Pop18-Con Dates!

What’s up, Poptropicans?

I’m going to do a quickie post today because there isn’t that much to post about… I actually like quickie posts better than regular posts because if we don’t post about the stuff that  is happening RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT, then we get behind and do  A SUPER LONG POST, and nobody wants to read that. Well I don’t, anyway.

So here’ s my quickie post of the day: Popstorm 18 was Tweeted, titled Classes with Glasses.

I also asked Poptropica when Arabian Nights 3 was estimated to come out, but they haven’t replied yet… I’ll let you know when they do! They said around July/August…..

I was also coming Poptropica’s Twitter when I found out some estimated release dates for PoptropiCon Episode 3!

So members, you have to wait until March 19 (hopefully!), and non-members, you have to wait until April 9. But just a reminder, THESE DATES CAN CHANGE! Don’t get your hopes up!


Trusty Biker

trusty biker pic

I apologize for my weird title. It’s actually a shortened version of Popstorm 18, and PoptropiCon Possible Release Dates!


Thursday’s Conclusion

poptropicon homepage style

A ton of stuff has been going on in Poptropica today.

First of all, PoptropiCon Ep. 1 (Line Forms Here) is now out for members (as announced by Magic Fire)!

thorPlus, the Creators’ first ever video walk-through (for PoptropiCon: Line Forms Here) was released! It was even narrated by Captain Crawfish himself and is totally free! However, we will hopefully have a guide of our own soon. Note that the video contains spoilers.I have already completed the island (sadly I didn’t rank that high) and I have to say that I loved it. There are so many cool costumes to customize, I got caught up in my outfit and got distracted from the quest. Even so, the story line was cool while still being pretty basic. The thing I think I loved most about PoptropiCon was that there were random Poptropicans (including the ones you can talk to) that walked around. This made it feel more a whole lot more like real life (and they were customizable).

What did you think of the island?

Second of all, Mission Atlantis (Ep. 1-3) is now out for everyone!

Nothing much to say about it; I personally found the ending a bit abrupt. I guess I was hoping to actually meet the “aliens” and just discover more in general. What did youthink of the island?


Thirdly, the PopLand updates we previously mentioned are here as well! The PopLand tour page has now reads…

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself face to face with a blue-feathered tigerphant or an elusive fox monkey while exploring in Poptropica Land! Strange creatures will be showing up in the next version of the Poptropica Land labs project. Just be careful, they’re not all friendly!

…along with what it had already said. Below you can see many of the different animals you may come across in the update; most of them will harm you. Sadly, I couldn’t seem to find or earn any of the furniture shown in the previous sneak peek.

Plus, it may just be me, but I also noticed that some of the generated land forms/man made rubble are more creative (instead of a few bricks from an old temple, I have been seeing finished campsites and fires). This includes images formed from plants, knocked over trees, and more. I don’t know why, but I was pretty impressed by them.

So, that do you think about the update of PopLand? Well, you can share your thoughts with the Creators themselves! By clicking on the hammer in land (to bring you to the creating menu) there is a survey button where you will be asked a few questions about your experience. I personally would like the story line of the hammer to go more in depth. However, if you’ve already taken the survey, you can’t take it again.

While on the subject of Land, the Poptropica Map has changed a bit. The last two pages (of most recent islands) are organized a bit different.

As you can see, a whole new map page as been formed to include Land, PoptropiCon, Mission Atlantis, Monster Carnival, Survival, and Mythology. This leaves Mocktropica, Time Tangled, Poptropolis, 24 Carrot, and Virus Hunter on the second to last page. Not that big of a deal, but not the numbers are off a little (most map pages have 6-8 islands on them and there are only 4 islands on one page now).

In other news, I recently mentioned the upcoming Forgotten Islands 3DS game. Well, it now as a trailer!

According to the title of the video, the game will only be available (at first?) in North America. It will be released on October 14, 2014 so be prepared!:P Of course you can always pre-order it now. The Creators say that…

The 3DS version of Forgotten Islands includes all of the content from the iOS game, including seasonal costume packs, and is presented in stereoscopic 3D! You’ve never seen Poptropica like this before.

…so I don’t know about you, but I think I’m going to get it.

In other news, the Creators wanted to celebrate 50th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by showing us some of the conception art and final art they made for the Charile and the Chocolate Factory Island. We will show you the pictures below,but to see what the Creators had to say, click here. Poptropica also got to post on the actual Roald Dahl website, which you can read by clicking here. Note that the two posts are not the same, so you probably want to check out both of them. 😉

We gathered the pictures into a slideshow since there were so many.


PoptropiCon out now!

