Poptropica Game Cards Now Available in New Zealand and Australia!

So, a ray of sunshine has just hit the Southern Hemisphere. The Creators have decided to bring the much celebrated Poptropica Game Card to New Zealand and Australia!

Here’s what Crawfish has to say:

“A lot of our North American fans know the benefits of a Poptropica Game Card. It lets you get a Membership without needing a credit card or signing up for a recurring charge. But for our fans in Australia and New Zealand, getting a Poptropica Game Card has been nothing more than a dream. That’s about to change.”

The Poptropica Creators don’t know the benefits of Online Shopping.

“Poptropica Game Cards are now available in Australia and New Zealand exclusively at EB Games! For only ten bucks you’ll get a month-long Membership and can enjoy all the benefits: Early Access to new Islands, unlimited use of all costumes-“

Being able to block these ads should be a Membership feature.

and Gold Cards in the Poptropica Store, 30 outfits in your costume closet, all the photos in your photo album-“

And… wait for it! Wait for it!

and the special satisfaction of knowing you’re part of the inner circle.”

They should really make a TV ad for this. I can picture it now – Captain Crawfish standing in a flawless kitchen behind a shiny white island-bench and holding up the Game Card.

Anyway, so readers from NZ and AUS – go buy your new Game Card and be initiated into the Inner Circle TODAY!



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