Super Story Wednesdays: Issue 3

Hey Poptropicans! Seashell here! First, Poppies were last night, and they were pretty cool! We didn’t win best blog, but TC did, so its all cool ūüėé. Now, this is the Poppies 2016 version of SSW. Enjoy! And, arguably, the best villain EVER is in here!

I really wanted to go to the Soda Pop Shop¬†that day. I’m guessing that you know that I didn’t get to, so once I stepped out of the blimp onto main street, security was rushing up to me.¬†The security¬†guards were saying something.¬†I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but it sounded something like, “Someone’s going to attempt to steal¬†the Starry Night tonight! You have to stop them!” If that was what they¬†were saying, I¬†knew exactly who would steal the painting: Black Widow.

I knew Black Widow. I¬†knew she would try and steal The Starry Night, just like she did with The Scream. I asked the security guard in front of me ” Hey, is the art thief Black Widow?”

“Huh? Ma’am, I can’t hear what you’re saying!” he said. “Follow me and we can talk!”

Great, I thought. He’s probably working for ze Black Widow and is going to tie me up and kidnap me, just like last time. But this is my chance to stop her for the last time.

I followed the man into a dark house. I knew this place. It was Black Widow’s lair. But, I kept following the man, pretending I didn’t know what was going on, in utter silence. The room suddenly goes pitch-black. The lights turn on, and I’m m suddenly attached to a chair. Black Widow apparently knows that when she tried the rope-chair trick on me last time, it definitely didn’t work. So this time, she put hot glue on my butt. It really hurt. So, now I couldn’t move. Well, I could, but it was way too difficult.

A woman’s voice came from the shadows. “Well, well, if it isn’t Orange Shell. We meet again.”

“Black Widow,” I growled.

“Why, you recognize me! How sweet. And wasn’t it just a brilliant idea that one of my servants-I mean, I came up with to hot¬†glue¬†you to the chair?”

“Yeah, great,” I said, with my voice oozing with sarcasm.

“I’m powerful, you’re powerful, how about we take over¬†Poptropica¬†together?”

“Lemme think about it.”

“Come on, Seashell, ya know you want to.”

“Ok. Fine.”

This was part of my plan……

To be continued….

So, what did you guys think of this week’s SSW? Lemme know in the comments, and please like!

Seashell out!ūüėé-


About Orange Shell

I'm orange shell and I love books, basketball, volleyball, science, STEM, and, of course,, poptropica! Some of you might know me from Ultimate Poptropica Costumes. Some from Ultimate Poptropica chat. I am all time getting on the Poptropica Help Blog. Some of you might just know me from there, since I'm a commented. My best poptropican friends are Barefoot Flyer, Maroon Goose, and Barefoot Hammer, who works with me. I also am friends with Ultimate IPad Expert and Slanted Fish from the PHB. I also play Webkinz sometimes, too. I have met Silver Wolf, Mighty Gamer, and Tall Cactus from Explore Collect Compete and Poptropica Tips. I am looking forward to the future as a blogger, and hope to see you on more blogs around!

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