Hall of Fame

Top 3 Snappers

  1. Spotted Dragon with 39 correct guesses!
  2. SC/Some Guy with 27 correct guesses!
  3. CS/Midnight Stardust 卌 with 11 correct guesses!

 All Snappers in History

  1. Tough Spider with 10 correct guesses
  2. Brave Sky with 6 correct guesses
  3. Hoanganh2016 with 4 correct guesses
  4. Cuddly Lion with 3 correct guesses
  5. Magic Star with 3 correct guesses
  6. Nameless Undefined with 3 correct guesses
  7. Nintendo Friend with 3 correct guesses
  8. Cuddly Knuckle aka Wilbur with 2 correct guesses
  9. Perfect Dolphin with 2 correct guesses
  10. Silver Wolf with 2 correct guesses

Poptropicans with 1 correct guess includes 2awesome4u75, Anonymous, Bendy Flyer, Dr. Magic Onion, Magic Fire, Orange Shell, Pasteliacupcakes, Random Person, Slippery Icicle, Slippery Raptor, Tall Cactus, and Young Flame.

Note: If you did the math, you probably noticed there are 3 more guesses than actual Snapshots. That’s because, for 17 and 115, there were bonus Snapshots (due to accidentally getting screenshots from Members only areas), and for Snapshot 59, there was a tie. 😉

The Hardest Snapshot Ever


On August 12, 2013, the 69th Snapshot was uploaded of one of the Multiverses, Crystal Cavern. This Snapshot had 32 guesses in total from 9 different people, and the guesses ranged from August 12 at 7:08 PM to August 18 at 8:52 PM for a total of 6 days! There were also 19 different islands/Multiverses guessed in total. The winner of the hardest Snapshot? Slippery Icicle!