I’m resigning. For real this time.


I haven’t posted on this blog for ages, and to be honest I’ve lost interest in Poptropica. I haven’t played an island since Mocktropica, and that was over a year ago. I don’t feel like I should take up an author spot if I’m just sitting here.

On top of that, I’m in high school now. Do you know how stressful high school is? Really freakin’ stressful. I’m taking AP classes, so I have to do well on the AP tests. There are so many standardized tests; I have to do well on those. Finals loom over every high school student’s head; I have to do well on those.

But now for the story of my life.

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Hilo, I’m not dead!

Hi everybody, this is Tough Spider. I haven’t been active in a while, so I thought I’d update you guys. I have been SUPER busy. I had to decide what high school (wow, high school already! o_O ) I’ll be going to next year, which was probably the hardest decision of my life. Thankfully, I’m done with that now, but I’m still very busy preparing for a violin audition on April Fool’s day.

I’m not going to be able to come on for the rest of this week, but hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to catch up on the latest posts and comments that I’ve missed! Because of my inactivity, I haven’t done anything with Poptropica Universe, but hopefully Fearless Fox and I will be able to work on it this weekend.

That’s it! See ya!

~Tough Spider

Poptropica Universe Episode 13 – Déja Vu!

Hilo, Tough Spider here with episode 13 of Poptropica Universe! This one’s mostly that sneak peek we posted a long time ago, with names filled in. Enjoy!


“WHAT?!” we screamed.

Fearless Fox stared Fearless Owl straight in the eye.

“It makes me sick to think I’m related to you…!” Fearless Fox said slowly in a wobbly voice.

“It makes me sick to think I’m related to someone…so…good,” said Fearless Owl as she grabbed Fearless Fox’s neck, threw him over her shoulder, and smashed him to the ground. Fearless Fox screamed in agony, and Fearless Owl kicked him against the wall. Realizing what she was about to do, I stepped in front of him and probably saved his life.

“Not you again,” Fearless Owl growled. She rolled her eyes, lifted her right hand, and I was thrown like a rag doll across the room.

I hit the wall. Hard.

That was when I went unconscious.

When I finally regained consciousness, my eyesight was very blurry. I heard voices. It must have been Fearless Owl and Fearless Fox talking to each other.

“Oh, that was too easy,” Fearless Owl said. “Our company may be evil, but your company is pathetically weak. You have no hope, no chance, of beating us.”

“Tough Spider! Tough Icicle! Where are they? You might have them, but I’ll have one thing; I will have my revenge!” On the word, “revenge,” Fearless Fox jumped up and attacked, only to be kicked back onto the ground by Fearless Owl.

“No, brother,” she said. “You won’t have your revenge. You’re pathetic because you have no hate. You are worthless because you use the useless power of good. Good is worthless – it provides no emotion. Being evil, however, is very different. If you’re evil, you know that you hate everything and everyone good, and that hate drives you to do what you do.”

“Stop,” Fearless Fox sobbed. “Please, stop.”

“Ah! Another point. Good brings about no emotional defense. If you’re good, you’re a crybaby because you can’t stand anything. But, anyway, that’s besides the point. You asked about Tough Spider and Tough Icicle. Well, there’s not much to tell. You killed them.”

“WHAT?!” Fearless Fox screamed.

“Yes,” replied Fearless Owl. “You should know that electricity and water don’t mix. They died, and you killed them.”

“No…” he replied. “Those were robots. Those were fake.”

“I’ve figured out how to turn people into machine,” she said, “with a little help from the Binary Bard, who I met long ago. The Tough Spider you knew and the Tough Icicle you knew were the same as the cyborgs you knew.”

The Binary Bard? I remember thinking I’d have to remember that name.

“But they obeyed you…” Fearless Fox replied weakly.

“Because you can program machines,” Fearless Owl  replied, “and we programmed them to try to lure you guys in. And it worked. After all, Tough Spider convinced Tough Icicle.”

“But they were nice. Tough Spider never attacked you; only when you attacked him did he retaliate. But, I’m not as nice. So, I’m giving you only two choices: join or die.”

“‘WHAT ABOUT ‘FIGHT’?!” screamed Fearless Fox as he sprang up. He was about to get a hit on Fearless Owl when Incredible Carrot came flying out of nowhere. She punched him and he flew across the room and smashed through the temple ceiling. He landed outside.

“He’s probably dead,” shouted Incredible Carrot. “Does anyone else want to fight us, and in the process, join Fearless Fox?”

No, I’m not leaving!

Hilo, everyone! I had to make a post because I was going to get kicked off the board, so here it is.

    • I’m sorry I haven’t been active lately. I’ve been really busy with school and personal matters.
    • My first priority is (for now) going to be working to clean up the Poptropica Universe site before starting on episode 12.

Anyway, that aside, we’ve got a new creators’ post!

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~Tough Spider

Blog Updates

I know I just joined and that I just recently made my intro post, but I talked to SW about it, and she said that it was okay since we’ve been updating things for the past couple of hours. SW mostly did grammar edits, and here is a list of things that have been updated. (Both grammar edits and additions).

  • Poptropica Universe Page Updated so it now features Episode 11 – Balloons and Traitors
  • Artwork Page Now has art that is allowed to be featured 😆 Check out some of my own art now added
  • About The Authors I’m now featured, so check out my account names
  • The Nameless Adventures Page Now there is one! I will be adding the full episodes when I get more time, I’ve been busy. Not to mention it’s super late where I live.
  • As Poptropica Turns Page This page is for my Poptropica Story Series, and all of its released episodes. M joining made me realize that I had yet to post Ep. 3 so I posted it, and added. Check out the official site HERE.
  • Other Games Page Silver Wolf updated this with more than just grammar edits, I believe. Check out the latest game review from SW
  • A New Snapshot  SW said I could do the next one, give you guys a chance at getting my username. So, snapshot 74 has been added! Guess away Poptropicans 😉
  • Keep Guessing TFP’sI’ve been waiting forever so please keep guessing #4 on the TFP list!? PLEASE!!?!?!

I think I’m missing some stuff, so reread this post soon for updates?

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed (And Silver Wolf)


SW asked me to inform you all of the TFP’s released so far… Here ya’ go:

  1. Snapshot Stuff
  2. Artwork
  3. Costumes
  4. Coming INSANELY SOON!!! SW said to apologize for the long wait, it’ll be here soon.