Cancer Update; Sorry for Not Telling Sooner.

Use a translator for this if you don’t speak the language, because I really don’t want to say it in English.

Mi cáncer ha regresado.
So now I really need an excuse to say, “MAZEL TOV!” but I don’t have one. Because school is starting. Yay. It’s not that I hate school, trust me, I love it. It’s some of the people sharing a classroom with me that bothers me. In other news, I found my Judenhut! Getting off topic… um… come on AJ think… um… ooh I got it.
Come start of the school year, I may not be online as much because I’ll either be doing homework or screaming into my pillow until I lose my voice.
Strange sign off time!

And Then I Thought About…

Ya know, I was bored, so I started to think about Poptropica… and then I thought about islands…. and then I thought, Hey, who doesn’t know what the Hunger Games is? So then I thought about a Hunger Games Island… Anyways, feedback wanted!!!

Feedback wanted,