Foxes Den *UPDATED*

Hey, YES! I know you thought it was going to be that saturday but no. it will be next saturday on…. Well when ever the next saturday is starting at 9:00 PM for Australian time and i think that’s around  5:00 PM for US? please correct me if im wrong and comment if you think that is a good time. Yes anyway FOR those who don’t know what it is read this

Foxes Den is a live interview of poptropicans i post the room code  and the poptropican joins my muliplayer room and i interview them and write up a post after! It will be a GLOBAL MULTIPLAYER room!  For all it will kind of be a party but i interview poptropicans! Great idea yes? T_T *coughs* umm  hope you comment!


FF playing Poptropica for 4 years.


4 thoughts on “Foxes Den *UPDATED*

Time to talk with other Poptropicans, Poptropican! :)

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