Islands Of The Month: December 2016

Hey, guys, Vampi here.

With another month comes new Islands of the Month. This month, it’s PoptropiCon (all 3 episodes) and Wimpy Wonderland. Captain Crawfish usually makes video walkthroughs for each of the islands, but as of the post on my blog, the TBPH, the ol’ Cap’n has only done the one for PoptropiCon. Click here to get the tutorial for Episode 1, Episode 2 is here, and Episode 3 right here. Or if you want a written tutorial, the PHB has a good one for you. (It helped me, it should help you.)

Anyway, I’ll catch you guys later. I got some Legend of Zelda to play and some Netflix to watch. Keep poppin’ it!


EDIT: The walkthrough for Wimpy Wonderland is out here.


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