Costume & Membership Winners!

Hiya, Silver Wolf here with some exciting news! Remember the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest from way, way back (February 8th, actually)? Well, in case you’ve forgotten, these were the Grand Prize costume winners:

Why am I mentioning this, you ask? Maybe because Poptropica gave a sneak peek of the costumes! The post was pretty cryptic, though, only saying this:

Costume contest winners are dropping soon in Poptropica Worlds and Poptropica Original! Stay tuned for these exciting outfits…

No date or even hint? Also, in case you haven’t noticed, posts are no longer by Skinny Moon, so the style is pretty different. I’m not much of a fan with the new changes… After all, we’re not getting a connection to the author anymore. If you didn’t see, these are what the costumes look like currently:


It looks like the most changes came to the Ocean Princess costume, especially when it comes to the “boy” version, and it lost some of the glow effects. I think they could have just changed the colors, but whatever. 😛 The costume also comes with a trident, which wasn’t part of the original. I have to say, though, the Hip Hop Boy costume is pretty spot-on.

Those aren’t the only recent winners announced, however. Recently there was a membership contest for Poptropica’s 10th birthday. All you had to do was create a unique island that had a birthday cake, parrotfish, and color green included. All ten winners got a 1-month membership for their amazing submission! These submissions included (click images for full size):

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Happy (Almost) Halloween!


Our new spooky (spoopy?) header!

Poptropica is already in the Halloween spirit! And so am I, actually. From zombies to fairies, Halloween is all about dressing up (and maybe about getting candy, too). That’s why the first piece of news is…

Poppy Puppet Costumes

I might just have to do a Gender Glitch for this one because both of these costumes look really cool. Of course, it’s limited time, so get it as soon as possible! It’s 400 credits for non-members, and, as always, free for members.

If you’re low on credits, you can always spin the spinnew…Halloween Spinning Wheel! Yep, it’s fully Halloweenified with fall colors, cobwebs, spooky spiders, and jack-o-lanterns.

Also, the Poptropica Help Blog is having its annual Halloween contest! If you dress up in a Halloween costume or fall-related costume and win, the Creators are giving a 1-month membership to all the winners!

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Tip of the Week #1

Hey ‘tropicans! I know I just did a post, but this is something I’ve been planning for a week or two now, and I had to do it 😀

Anyway, since this is Poptropica Tips, I’m going to give out weekly tips. If you have an idea for a tip, or if you need a tip for something, let me know at trustybiker031(AT)gmail(DOT)com!

So, when you’re in Wimpy Wonderland, and you have to eat the watercress salad, that part’s really hard. I could never get past it. Until, by chance, I opened a new tab while I was in that minigame. I come back a couple seconds later, and the game was done. I had won! And it was all because I opened that new tab!

Note: This may not work on some browsers/computers. 

The Tip of the Week is: While in Wimpy Wonderland Island, and you’re trying to get past the watercress salad mini-game, open a new tab, wait five seconds, come back, and you should have won the game!


Well, did that help? Let me know in the comments if it did!

Trusty Biker


GHDI Finishers, Soundtracks, & More!

Hiya, Silver Wolf here! This time we’re going to give a little overview of GHD’s Map Finishers, Mystery of the Map, Poptropica Soundtracks… Keep reading to find out more! :mrgreen:

Galactic Hot Dog Finishers

So I’m going to try *insert more emphasis here* to tell you guys the top 10 finishers of each island when they release, since most of my New Year’s Resolutions have to do with helping out on the blog more, but I can’t promise anything. 😉 But anyway, here are the top 10 finishers of GHDI:

  1. GHDI 1First up is Scary Berry of Yellowjackets in New York, USA!
  2. GHDI 2Second is Nice Bee of Seraphim (because they’re obviously the best) in California, USA!
  3. GHDI 3Third is Bronze Starfish of Wildfire in Canada!
  4. GHDI 4Fourth is a Serious-looking Bird of Wildfire in Maine, USA!
  5. GHDI 5Fifth is HPuterpop, a previous PTFP author, of Nightcrawlers in Ohio, USA! Congrats, HP!
  6. GHDI 6Sixth is Smart Glove of Wildfire in New York, USA!
  7. GHDI 7Seventh is Squeezy Ring of Black Flags in Connecticut, USA!
  8. GHDI 8Eighth is Red Sneeze (you may want to see a doctor for that) of Flying Squid in Kentucky, USA!
  9. GHDI 9Ninth is Happy Spinner of Wildfire in Turkey!
  10. GHDI 10Last but not least is Grey Fire of Flying Squid in Utah, USA!

Congratulations, everyone!

Mystery of the Map Page 8 & 9

From the previous pages, I’m definitely getting a Wizard of Oz feeling about this book. But who knows? Guess we’ll have to read more to find out…

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Quick! Take a Selfie! Comics, Realms, & More

Of course, the Creators want to give us a happy holiday!

happy holidays

Hehehe, I love the GHD ship in the background.

Dr. Lange also felt the need to make a tribute to the PHB. It’s pretty impressive, so you might want to check it out!

Anyway, we also have some behind the scenes images to share. First up, “a paused project….

bts comic

Well, it looks like a comic to promote an island, such as the Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic series. For what island, I’m not sure.

Next up, a sneak peek that seems to be for the Poptropica Comic Island.

bts comic island

poptropica realmsThe red lines seem to be the platforms that we can walk on.

The Creators also shared this Poptropica Realms sneak peek (on the right).

“Just grabbed from a Poptropica Creator’s computer when she snuck out to do some shopping.”

I personally can’t wait for Poptropica Realms! 😛

Lastly, The Creators wanted to share six Poptropica selfies of 2014.

six selfies

Cute. 😛 That’s it for now! Happy holidays everyone!