PoptropiCon out now!

(This came out almost 6 hours ago, and I’m the first person to post this XD )

Well, the day has finally come! The first episode of PoptropiCon, Line Forms Here, has been released! Only to members though. So to all you member folks, go play! Beware, some of the glitches will cause you to rip your hair out. Literally. Also, the final episode of Mission Atlantis, Out of the Blue, is now released to everybody. Annnnnd, Poptropica Lands now has a update, with animals. Here’s my rank for PoptropiCon, if you want to see:


My best yet!! 😀 Also, that was literally after almost 2 and a half hours. XD Also, check out that swaggy costume I’m wearing in the picture.

~Miss Muffin 


About Mαgı¢ Fıяe ♪

tbh idk

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