Escape from Pelican Rock for All, Missing Sneak Peeks, & More

Hiya, Silver Wolf here, and there’s a bit to talk about! Read on to find out the top 10 finishers of Escape from Pelican Rock, missing sneak peeks, and more.

EPR RobberyEscape from Pelican Rock for All

Escape from Pelican Rock was released to everyone on December 30th! So if you’re a non-Member or Member, you can play it anytime you want. I also wanted to do what I used to and highlight the first 10 finishers of EPR Island, so here they are in a slideshow:

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It looks like the Pathfinders won this time. There’s definitely no bias here (go Seraphim!) 😉

Sneak Peeks

The fascinating thing about the sneak peeks recently is that some have gone missing, including “Deplane” and “Sack Lunch.” They’re no longer in the Daily Pop, but they are still in the files with their assigned date. However, one of the sneak peeks isn’t even in the files, and that’s the “In the Club” photo. It does have its description and name, though, showing that is was once there. If you go to the Daily Pop and look through the sneak peeks, there will be a plain blue screen between “Fireside Chat” and Light Show,” which is where it once was. Maybe the Creators don’t want them to be seen yet? Either way, it’s odd.

Anyway, there have been quite a lot of jungle and plane sneak peeks on the Daily Pop. They definitely seem related, which is mainly due to one specific sneak peek that has both the jungle theme and a plane. Here they are:

They all seem connected, but the sneak peek with the characters has one named “Thelma or Louise,” based off the movie Thelma and Louise released in 1991. It may be just an easter egg for people who know the movie, but I thought it was interesting. 😛 Some other characters don’t seem to fit either, like “Old Pro” and “Red Barbarian.”

Happy New Year’s!

Happy New Year'sI think I can say for all of us that we wish you a Happy New Year’s! Hopefully this year I’ll be able to post more and be more active in the community, which is probably my New Year’s resolution. I also need to catch up on my island medallions…hmm… What’s your resolution?


-Silver Wolf out



Quick! Take a Selfie! Comics, Realms, & More

Of course, the Creators want to give us a happy holiday!

happy holidays

Hehehe, I love the GHD ship in the background.

Dr. Lange also felt the need to make a tribute to the PHB. It’s pretty impressive, so you might want to check it out!

Anyway, we also have some behind the scenes images to share. First up, “a paused project….

bts comic

Well, it looks like a comic to promote an island, such as the Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic series. For what island, I’m not sure.

Next up, a sneak peek that seems to be for the Poptropica Comic Island.

bts comic island

poptropica realmsThe red lines seem to be the platforms that we can walk on.

The Creators also shared this Poptropica Realms sneak peek (on the right).

“Just grabbed from a Poptropica Creator’s computer when she snuck out to do some shopping.”

I personally can’t wait for Poptropica Realms! 😛

Lastly, The Creators wanted to share six Poptropica selfies of 2014.

six selfies

Cute. 😛 That’s it for now! Happy holidays everyone!

Poptropica Livestream Highlights

Watch the Poptropica livestream archived video here.

Wow. I mean, wow. There are some VERY important details in the livestream video that played October, 25. Here are the highlights:

  • Poptropica will be converted to a mobile app around the beginning of year 2014. That’s not that far!
  • The Poptropica mobile app will basically be the same as the computer version.
  • Based on what the Creators say, all upcoming islands will have sound, a bigger screen, and music,
  • The Creators gave hints that they will create a house where Poptropicans can arrange furniture.

If you can’t watch videos, I am very sorry, but you’re not missing that much. The interviewer mainly asked questions about the gameplay and what Poptropica’s about. You are missing some things if you can’t watch the video, though. One of the major details in the video is that there will be an app so you can take Poptropica with you anywhere. Yep, anywhere. Awesome, right? Not only will there be an app, but how you play will be about the same as well. The Creators say there will only be “minor changes.” I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until the app is released! Now, I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but the newer islands will have sound/music and a bigger screen. It will take twice as long to make an island with the music and bigger screen than it would take to build an island without it, but the new features are cool, too. Is it worth it? Some people say yes and some say no. What do you think? Lastly, there may be a house that you can customize in the future. A house! Then, Poptropica could practically be your home! Anyways, tell me what you think in the comments! Also, if you have anything important that I missed, make sure to comment that, too. Bai! ~SW out

Moar Virus Hunter Sneak Peeks & Other News

Hilo everyone, Tough Spider here with a creator’s blog post!

It’s so dark in here…

Surely there’s nothing to be afraid of… right?

avatar image

Creators, we’re tired of the sneak peaks! Give us the island already! -_-

Other news:

As of the time I am posting this, we need 189 more supporters for Lego Cuusoo. We’re sooo close to those new Dr. Hare costumes, which look awesome. Come on guys! Less than 200 more! This is a piece of cake!

Regarding Poptropica Universe: After a while of debating, FF and I have come to the decision to allow Poptropica Universe to remain on the PTFP. We’ve barely made any progress on episode 9 since we were concentrating on this decision, and FF and I have been surprisingly busy.  We expect work to continue at a regular pace next week, which probably means no episode 9 until the last week of August. Sorry! 😦

~Tough Spider

The 2nd TFP…Comes With A Sneak Peek!

EDIT 2: The page is now up!

EDIT: I forgot to add that if you don’t want someone to know it is you who created the artwork, put ~Anonymous at the bottom of the email/comment, and I will delete the email/comment as soon as possible. 


It is…an artwork page! Yep! All you have to do is send your artwork to the PTFP email (, or give a link on the page. Of course, we will give you credit. :mrgreen: Do NOT plagiarise!!! Which means don’t copy someone else’s artwork. The page will be up after we get our first piece of artwork, so send it soon! Authors cannot delete the artwork in the email. Sorry, I just need to see it to put it on the page. If it is something inappropriate, we will not accept it and we will throw it in the trash bin. It has to somehow be related to Poptropica. It could even be a picture of a Poptropican in real life! 😀 Also, it can’t have blood. Okay, maybe a little blood like in this picture, but nothing more:


Also, don’t put violence in the artwork. Maybe something like this, but again, nothing more:


Basically, don’t put anything bad in the artwork. It can even be an artwork for a new logo on the PTFP! If it is a logo, we will make a poll and ask the viewers which logo they like better. 🙂

Sneak Peek!

Guess which announcement this is for, and what it means: