Wimpy Boardwalk Island Guide

The Beginning

When you go to Wimpy Boardwalk Island, talk to Greg Heffley and he will say that the game he is playing, Himalayan Hurl, is “rigged.”  When he takes his money out, the wind will blow it away and a group of teenagers will grab it and run. Once they do that, Greg will follow them and you have to follow Greg. Once you go and find him, he will say that the teenagers somehow disappeared.

Boardwalk Beach

You can find the teenagers later, so walk to the right to the man selling key-chain photos in The Boardwalk Beach. You don’t have money, so you tell him that, and he will let you take a photo for free!  He says you seem nice, so he gives you sunblock. The sunblock will go to your bag.

Wimpy Boardwalk Key-chain

Once he gives you the sunblock, go to this guy to the right:

Dude On WB

He looks really sunburned, right? Well, give him the sunblock you have for the cheap sun lotion. It will go to your bag. You may have noticed, but there is a seagull carrying a key-chain. Wonder who’s that would be… Go to the left and jump on the trashcan. Once the seagull is overhead, jump! (Note: if there isn’t a seagull, exit the Wimpy Boardwalk and come back). The key-chain will go to your bag. The key-chain belongs to the man with  the metal detector to the right. Give him the key-chain. He will then give you the metal detector in return. When you exit up the ladder, Greg will say that the teenagers are under the boardwalk. Don’t go after them yet, because they will run away. You cannot get the money yet. Exit to the left to the next area. Exit to the left again to get to the next area.

Boardwalk Ride Area

There seems to be a lot of trouble in this area. The boy with the helicopter wants the Jumbo Prize. (The huge stuffed-animal caterpillar). There is also a man at the Popcorn Stand that is selling popcorn. Again, you don’t have money, so he says that if you find an empty popcorn bag, he will give you a free refill. To the left, there is a lady with her child who lost her car keys. (Note: to get to her, jump over the trash can). Well, in this island, you need a bunch of tokens. (They look like gold coins with a star on them). There’s a bunch in this area, particularly in the Fun-House. If you have the metal detector, you can go to the beach and use it to get tokens too. Anyhow, once you have the tokens, go to the area where you started. Go to any concession stand.

Let The Games Begin!

Fastball Fury

Instructions: Click on the glove to throw a ball. Pay attention to the speed of the first two throws and guess the speed of the last ball correctly to win!

Here is a fairly easy way to win: Try to keep your speeds near each-other. To the right side of the screen, it will tell you how fast you’re going for the first two throws. If you keep the speed close to each-other, you can guess pretty well which speed you threw the ball.

Circus Soaker

Instructions: Hold the mouse button to shoot water at the clown’s mouth. The first player to fill their clown’s balloon, wins!

This one is pretty easy, just aim the shooter at the hole in the clown’s mouth.

Space Fling

Instructions: Click and hold on the ring to pick it up. Then move the mouse upward and release the button to throw. Ring a bottle by throwing the ring hard enough and at the right angle.

This one is fairly easy as well. Just aim correctly, and you win. You only have to get one ring on a bottle too.

Pirate Panic

Instructions: Click and hold on the ball to pick it up. Then move the mouse upward and release the button to throw. Knock over all the bottles to win.

I seem to have trouble with this one. Here’s my advice: Keep trying and don’t give up!

Himalayan Hurl

This is the longest one, so I prefer to do it after all of the others. There is a long list of things you have to do to win. First, go to the area to the left and climb the Cranium Shaker. There will be a trashcan lid on one of the cages. Pick it up, and it will not go to your bag, you will have to hold it.  Go to the trashcan I mentioned earlier and put the lid on it. Once this is done, push to the Cotton Candy Stand and open it so the bees will stay there instead. Sadly, we have to dig through trash again. Move things to the side until you find the popcorn bag. It will go to your inventory. Go to the popcorn stand to get the refill, as the man said he would do earlier. Now, go to the beach (the last area to the right). Go to your bag and push “dump” on the lady over here:


Use the metal detector to find the car keys once she has moved. Go back to the lady where the rides are and give her the car keys. She will then give you flip-flops that you can wear. Once you have the flip-flops, go to the area with the crying kid. Jump on top of the building that is steaming with your flip-flops on and get the disc. Go to the kid and give him the disc. He will say, “If you jiggle the handle on the claw machine, you can get a free game!” Click the claw machine, and jiggle the handle like he said… Well, here is the prize you need: The fake vomit! Get the vomit by moving the other items and go to the area with the rides. Use it on the line for the Bumper Cars. They will then scream and run away. Chickens…  You can now play the game. Talk to the man running the game and  he will let you play. You’re probably wondering why you have to ride Bumper Cars… Well, once you get inside, bump into Riley’s car, make him drop his Lucky Rabbit Foot, and pick it up. Time to now go to Himalayan Hurl after all!

Instructions: This game takes a lot of luck. Do you feel lucky? Click anywhere to throw the ping pong ball and shoot for the red hole.

All you have to do now is push any spot on the grid.

Wanna Pay?

Congrats! You have all the prizes and now the Jumbo Prize! OK, now go to the Rides area and give the boy who has the helicopter the Jumbo Prize. He will then give you the helicopter which you will use later on. Go to the Fun-house and you’ll see Rowley stuck in the slide. To get him out, use the oily sun lotion. Rowley will then fall through the slide and land in the pit. Fregley seemed to have “drowned” in the pit and when Rowley landed, it uncovered him. Fregley’s mom will give you…fish sticks? OK….. Once you have the fish sticks and the helicopter, go to the edge of the beach. Use the fish sticks on the helicopter. Once done, use the helicopter and the crab will grab hold of the fish stick. Put the helicopter up by clicking the screen, so you can go to the dollar bill. Once you get to the dollar bill, use the helicopter on it. The crab will grab hold of the dollar, making it to where the teenagers can’t run away with it. Once this is done, go with Greg to the beach, and go left, under the boardwalk. Greg will get his dollar back and you will receive the island medallion.


Bonus Quest – Thunder Volt

Before you go, there’s one more task to be done. A devious gamer has left an embarrassing message about Greg on a high-score list in the arcade. Can you master the game, save Greg’s dignity, and become the boardwalk champion?

Remember: The Bonus Quest is for members only.

Someone has sabotaged Greg! You have to get over 800,000 points to win! Can you do it?

There are power-ups in the game that will help. Here they are:

  • Red – Boosts your firepower
  • Yellow – Gives you a bonus score
  • Blue – Your shield will be repaired
  • Purple – The best, it will clear all of the enemies on the screen

This game is hard, but don’t give up! Most of the spaceships will blow up in 1 – 3 shots. The bosses; however, require 10 – 20 shots.  After each wave of bosses and spaceships, it will get harder. There will be 4 waves total. Good luck! Once you win, you will let Greg be happy again and you won’t make Rowley’s parents wait until affinity to leave. Congrats!


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  1. Yes, it might help me using the computer. But I am using a kindle tablet. How can I use a metal detector and it disappeared on my kindle screen.

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