Dr. Hare Enthusiasts Club

Hey guys. PD here… I know… I’m a liar in a way that is uniquely my own. To quote Jace. Anyways, I was thinking, Why not make a Dr. Hare Enthusiasts Club? So I am! If I get Wolfy’s permission, I’ll make a page for it too. My Dr. Hare Enthusiast outfit gave me the idea… πŸ˜€ If you wanna sign up, say it in the comments.

Hello With An Announcement

Hello, PD here. I know I said I wasn’t gonna post anymore, but this you people gotta know. Well, I have two things you gotta know. First of all, Shy Singer joined his account with mine. Which is why we have that gravatar. If anyone’s wondering, the background is a rose from Poptropica… second of all, I made a new page, called Avatar Studio. You can find it under Cool Pop Things. Or if you want to check it out now, here’s the link. https://poptropicatip.wordpress.com/cool-pop-things/avatar-studio/ Β 

Enjoy, thanks.

PS: Now there will be more posts, but they will be made by SS. Also, SW, delete him from the authors list. Not us, him.

Attention All

This might be my last post. I want to still be on this blog, but no more posts. I’ll be doing pages, and helping out with The PD & Wolfy Show and The Poptropica Press (BTW, Andrew wants me to tell you that the contest is cancelled). The reason, you ask? Well, I’ve always been someone more of behind the scenes, except the pages. And I might be adding to the costume page and posting comments. Adios.

The PD & Wolfy Show– Episode 6

PD: Well, last time we escaped the ghosts just to-

Wolfy: Let me recap for once!

PD: Okay, okay. πŸ˜‰

Wolfy: We escaped the ghosts just to fall into their trap. Now we’re surrounded!

PD: You make it sound…boring. See? This is why I recap.

Wolfy: Fine. You can recap next time. πŸ˜›

PD: Anyway, lets get back to the show!

*Curtains open*

*PD and Wolfy gasp because they realize there are ghosts all around them*

?: I’m Mandy and I was hired by the LLM (Live Life Miserably) Agency.

?: I’m Alexander and I was hired, well, by the same thing.

PD: Why did you come after us?!?! What did we do?!?

Wolfy: Yeah! We did nothing wrong!

Alexander: Either way, it doesn’t matter! Why don’t you ask my boss, Susan, what happened.

Susan: You may have done something wrong or may not have. It doesn’t matter. We did a random drawing for two Poptropicans. It just happened to pick… *Susan looks disgusted by the thought*Β youΒ two.

PD: That isn’t fair! You know what? I’m blowing this pop stand!

Wolfy: Me too!

Susan: Why in Poptropica would you think you could leave? You just entered our facility.

PD/Wolfy: WHAT?!?!?!

Mandy: It’s true. Why don’t you take a look around?

*Susan pushes a button on a remote.*

PD: I don’t see-

*Walls come up from their hidden compartments in the ground. They are obviously made of steel. There was only one window and that was the roof. The ground was steel painted like dirt. All around there was steel and only one door. The door to freedom. The door that could let PD and Wolfy escape. PD and Wolfy gasp.*

Susan: Don’t you see? You are our only way to Poptropica domination. You are more powerful than you think.

*All ghosts leave except for Mandy*

Mandy: Good luck. 😈

*Mandy leaves*

PD: What are we going to do?!?! The door is locked and there is no way we could go through the window. The window is 30 feet above our heads!

Wolfy: I think I have an idea. πŸ˜›

*Curtains close*

PD: So suspenseful! How did we get in this mess?!?!

Wolfy: You’re the one that created the ghosts! Don’t blame me!

PD: True, true. But you could have let us escape!

*Crowd tells them to calm down*

PD/Wolfy: Fine.

PD: We will see next time!

Wolfy: Stay tuned to find out what comes next!

PD/Wolfy: Bai!

Oh, Oops!

I was looking at my latest post, trying to figure out a topic for my post today, when I realized I hadn’t given instructions to make me. Sorry, males of whatever age (you do NOT need to put your age in the comments, thank you very much), there are some things here for girls only. Don’t worry, Double S has decided to take it upon himself to make guys an outfit. He’s not happy about it… but yeah. Anyways, here’s the directions to anyone interested.

  • Get the hair, shirt, and pants from Gamer Girl, color blue.
  • Get the bangs from Prom Queen. (Even if I’ll probably never even be nominated, but I don’t care. I’ll just host an anti-prom. Muahaha!!)
  • Get the Cinnamon Fire Flavor Pop Gum. (Geez, long name much??)
  • Jacket from the Biker.
  • Glow effect from Phantom Power.

And… yeah, that’s about it. If you’re wondering where I took the screenshot, Zomberry Island, Main Street, far right.


On another note, I’ll be starting something I might call Short Stories of Awesomeness, since, as I’ve collected over the months, I can’t stick with one story at a time. I get bored easily. [Quit freaking out SS. If I can not get bored of you after… all of my life, I’m not getting bored of you now. This does not apply to Brock. Hehe.] I also like the word awesomeness. Muahaha. Anyhoo, expect a post about Short Stories of Awesomeness at any given time. Until then, PD out!