A Thursday full of updates!

Hellooooo guys. Well, it’s obvious that tomorrow, a lot of big things are gonna be happening. 😀 First of all, the creators just reminded us that the first episode of PoptropiCon will be released tomorrow for members. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I seriously cannot wait for that!!! 😀 Hopefully, my membership will be renewed by the time it releases. xD Plus, the final episode of Mission Atlantis: Out of the Blue, will be available to everyone! Anyways, that’s not all we’re getting tomorrow. 😉 If you guys remember, there’s going to be an update to Poptropica Lands! It’s going to include furniture and pets. Maybe even something else, but who knows? Also, the creators are going to be releasing their first ever Poptropica video walkthrough! I wonder for which island though… guess we’ll find out tomorrow as well. 😛 Hopefully it’s free, unlike those cruddy ones on the official Tips and Tricks app, where you have to pay for those walkthroughs. Anyways, that seems like it. 😛 So bye guys!

~Miss Muffin


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