from the ATP)…

poptropica tti 9Ancient Greece: In Poptropica, Ancient Greece is as far back as you can go. In Doctor Who…not so much. You can also speak to an oracle, who gives advice from the gods. Well, in a Doctor Who novel, “The Slitheen Excursion,” the Doctor goes to Ancient Greece, and it seems like gods are visiting them; well, they’re actually aliens! Yes, it’s an odd show.

The Vikings: In Poptropica, the Vikings ask you to get an amulet for them. Most likely, in the real Viking era, they wouldn’t have been so friendly, as in “The Girl Who Died.” Instead, the Vikings capture the Doctor, and they only escape by the appearance of Odin.

Leonardo da Vinci: Just as you meet Leonardo da Vinci in Poptropica, the Doctor meets him several times, and the Mona Lisa comes up many times, including the Doctor writing “This is fake” on copies and it being based on a companion! Continue reading