The Poptropica Press — Issue Three — February 18, 2013

Hey guys, Double S here. This is a special issue, with no ads, about the author, pictures, anything. In this issue, we are dealing with one thing, and one thing only. Plagiarism. Or, copying, if you want me to put it simpler. Now, without further a due, the article.

Shy Singer’s Slightly Pathetic Take On Plagiarism
As I have looked around different blogs, I have noticed several cases of plagiarism of my newspaper idea! On each copying blog I’ve seen, their first issue came out after my first issue, and have some sort of connection to this blog. Here are the two I have caught red-handed so far.

TOUGH ICICLE’S BLOG – In the Special Thanks Section of his newspaper, he writes, “Special Thanks To… Spotted Dragon for inspiring me to do this newspaper…” there’s more, but that’s the part I am focusing on right now. SD is the connection to this blog from his, and the fact that she inspired him to do it, well, is unspeakable. Samwow5, just look at the first issue of this newspaper, look at the date it came out, look at the comments, and you will know for a fact that I have caught you AND SD red-handed.

Adventure Time Pop – Spotted Dragon, also, has a newspaper on her blog that came out after mine without my consent.Well, I, would like to congratulate SD, on copying someone else’s idea! Congratulations, SD, you have been caught red-handed!

Double S, signing out.


About Shy Singer

I am shy and I go on Poptropica, and sometimes I yell at my keyboard. Don't judge me! I am a boy, though.

12 thoughts on “The Poptropica Press — Issue Three — February 18, 2013

    • MMC is right. PD and I are working on something new that WILL only be on this blog. I had a small moment of depression, that’s all that happened. Luckily, PD is really good at dealing with it when I can’t control it.

  1. SS, I have some things to say:

    1. They did not plagiarize. Plagiarizing is copy word for word or doing the exactly same thing as someone else without their permission. They added their own things such as quizzes, a part for another author, etc, which is using someone’s idea, not taking it. For example, a science fair project requires an idea and most people get their idea from a website, but to say it’s their own, they have to change it a little.
    2. I gave as much encouragement to you as I did her, maybe even a little more encouragement to you. On the first newspaper, the one I gave encouragement on, congratulated both you and Spotted Dragon. The whole article congratulated you and Spotted Dragon. I just didn’t say Poptropica Tips that much because it was on her newspaper. The newspaper states, “…(and Poptropica Tips)…” The rest of the article was based on both of you.
    3. The TNTP gave special thanks to this blog and Samwow5’s newspaper gave special thanks to the TNTP. They didn’t have to thank you. Plus, many people use things from the PHB in their own words (which isn’t plagiarism), and then another blog may have copied from the blog that copied from the PHB. With that being said, he may not have seen that it was from another blog.

      • I wanted this blog to be different from the thousands of Poptropica fan sites out there! This blog, my newspaper, are just some of the few things I have to enjoy in life! When something is next to impossible to make different from all the rest, it makes me sick! So now, when I think I’ve finally got it, people on the Internet just go and take it away from me! And I’m sick and tired of stuff getting taken away from me! I can’t take much more of it! I’ve gone through some pretty hard times in the eleven years that I have lived, but thankfully there’s one special person who is my savior. I used to get made fun of all the time because I was “different.” Well, guess what! Everybody’s different! I’ve begun to embrace differences, learner to love them. Well, now yet another thing that I love has been taken away from me! Hope you guys are happy, because I’m sure not.

      • Sorry that I made you feel that way. 😥 I thought I asked for permission, I thought I gave you credit, and the PHB has their own magazine already. I will feature you in the next issue. I feel really bad, sorry. 😥

      • SS: Anyway, I’m sorry that has happened to you. 😥 However, it seemed kind of harsh how you said that, but now I realize you were just upset. Also, I wasn’t getting angry (as I said before). 🙂
        Spotted Dragon: You did give credit, but I think you forgot to ask… I didn’t even get an email.

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