My top 10 Poptropica Islands

Here are my top 10 Poptropica Islands,
These are the ones I like most.

10. Vampire’s Curse Island.

This one was awesome, I loved the fact that it had thunder and rain audio and an interesting story, and the funny trend in Vampire fiction going on as well.


9. S.O.S Island
This one was really fun, it got frustrating at times but ever since I was a toddler I’ve loved games with water in them, so S.O.S was an instant favourite!


8. Time Tangled Island.

Travel through History to save Poptropica’s Future from a bleak fate!
This seemed like so many mini islands in one! You travel to Ancient Greece revolutionary America, The Vikings and heaps more! And at the end you can go to a pristine tranquil ‘green’ future!!


7. Cryptids Island.

Yay! Jersey Devil hunting! Loch Ness monsters! And competing for the Yeti!
Mr Mews reward didn’t happen but at least The Yeti’s safety did


6. Nabooti Island

Discover Africa in a Bi-plane, go carting in mines, Help the chicken cross the water full without being eaten by the fox (or the chicken eating the grain) and find all the gems belonging to the statue! Loads of fun!!


5. Red Dragon Island.

Here is one of my all time favourites, this one is really fun! Get transported to ancient Japan with two nerdy looking kids who end up getting kidnapped and held hostage by the Emperor, Cut bonsai trees, get a kimono, become a Sumo wrestling champion and then become a Ninja and rescue the Kids!
Anything to do with Ninjas and Dragons and I’m in! I also adore cherry blossom trees!


4. Mystery Train

Pack up your stuff and head for Chicago world fair! And then get caught up in some Jealous French girl’s sabotage. It’s fine though cause you end up the pro detective, scowling around the train for evidence. Along the way you meet a bunch of well knowns such as Mark Twain, Harry Houdini and Mr. Ferris.


3. Astro Knights Island.

Yep this one’s hard, took me ages!
The super awesome and a little delusional antagonist Mordred, a.k.a Binary Bard is my favourite villain actually! It center’s around Arturus, a simple, peaceful medieval town struggling forward after the disappearance of it’s princess. You eventually unravel that the Princess was interested in space travel and helped Mordred (Binary Bard) in his studies. After I completed it they named me ‘Lady Snowball of Arturus’.


2. Counterfeit Island

I was literally jumping on couches when I heard that they were releasing a new island called ‘counterfeit Island’ back in 2009 and when it was finally released early the next year I embarked on a super awesome quest to protect ‘ the scream’ from being stolen, it definitely wasn’t easy with people like ‘the black widow’ around.


1. Ghost Story Island.
It was hard deciding my top ten islands but from the start I had no doubt that my number 1 would be ‘Ghost story’.
I love ghost stories and this Island offers an awesome ghost story! One with a semi-murderer too! Boat around the harbour, explore the abandoned prison, play the violin to summon Fiona’s ghost, yep there sure is a lot to do, and it’s heaps of fun!


As I said before it was no easy job deciding my 10 favourite islands, I have so many favourites! I want to give special runner up mention to Skullduggery, Game Show and Spy Island.
What are your favourites?

~Big Snowball
Big Snowball


About Bigsnowball

I love poptropica, books, lego, comics, tv, star wars, my piano, and i love voldermort!!

27 thoughts on “My top 10 Poptropica Islands

  1. Great post! My favorites are:
    -Survival Island
    -Poptropolis Games
    -Astro Nights Island
    -Reality TV
    -Twisted Thicket
    -Great Pumpkin
    -Monster Carnival
    -Mystery Train

    I guess it goes without saying that I like islands that keep me on my toes! πŸ™‚

  2. I loved loved LOVED Ghost Story so much as well! I love reading about ghosts, too, and the plotline was soooo romantic and cute! πŸ˜€

  3. I agree with Tough Spider on GS Island – the plotline was a bit confusing. However the Island and plotline were awesome πŸ™‚