(This came out almost 6 hours ago, and I’m the first person to post this XD )

Well, the day has finally come! The first episode of PoptropiCon, Line Forms Here, has been released! Only to members though. So to all you member folks, go play! Beware, some of the glitches will cause you to rip your hair out. Literally. Also, the final episode of Mission Atlantis, Out of the Blue, is now released to everybody. Annnnnd, Poptropica Lands now has a update, with animals. Here’s my rank for PoptropiCon, if you want to see:


My best yet!! 😀 Also, that was literally after almost 2 and a half hours. XD Also, check out that swaggy costume I’m wearing in the picture.

~Miss Muffin 

PoptropiCon – Tickets are Going Fast

Hey everyone! We all know that PoptropiCon has been an upcoming island for a while, and now… it’s even closer!

poptropicon poptropicanEveryone is dressed up for the biggest sci-fi and fantasy convention in Poptropica. At PoptropiCon, the most important thing isn’t what you do — it’s how you look doing it!

The PoptropiCon Tour page is now up, along with goodies for members and non-members. Start setting up your tents now because Episode 1: Line Forms Here is coming soon!

PoptropiCon is the hottest ticket in town. It’ll take all your wits — and more than a few disguises — to crash the party!

poptropicon wallpaper

The desktop wallpaper (click to enlarge) is free for all and can be found on the tour page.

poptropicon costumes

For members, Lunar Colony  and Game Show costumes are in the Poptropica Store. Not enough, huh? Well fear not! Members also get a printable poster from the store! With it, you can print out a magazine (just a poster though) of yourself and other superheroes and hang it high on your wall for all to see.

poptropicon poster poptropicon poster layout

Looking good. 😎 Sadly, your poptropican doesn’t have a cool pose, like the rest of the heroes.

Well, on that note, this is going to be our 40th Poptropica island! 😀 Whoop, whoop!

We will keep looking for behind the scenes news on the island to keep you up to date. 😉


PoptropiCon+ Arabian Nights Daily Pops!

Hey guys. Sorry for the title, couldn’t think of anything better and it’s just straight out explaining the post. 😛 And sorry for not posting for a long time, I was on vacation. I hope you can forgive me. *holds out tray of muffins*  Oh well. I decided to look throw the Daily Pops and just thought maybe, hey why don’t I make a post about these? So yeah, we’re just gonna look at some Daily Pop that will (possibly) be for PoptropiCon and Arabian Nights… ok so yeah.

Whatayya Buyin: Got some good things on sale, stranger

Whatayya Buyin: Got some good things on sale, stranger

So this looks like a market, or called in the Middle East, a Bazaar. So, in the first episode, we probably come here and then the thieves steal the genie lamp from there. Idk.

Shuttered: This place looks deserted.

Shuttered: This place looks deserted.

Now, I really like this Daily Pop. :3 I like the colors and the designs, just that Middle East palace style. 😀 But the caption confuses me. Why is the place deserted? Wait, it says it looks deserted, not that it actually is. XD Eh, all giant huge palaces do. :3

Palace Intrigue: Don't let your guard down - or better yet, do.

Palace Intrigue: Don’t let your guard down – or better yet, do.

So we’re invading the palace? And what does the description mean? Will we have to defeat these guards or what? Only time will tell… 😮

How Bazaar: Everytime I look around.

How Bazaar: Everytime I look around.

Probably just the Bazaar shop from the first pic. But what’s so “bizarre,” about this?

Slipping Standard: Ninja? More like a non-ja.

Slipping Standard: Ninja? More like a non-ja.

Yeah, idk what to say about this one… I posted one of those pointless costume Daily Pops. 😛

Shuttle Service: Blast off to the world imagination.

Shuttle Service: Blast off to the world of imagination.

Er, yeah, we’re taking a bus to the Convention? XD

Crafty: Don't bottle up your creativity.

Crafty: Don’t bottle up your creativity.

Once again, a Mocktropica feel. o_o Anyways, since I’m pretty sure the first episode is about getting inside, we’ll probably have to make a costume to get in using some stuff inside the trash can.

Line Forms Here: But it may be awhile.

Line Forms Here: But it may be awhile.

Are they implying the bathroom line…

Tree Topped: You won't be-leaf where this tree is growing.

Tree Topped: You won’t be-leaf where this tree is growing.

Yeh, why is there a plant on the roof. Anyways, you can make out the words, “Convention Center,” at the bottom.

Yeah, so that was the post. Sorry guys if I sounded weird or it was boring or anything, I’m just really tired and need to get some sleep probabl- *falls asleep* *wakes up* Ya see? >.> Oh well.

~Miss Muffin