Super Stories

Want to read an action-packed story? Want to read a suspenseful, mysterious story? We have ’em!  Our stories are unique and we have a story for every type of person. Our stories range from comics from The Creators’ Blog to our own interviews. Comment on which story you like the most, and/or give suggestions! Anyway, here are all the stories we have:





Short Stories


19 thoughts on “Super Stories

  1. I got an idea:
    Slippery Icicle and Barefoot Icicle, SI’s older brother, were walking along the beach when a hole split in the Earth. Their parents, Cuddly Icicle and Sticky Icicle, tragically plunged into the Earth. But before their parents fell, they saw a glimpse of white. It was…
    I can’t tell you. :mrgreen: But if I become an author I will look into writing this.

  2. STEAMWORKS ISLAND………. THE BEST……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😯 😯 😯

    SORRY IM OUT OF TOPIC……………………………… 😯 😯 😯

    NICE FACE: 😯


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