    Mine would probably be: *Number One is the best*

    10: Astro Knights (I’m not sure why people say this is a hard island – in my opinion, Red Dragon was much harder. Beautiful scenery; you can tell the Creators spent a long time on this one)
    9: Night Watch (I loved the chase scene at the end – I was narrating it in my mind. That cell phone was awesome! And exploring the shops was one of my favorite parts)
    8: Spy Island (People often forget about this one. This was my all time favorite until other islands topped it. I love the B.A.D agents and the atmosphere. So awesome)
    7: Wild West Island (this would’ve been higher in my list if I hadn’t played it so much. I guess I got a bit sick of it, but it’s still a great island)
    6: Cryptids Island (I love the poptropicans of this island. Mews, Gretchen, the darts guy…it seemed as if the Creators put some work into the personalities of the people. And the Jersey Devil… *shudders*)
    5: Nabooti Island (Made a story about this one, it’s almost complete. I loved this island, although when I just started Poptropica it was a bit frustrating)
    4: Skullduggery Island (Another one that everyone says is hard. The only hard part is saving up for the Phoenix Warship, but if you go in a clockwise direction around all the islands it’s really easy)
    3: 24 Carrot Island (Another one with beautiful scenery. I loved the whole atmosphere of the island. And not only is it an easy way to gain some credits, the amazing Dr Hare made his first appearance :D)
    2: Zomberry Island (I love zombies, and Zomberry Island was awesome. I loved the atmosphere and the plotline. The Creators are starting to make some awesome islands again)
    1: Counterfeit Island (Everything about it was amazing. I think I posted a review about this one on my blog, if you want to hear me going on and on about how awesome it was πŸ™‚

    SPECIAL MENTION: Ghost Story Island (loved the atmosphere and scenery)

  4. Here’s my opinion on your top 10. (No offence intended)
    10. Vampire’s Curse: I liked it a lot better than I thought I would. A fun and exciting island. πŸ˜€
    9. S.O.S.: Meh. 😐 This is one of the few islands I haven’t bothered to memorize how to complete. It wasn’t my favorite, but not my least favorite either.
    8. Time Tangled: A great island! It was one of my favorites at first, but then other islands topped it. πŸ™‚
    7. Cryptids: I like it a lot more than I used to. Honestly, that island used to just creep me out. I really don’t know why. Probably the Jersey Devil. πŸ™‚
    6. Nabooti: I like Nabooti. πŸ™‚ It was another fun island.
    5. Red Dragon: Completely disagree with you on this one. Although I loved the Magic Tree House books, I really didn’t like this island. While the beginning was fine, the part where you had to rescue Jack and Annie was really long, repetitive, and I thought a little boring. 😦
    4. Mystery Train: Made it into my top 6. I love this island. πŸ˜€
    3. A-K island: Also made it into my top 6. I also love this island. πŸ˜€
    2. Counterfeit: Also made it into my top 6. I also love this island. πŸ˜€
    1. Ghost Story: Disagree on this one. I liked it at first, but I thought that the plot line just got too confusing. This is another island I haven’t bothered to memorize how to complete. 😦

  5. My fave (not in order):
    1. Game Show
    2. Mystery Train
    3. Shrink Ray
    4. Back Lot
    5. Cryptids
    6. Ghost Story
    7. Vampire’s Curse
    8. Early Poptropica
    9. Time Tangled
    10. Big Nate
    (Steamworks isn’t on there because I felt EXTREMELY lonely when I played. πŸ˜† )

      • I have to say that i really love game show and red dragon at the moment, i love islands where you can travel to heaps of different places in one island πŸ˜€

        On 4/17/13, Poptropica Tips For Poptropicans

  6. I think it’s ironic how both my favorite and my least favorite islands are on your list. πŸ™‚
    Anyway, here’s my top 6 which are my favorite islands in order. (I can’t pick favorites after that.)
    1. Astro-Kinghts
    2. Counterfeit
    3. Spy
    4. Mystery Train
    5. 24 Carrot
    6. Shrink Ray
    The ONLY reason Steamworks isn’t on there is because of that stupid puzzle you have to go through to power the elevator. I HATE that. It takes FOREVER.

  7. OK, on mystery train, after Houdini tells me to ask telsa what he had, I go to telsa, but he tells me to go back to his cabin and look for differences, but I already did, and I circled the briefcase and everything, but he still tells me to! Does anyone else have this problem, because this happens whenever I replay the island! And anyone who knows how to solve it, please tell me!

    • For me, you know how the clues get there? Well, it doesn’t show all the clues and then I just can’t play it. I’ve already tried restarting it.

  8. My favorites are:
    1. Reality T.V.
    2. Night Watch
    3. Super Power
    4. Back Lot
    5. Spy
    6. Counterfeit
    7. Game Show
    8. Vampire’s Curse
    9. Cryptids
    10. Poptropolis Games
    They were hard to decide but 1-6 are definitely right.

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