Virus Hunter Island: A Scientific Perspective – Part 2

Hiya, Poptropicans! If you haven’t already read the first part to this series, make sure to go check it out! As a disclaimer once again: I’m not an expert in this area, but rather I’m an Animal Science student who would like to share some things I’ve learned! Anyway, let’s pick up where we left off…

Ah yes, if viruses are so hard to fight, then what do we do? We use vaccines! The most popular form of vaccine includes a very weak form of the virus that your body can destroy easily, while preparing for any future attacks. This is called an “artificially acquired active immunity.” Let’s break this down: it’s artificially acquired because you don’t get the virus naturally; it’s injected into you by your choice. It’s an active immunity, which means that your body will produce very specialized antibodies to fight the virus, along with lymphocytes (these are part of your immune system, or the system in your body that fights disease). Once you get a vaccine, you’re protected really well! Again, the only reason the flu vaccine is only partially effective is because the flu mutates, so there are a bunch of different kinds to fight.


The next section is the tutorial, and all I can say is…oof. This image is completely, 100% inaccurate. Viruses are much, MUCH smaller than your body’s red blood cells (the cells that transport oxygen). And okay, you say, well this is a game, not real life! That’s true, but the fact viruses are so tiny is vital to how they work and how to understand them. With normal microscopes, you can’t even see them at all. As mentioned in the previous post, viruses have to live and use your cells to survive – they are “obligate intracellular parasites.” Many viruses can be contained in one cell, so for a virus to be bigger than a cell doesn’t make sense. Plus, there’s not much of an excuse for Poptropica to do this. The island would also be super cool with the player being tiny and fighting viruses within cells themselves. It could teach about cell parts, along with the immune system!

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New Costumes, Timmy Failure Updates, & Haxe JavaScript Transitions

Hiya, Poptropicans! Happy Easter (if you celebrate)! It seems as if within the last week or so, Poptropica has picked up its pace (quite dramatically) from the past month. See what happens when you focus on your exams? You miss all the cool stuff. 😜 Just kidding, of course. There’s plenty of time for school and fun!

The first piece of news is that there have been some Store updates for April! As with every month, there are Members-only gifts for April, this time focusing on historical icons. They are Cleopatra, Sir Lancelot, and Pocahontas:

Blast to the Past

I would like to thank Gentle Dolphin for noting something here that I may not have realized otherwise – the Pocahontas costume is the exact same as Sacagawea on Time Tangled Island. It’s not really the best look to reuse an outfit from one person to another just because they share the same culture (especially when they were born nearly two centuries apart in two distinct areas of the country). Either way, though, you can customize the outfit for free from Time Tangled.

Moving on, other changes for the Store include some April-themed updates, such as a chick follower, egg launcher, hiking shoes, and more:

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Virus Hunter Island: A Scientific Perspective – Part 1

Hiya, Poptropicans! As some of you may know, I’m now in college. Specifically, I’m working towards an Animal Science degree with a Pre-Vet concentration. By no means does this make me a biology or science expert, but I thought I’d share my thoughts about Virus Hunter Island! Of course, if there’s anything wrong or inaccurate, tell me! I used to (greatly) dislike this island so I never completed it, but recently I gave it another shot. 😉 Here’s the synopsis:

Somewhere in Poptropica, an unknown citizen harbors within his bloodstream a dangerous new virus. Your mission: locate Patient Zero, and eradicate the disease before it spreads. Prepare for a perilous journey to the most far-out place of all — inside the human body!

Now, besides the fact — which we all know by now — that there would be a quarantine of this person rather than a secret mission to find them, there are a few other tidbits that are interestingly misrepresented. Here’s one of the first thing the island teaches you:


“A virus uses your cell to reproduce.” This is 100% true! Viruses are what we call “obligate intracellular parasites.” I know, a fancy term. Basically, what it means is that a virus can’t survive without *you* and your body’s cells. This is why many scientists don’t consider it a living thing. It can’t survive on its own!

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PTFP Updates: Design and Features

Hiya, Poptropicans! I wanted to let you all know that besides the two recent posts, I’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make this blog better for everyone. There’s still a lot of work left to do, but I am slowly and surely improving it! What, may you ask, are the updates? Well, get ready for a long post…


If you remember our old header, it looked like this:


Although beautiful and given to us by Skinny Moon, it became outdated awhile ago when Poptropica mostly moved on from Poptropica Worlds. Worlds is hard to access now, so it was time to update it to:

ptfp header

This is one of the simpler updates I’ve completed. Also, don’t worry — our title of an “Official Poptropica Fansite” still exists!

Mobile Friendly

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Trolls World Tour Ad and #NationalPuppyDay

Hi, Poptropicans! Despite a lack of posts this month so far on the Creators’ Blog, there have been some small updates recently on Poptropica and Instagram! It’s likely that like the rest of us, Poptropica has had to make some major shifts to accommodate with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The first piece of news is that an advertisement game has appeared on the first page of Poptropica map. You can also visit it on right side of the main street on 24 Carrot Island. It’s for Trolls World Tour, a Dreamworks movie coming out April 10th!

Trolls Island

Once you enter, you can talk to several of Troll’s main characters and explore the area. If you talk to Poppy, the pink troll, you’ll go through several dialogue lines and the game screen will appear. Your mission: defeat the rock music trolls with your electric guitar!

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