This page is to help you understand some abbreviations that other people might be using in alphabetical order. You are free to use these abbreviations, but make it understandable!

Common, Random Abbreviations:

  • +: Plus
  • 2: To/too
  • 4: For
  • ABC: Alphabet/alphabetical/TV channel
  • B-Day: Birthday
  • BFF: Best friends forever
  • BRB: Be right back
  • Bro: Brother
  • BTW: By the way
  • C: See
  • Cya: See ya
  • Etc: Et cetera (“and so on” or “and so forth”)
  • FTW: For the win (mostly used for tribes, but we don’t prefer this abbreviation)
  • FYI: For your info/information
  • GTG/G2G: Got to go
  • IDC: I don’t care
  • IDK: I don’t know
  • IMHO: In my honest opinion…
  • IMO: In my opinion…
  • ITT: In this thread
  • IYSWIM: If you see what I mean
  • K: “Kay” (Okay)
  • LAL: Laughing Aloud
  • LOL: Laugh out loud
  • M8: Mate
  • NP: No problem
  • Nvm: Never mind
  • OMG: Oh my gosh/Oh my goodness/Oh my glob (off of Adventure Time)
  • OMZ: Oh my Zeus (a Poptropica variation)
  • Plz/Pls: Please
  • R: Are
  • ROFL: Rolling on floor, laughing
  • Sis: Sister
  • TBH: To be honest…
  • TGIF: Thank gosh it’s Friday
  • Thx: Thanks
  • TTFN: Ta ta, for now
  • TTYL: Talk to you later
  • Txt: Text
  • TY: Thank you
  • U: You
  • W8: Wait
  • Y: Why
  • Ya: You/yeah
  • Y’all: You all
  • YW: You’re welcome

PTFP’s Abbreviations:

  • Admin: Administrator
  • ATP: Adventure Time Pop
  • BB: Binary Bard/Balloon Boy
  • BSB: Big Snowball
  • BS: Brave Sky
  • CL: Calm Lightning/Cuddly Lion
  • CS: Cool Smarticle
  • FF: Fearless Fox
  • FO: Fearless Owl
  • IC: Incredible Carrot
  • MS: Magic Star
  • NF: Nintendo Friend
  • OS/Seashell: Orange Shell
  • PC: Purple Claw
  • PD: Perfect Dolphin
  • PHB: Poptropica Help Blog
  • PTFP: Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans
  • Sam/SW5: Samwow5
  • SC: Sticky Clown/Strange Cat
  • SD: Spotted Dragon
  • SI: Slippery Icicle
  • SS: Shy Singer
  • SW/Wolfy: Silver Wolf
  • TC: Tall Cactus
  • TIB: Tough Icicle’s Blog
  • TS: Tough Spider

If there are any others, please say so!


58 thoughts on “Abbreviations

  1. I can’t comment all the ones I know, so go to the ATP’s Txt Talk Tips under Help! ( I have been wanting to make that page for a while, so I’m sorry if you feel like I copied you. If you go to the Updates in TNPT Issue 1, you can see.) 😉

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