Super Story Wednesdays: Issue ____

Seashell here, with a late episode of SSW that I’m not really sure which issue this is but m still gonna post if I can figure out where we’re at…. Oh, yes, I believe we are at the part where I was getting attacked by that scorpion…..


I was really afraid of that scorpion, and it didn’t like me. So I guess it’s safe to say that I hate scorpions.

Shh, and I’ll tell you a secret. I’m pretty sure Black Widow doesn’t know this, but I’m immune to scorpions. And every other type of bug. So I’m good, unless she decides to pop out an actual weapon.

Anyways, all I did was pull out my knife and BOOM the scorpion died. Awesome, right? Not awesome for long because Ms. Spiderhead (aka Black Widow) decided to pop her knife out on me and say “I’m not going down that easily!”

I did the same thing right back at her, except I summoned some tarantulas and didn’t say anything. And suddenly we were in a duel to the death.

The tarantulas didn’t do anything, probably because even though I summoned them, Ms. Spiderhead can probably petrify them or something.

So, yeah. Clang, clang, clang, dodge, clang, clang, and then, unexpectedly, disarmed.

Ok, so you’re probably wondering, Who disarmed who?

Well, I don’t know anyone named who, and my name definitely isn’t who. I’m pretty sure it’s Orange Shell. Or Seashell, or sometimes, OS…. well, you get my point.

LOL. My knife does have a point!!

Okay, back to story.

Anyways, Ms. Spiderhead somehow disarmed me. My knife was laying on the floor, but pretty close to me, so I thought I could somehow sneak over and grab it. But another part of me said, No. Don’t. Do you really think Ms. Spiderhead would let me get it that easily.

The crazy part of me said, You have a point.

How do I keep stumbling into that pun?

Anyways, the logical part of me was right, as always. Black Widow summoned some foreign spider me or no one else had ever heard of, to protect my knife.

Ha, said the logical part. Told ya she wouldn’t let you have it that easily.

Ugh, said the crazy part. I hate it when you’re right.

Shut up, I’m In a Life Or Death situation here, and I’m trying to figure out what to do!!, I said in my head. Or at least I thought I did.

“Life or Death, huh. Didn’t think I would have to watch you die in agony. Oh, well. I guess you will now, since you say so.”, Black Widow said.

“How did you–”

“Read your thoughts? Oh, I dunno, maybe because YOU SAID EVERYTHING IN YOUR HEAD OUT LOUD.”


I looked at the spiders.

The spiders nodded back.

I was too baffled to say anything.

“Well, you’re unarmed, laying on the floor, and you’re about to die, so….”

Black Widow picked up my knife. Then she raised it over my head, and when she brought it down, I sprang to my feet, grabbed Black Widow’s weapon, and disarmed her, getting my knife back. Now Black Widow was on the floor, and I could easily kill her, but, i thought, No. Don’t. She may be useful, and killing people is wrong.

I agreed with myself.

“Look,” I said. “I’m not gonna kill you. Its the wrong thing to do. But I am gonna send you to the Super POWer Island’s new and improved prison facility, where you can be tortured for eternity.”

So, I called the Pops, left Black Widow waiting, tied up, and went home. It felt so good to be home again. It was snowing outside, and really cold, so I fixed me a glass of hot chocolate and sat down on the couch. The fireplace was eerily on, somehow, but I didn’t pay attention. I just wanted to sit down and enjoy the light of the Christmas tree.







About Orange Shell

I'm orange shell and I love books, basketball, volleyball, science, STEM, and, of course,, poptropica! Some of you might know me from Ultimate Poptropica Costumes. Some from Ultimate Poptropica chat. I am all time getting on the Poptropica Help Blog. Some of you might just know me from there, since I'm a commented. My best poptropican friends are Barefoot Flyer, Maroon Goose, and Barefoot Hammer, who works with me. I also am friends with Ultimate IPad Expert and Slanted Fish from the PHB. I also play Webkinz sometimes, too. I have met Silver Wolf, Mighty Gamer, and Tall Cactus from Explore Collect Compete and Poptropica Tips. I am looking forward to the future as a blogger, and hope to see you on more blogs around!

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