The Poptropica Press — Issue Six — 6/17/2013

The Poptropica Press

Hey everyone, Shy Singer here (please just call me Andy, Andrew, or AJ), Happy Summer!! Sorry there have been no posts for a while. I was in a coma, and now… I AM IN REMISSION!!! WOOHOO!!!! Anyways, I think it’s time I made a newspaper and in this edition, you all will be taking a look inside THIS:


Welcome to POP-TOP!CS, the ultimate guide to Poptropica Popculture.

…And the ultimate guide to spelling mistakes… They spelled Poptropicans wrong! 😮 Look at the bottom left corner.


Scandal!………………..Page 2

Dr. Salerno……………Page #

100 Worst and Best..Page #


SS & PD: What’s happening

Scandal! By: Perfect Dolphin

After hours, yesterday, at the bakery, Silver Wolf was caught on camera, stealing cookies from the cookie jar! We don’t need a child’s song to tell us who. All we need is a camera and a witness. If you’re saying, “What witness?” think again. The CHEF was there! Looks like your cookie plan crumbled, SW. Now lets hear what the chef has to say.

PD: So, what do you think of the crime?

Chef: Silver Wolf was my best customer!

PD: Maybe she liked your food so much, but her budget wouldn’t let her buy the amount she wanted.

Chef: Who’s side are you on, woman?!

PD: Sorry, sorry, go on.

Chef: I was cleaning up, when I saw a shadowy figure trying to break in.


Chef: So naturally, I hid. And then, when I saw her face, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There she was, eating the cookies I was going to give to Mother!

PD: They were for your mother?

Chef: Yes! Mommy loves those cookies! And now they’re DEAD! INSIDE SILVER WOLF’S STOMACH! 😥

PD: Okay… let’s get you out of here…

Chef: Sniffle… Okay….. *wanders away*

Now let’s hear from the culprit herself!

SW: I DIDN’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS FRAMED!!

PD: Wolfy, you’re my best friend, but there’s evidence.

SW: He’s a liar! He framed me!

PD: Not him. The camera.

SW: The real stealer videotaped me eating cookies at my house and replaced it with him stealing the cookies!

PD: Um…

SW: Ha ha! I didn’t do it!

PD: Tell it to the judge?

SW: I WILL tell him it.

So it seems SW says the chef framed her for stealing his cookies and ate them instead… maybe he wanted to eat them and keep them from his mother? I did think I saw some cookie crumbs on his apron…

Dr. Salerno: Was she ever really in space? By: Andrew

Hola. I’m here investigating the fact that Salerno really ever WAS in outer space. And to do that, I turned to my two best friends for help.

Andrew: So was she in space?

PD: Yes, I was there with her.

SW: Ya. I did the island. She really was. AND she made one of the biggest discoveries in Poptropica. Although, she was a little… crazy.

Now lets go to proof. They say they were both there… let’s see if that’s… TRUE!


But how is PD BREATHING?!

PD: I don’t like that helmet…

SW: Your face should have blown up.

Andrew: And Salerno’s neck…

PD: She doesn’t HAVE a neck!

SW: None of us do!

Andrew: You know what I mean. Well, I guess she WAS in space.

Sorry guys, it’s 3:10 am as I’m typing this right now, and I am really tired. So for now, I am postponing the 100 Best and Worst Dressed Poptropicans. Sorry.

PD & SS: What’s happening

Meh. The same. xD 4 months and 4 days… wow, considering most relationships our age last about a week and a half… 😯

SW: …And I’m back from my trip!

That’s all for now! Buenos noches!


As promised… *Sigh*

As promised, I’m making a costume (WHY DO I LET HER [PD] DRAG ME INTO THINGS LIKE THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!) Anyways, here ya go. -_- *sigh* Perfect D shall pay…. Muahaha… 8P Ooh, that face was on accident, but it’s an awesome face!!!! Here it goes.

Swimming Trip Gone Wrong

  • Swim suit from the guy in the well at Early Poptropica that’s really psyched about glow sticks.
  • Any hair you want.
  • Shaded glasses from the guy at Shark Tooth who sells you a grass skirt.
  • Go to a place with water and fall in.
  • Finshed product:
Ah. Save me. Stupid life guard. Ignore your phone for once.

Ah. Save me. Stupid life guard. Ignore your phone for once.

Cancer Update #1

Bad news: Okay, it’s official. I have lost all of my hair. (Thanks a lot, chemotherapy. -_-) I was VERY fond of my awesome curly hair… Meh. It’ll grow back. Hopefully.

Good news: According to my parents, tomorrow to have tests for a bone marrow transplant. Here’s how it works:

  •  They take my cancerous bone marrow out and throw it away.
  •  They take the same amount of bone marrow out of someone else and give it to me.

This should keep the cancer from spreading and hopefully cure it.

Wish me luck people!!!!!!!

Haha! I was Wrong! :-)

Good news! I was wrong! Because of my cancer, I’ll be able to post more often, maybe. Anyhoo, I’ll be posting a lot about random stuff. My first one will be about an idea I am proposing (no, I’m not gonna marry anybody; for now at least… muahaha lol). I know a lot of you are probably feeling sorry for me. I’m not the biggest fan of sympathy. I’ll accept it, I just don’t like too much of it. So, howsaboutsa we have a celebration right here on this blog? Not celebrating my cancer, but celebrating my strong will to live and the fact that I ever lived at all. I was a premature baby, so I just barely lived when I was born. Bless those doctors’ hearts. Plus, my mom was told she could never have kids. And yet, she’s had a lot of em. Three of them died two years ago, though… they were all in their teenage years…. so now its just me and my younger brother. If Wolfy approves of the celebration, we’ll have it. I want PD to design the header; she’s good at that…. I’ll see who else does other stuff. POWER TO DA PREEMEES!!! (Did I spell that right???)

I am So Sorry… Blame Luekemia

Guys, bad news. I won’t be posting for a very, very long time. I have cancer, Luekemia, to be exact. I was diagnosed Saturday. But, while I am here, PD and I were talking earlier, and we decided we should tell you all. PD is my girlfriend, and May 9th is our three month annniversary. Sorry we didn’t tell you sooner. SW knew all along. Actually, she’s the one that made it all possible. I was talking to SW over e-mail, and PD came up in conversation. I admitted that I had liked her for some time. Then eventually (possibly against my will idk for sure) she asked PD if she liked me. She was very squeamish about it, but eventually broke down and said yes. SW told me, and soon PD and I started to e-mail, and it became official. So, thanks SW. You’re more than just my boss… 😀

PS: PD is asleep right now, but I’m sure she says thanks too. 😉 See you guys in a bit. You’re all pretty awesome.