24 Carrot Island Guide


carrotSomething strange is happening on 24 Carrot Island. People are going missing, and the virtual world’s carrots are disappearing as well. It’s up to you to get to the bottom of the mystery and to bring the Island back to its former splendor!

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Video Walkthrough

Written Walkthrough

Take a ride to 24 Carrot Island. You’ll arrive at the main street. Walk right and enter a building called “Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co.”

Inside, talk to the person you see there. Her name is Charlie. When you say, “feeling down?” She may be sad because she just lost her cat, Whiskers. You cannot let her down because she will give you a crowbar for free!

Finding the cat – To find the cat, leave the store and head straight to left where you see a sign that says “Carrot Farm.” Click the sign to go there. When you arrive at the farm, you will see a house blocked with wooden planks.

Jump on the windows then jump again to the blue roof. You will see a chimney and this  is the only way you can enter the house. Now you are inside the house. Walk right, and you’ll see a white bowl on the ground. Pick it up, and exit the house trough the chimney.

On the main street, enter a place called “Carrot King Diner”. A unique stuff about the shop is there a drink station that will color your hair! *back to the guide* You will find a blonde-haired woman who is carrying a glass of milk. Ask her to fill your empty bowl. After It’s filled, go back to the farm where you just got there like one or two minutes ago. Get in, and you will automatically put the bowl from where it came from. Go right of the house, and climb to the 2nd floor. On the second floor, go left until you found the bathroom and every bathroom has a bathtub! When you found it, turn one of the faucets and a cat will jump in. Now chase the cat ALL THE WAY downstairs to the bowl of milk you put.

Chasing the cat is HARD but, courage never die.. SO DON’T GIVE UP! When the cat drinks the milk, It will follow you. Now lead the cat all the way to the hardware shop, and Charlie will give you the crowbar she promised.

Going inside the factory- Go back to the main street race all the way to the right until you see a sign says “factory”. Go to the factory, go right, and you will end up outside of the factory. There’s a wall blocking you so you gotta go up. Until you reached the roof, pick up the blueprint, that will be useful. When you got down, you’ll see a HUGE green pipe. Pry with your crowbar to get in that pipe. Once you pry, get in that pipe.

Inside… – You should arrive in the sewer. Go left and you will find a big carrot that looks like a machine. It’s called a ‘carrot transporter’ That thing will help you transport to the outside of the factory in case you need to do that. Now you need to get out of the sewer and go to the factory. You need to go trough the red thingy, and the big brown rat. If you done that, go up.

  • Master engine room– Now you are at the master engine room. Pull the green master engine levers. Pull the middle lever DOWN and the others on the MIDDLE. Climb to a platform with a pyramid of barrel and stacks of boxes. You will arrive on a red surface. Wait until the claw comes near, Jump over the claw . Be careful because you need to be ON TOP or else you’ll fall down if you are under it. Take a ride to the other side and enter the vent.
  • Vent- You will arrive in the vent. Find your way to the processing room. Your map is the blueprint. On the way there, you’ll find a pair of wire cutters. Continue your way to the processing room. In there, you will be transported to the freezer.
  • Freezer- In the freezer, go on top and click a metal box/cover. Since you got the wire cutters, then, CUT THE WIRES! Go outta there and your destination is to the processing room
  • Processing room- In the processing room, talk to the mind-controlled people. The only thing is working is the third chat option and they all be FREE! Next, click the big metal door and you will fall down to the smelter  room.
  • Smelter room– Jump down to a red platform to a conveyor belt. Move to the right end of the belt and jump up on a pipe. Jump on top of a machine and grab the bunny drone ears. Wear it. Find an ‘exit’ button and you’ll arrive at the processing room.
  • Printer room- Go back to the vent and head to printer room. In the printer room, avoid the falling crates. You see another drone, disable the helmets OFF. The person will give you a print of a password. What’s the password? fuzzybunny like the weird passwords, this is the WEIRDEST. Grab the paper and head to processing room
  • Processing room- Don’t take off your ears yet. Cause YOU SHOULD. Go back over the metal door, and you will arrive in the RABBOT ROOM
  • Launching and fooling the plan- Talk to Dr. Hare. Climb the GIANT rabbot. Until the right platform, disable the mind-controlled drone. There will be a computer there by the way. Click it, enter the password fuzzybunny and the command ‘launch rabbot’. You will control the rabbot. You need to foil Dr. Hare’s plan by crashing your rabbot to 4 meteors. Done? Use the carrot transporter to get back outside the factory and into the main street

Main street- Here’s your chance to claim the reward! Talk to the mayor and he will give you a medallion and 50 credits to spend at the store!


Paper CraftCreate your own 24 Carrot Dr. Hare! All you need is a printer, paper, a glue stick, and scissors! Visit the link to the craft here.

For a period of time, the Poptropica Creators’ Blog detailed Dr. Hare’s Travels around the world! You can see everywhere he visited by going to this page.


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  1. I have a glitch here….before entering the factory, there are no boxes with skulls in the murky water which supports the entrance..so i cant get inside the factory… 😦

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