Cancer Update; Sorry for Not Telling Sooner.

Use a translator for this if you don’t speak the language, because I really don’t want to say it in English.

Mi cáncer ha regresado.
So now I really need an excuse to say, “MAZEL TOV!” but I don’t have one. Because school is starting. Yay. It’s not that I hate school, trust me, I love it. It’s some of the people sharing a classroom with me that bothers me. In other news, I found my Judenhut! Getting off topic… um… come on AJ think… um… ooh I got it.
Come start of the school year, I may not be online as much because I’ll either be doing homework or screaming into my pillow until I lose my voice.
Strange sign off time!

Something Strange from the Mind of AJ

I just randomly thought of this. O_O

Comment if you understand it! The glue was meant to be brown, not pink, by the way.

Comment if you understand it! The glue was meant to be brown, not pink, by the way.~AJ

Kudos to PD for creating the picture. And using her dry wit with it…

PD: I get my sense of humor mostly from my grandfather. ^_^

And Then I Thought About…

Ya know, I was bored, so I started to think about Poptropica… and then I thought about islands…. and then I thought, Hey, who doesn’t know what the Hunger Games is? So then I thought about a Hunger Games Island… Anyways, feedback wanted!!!

Feedback wanted,


Dr. Hare Enthusiasts Club

Hey guys. PD here… I know… I’m a liar in a way that is uniquely my own. To quote Jace. Anyways, I was thinking, Why not make a Dr. Hare Enthusiasts Club? So I am! If I get Wolfy’s permission, I’ll make a page for it too. My Dr. Hare Enthusiast outfit gave me the idea… 😀 If you wanna sign up, say it in the comments.

Hello With An Announcement

Hello, PD here. I know I said I wasn’t gonna post anymore, but this you people gotta know. Well, I have two things you gotta know. First of all, Shy Singer joined his account with mine. Which is why we have that gravatar. If anyone’s wondering, the background is a rose from Poptropica… second of all, I made a new page, called Avatar Studio. You can find it under Cool Pop Things. Or if you want to check it out now, here’s the link.  

Enjoy, thanks.

PS: Now there will be more posts, but they will be made by SS. Also, SW, delete him from the authors list. Not us, him.