Poppin’ Pages

This page has links to all of the Poppin’ Pages about Poptropica. You can click any of the titles here or you can go to the pages by scrolling over “Poppin’ Pages.” From A-V, we have everything you’ll need! Here they are, with a description for each:

  • Artwork – A page full of art from viewers and authors that feature our blog, Poptropicans, or Poptropica.
  • Avatar Studio – A how-to-guide on how to use the Avatar Studio, which features photos of Poptropicans’ Avatars!
  • Beat the Boredom – Ways to have fun while playing Poptropica if you’ve completed all the islands, or are just bored.
  • Cheats & Eggs – Codes for special costumes, items, or Gold Cards, along with hidden things the Creators have made to make Poptropica just a little bit more exciting.
  • Costume Closet – Full of costumes from viewers and authors, it has Holiday costumes, Movie costumes, and more.
  • Creators, The – All the information you need to know about the Creators of Poptropica.
  • Dr. Hare’s Travels – Recordings of everywhere Dr. Hare has gone in his lifetime all around the world!
  • Fortune Cookie Quotes – Quotes from the Fortune Cookie Gold Card, ranging from funny to wise.
  • Fantastic Friends – Poptropicans’ usernames you can friend and add your own.
  • Glitches – All the cheats and behind-the-scenes things you can do while playing Poptropica.
  • Photo Album – Photos from islands that are saved in your Album on your profile.
  • Poppy Fonts – The fonts Poptropica uses often, how to get them, and more.
  • Poptropica Trivia – Fun facts about Poptropica that you may not have known.
  • Villain Enthusiast Clubs – Clubs that bring your favorite villain’s fanbase together.
  • Villains – Villains in Poptropica that you may not have heard of or need more information on.

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