The First Cut

This is the director’s cut

Poptropica Members, while you’re enjoying Back Lot Island this weekend, don’t forget to head to the Poptropica Store and pick up your Back Lot Island gear. There’s a lot to enjoy, like the Silent Treatment and the Clapboard, but it’s the Director Costume you’ll want to make sure to get your hands on during Early Access.

Why? Because the Director Costume will be gone once Back Lot Island becomes available to everyone!

If you’re already a Member, make the most of it. If you’re not, don’t miss out. Become a Member today and you can wear the Director Costume while you play Back Lot Island this weekend!

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There you have it! We are getting closer to the awesome time when a new island is out for everyone, not just members. April 25 to be exact. Back Lot island is one of my favorites, so I hope you like it too! But there is still a question to be answered… who will be a part of the first 10 non-member finishers? I guess only time will tell!



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