Time Tangled Island Guide


timeA malfunctioning time machine has messed up history! It’s your job to go back in time and set things right in this online virtual world. Because if you don’t, who knows what the future will hold?

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Written Walkthrough

Becoming Tangled with Time

When you land on Time Tangled Island, go to your right, into the lab. Talk to the woman there to get a printout. This printout will give you background knowledge on what’s going on, if you want to read it. Anyway, go down and push the plug to activate the machine. Now, of course, walk into the future machine! When you get there however it looks pretty bad… Walk to the left and talk to the old version of yourself to figure out what the heck is going on and to get a cool time travel device. There is a sign you can also read.

Time Tangled 1.png

1953 AD Part 1

Use the time travel device to travel to Mount Everest, 1953. That time period is the man with goggles and blue hood. Just keep traveling on the path, up the mountain. Careful not to fall! If you talk to the two guys that are halfway up, one of them lost their goggles (that’s why they stopped hiking) Recognize them from history? 😉 Anyway, in the next section of the mountain, watch out for falling icicles. When you reach the top, you’ll find the Statue of Liberty. Plus, you’ve climbed Mount Everest! Congrats! 😛

1882 AD

Use the time travel device to go to 18812, during the creation of the Statue of Liberty. That time period is the guy with the brown beard, right after Mount Everest. Now enter the building to your left, called Gaget, Gauthier et Cie. (You can click to signs to change them!) Give the Statue of Liberty model you found to the man to the right. You have officially repaired this time period! On your time traveling device, this time period will now be greenish. But you’re not done here yet! Go outside, left, and up to the roof. Climb to the top of the structure that is there and jump as far as you can to the left. When you do this, you will get a notebook.

Time Tangled 2.png

1776 AD Part 1

I’d go to 1776 next, via your time travel device. It is the man with the ponytail and black hat. Travel to the right, avoiding the hedgehogs, until you get to the Graff House. Climb to the roof and get the bag of salt rocks from the chimney.

1387 AD

Now go to 1387 (the Mali Empire – Timbuktu), which is the woman with the white turban. Make your way to the top of the set of buildings, avoiding the snakes. Talk to the man in blue, wearing a white turban. You’ll give him your salt rocks and this time period would be restored! But we aren’t done here yet. 😉 Next, go to the other side of that big wall thing to your right. Go inside the Timbuktu Inn. Climb up to the man in white and solve the jigsaw puzzle. Once you’re done it should look like this…

Time Tangled 3.png

It’s a portrait of the Great King Mansa Musa! The man will then give you the Declaration of Independence. Time to go back to the Graff House…

1776 AD Part 2

Once your back in 1776, go inside the house and talk to Thomas Jefferson. He is the man with the black hat in in the upper right area. You will give him the Declaration and this time period will be restored! Huzzah!

1877 AD Part 1

After that go to 1877, Edison’s Workshop. This time period is the man with short brown air. Hop onto the vehicle to the left and click the circle onto of the bigger wheel to start it up. Once it stops you can climb the tree it stops under. Get to the very top and jump to the top of the nearby building. Get the piece of stone from the chimney.

Time Tangled 4.png

1519 AD

Once you’re done go to the Aztec Empire – 1519, which is the guy with the weird feather hat. To the right, try to get past the guards and climb the tower of steps. Talk to the man in the feather hat crying. You’ll give him the piece of stone, specifically the sun stone piece. This time zone should now be repaired. Go to the next building to the right. Talk to the old man there to get the Aztec Warrior Headdress. Put it on and talk to the left guard you had to get passed earlier. He will give you a pair of goggles he found.

Time Tangled 5.png

1953 AD Part 2

Travel back to Mount Everest. Climb up the mountain and return Edmund’s goggles. This time period is now repaired. Simple enough, right? Good job time traveler!

1516 AD

I would visit Leonardo da Vinci in 1516 next. He is the man with a gray beard and brown hat. Make your way up and enter Leo’s Workshop. Talk to Leo/Leonardo on the top floor and return his notebook. This time period should now be restored. As a reward, Leo will give you a glider! Put on the glider and get the peace medal, near the pulley system. Remember, you aren’t flying. You’re just falling with style. 😉

Time Tangled 6.png

1805 AD

Use your time device to go to 1805, where the Lewis and Clark Expedition is taking place! Or… took place. Anyway, it’s the man with the big brown hat. Walk to the right and climb up the tall tree with no leaves on it. At the top you’ll see a beaver with a bowl on his head pop out every couple seconds. Time it right and you’ll get the stone bowl. (If you noticed, there’s something carved into the tree! Looks like Clark was there before you.)

Time Tangled 7.png

Climb back down and go all the way to the left. Talk to Captain Meriwether Lewis and you’ll give him the peace medal. This time period is now fixed! Yay!

1593 AD

Click on the man with the black mustache and big helmet a.k.a. 1593, where the Great Wall of China is currently being built. Walk all the way to the right (or follow the dangerous trail of gunpowder) and pick up the barrel of gunpowder. Now climb the structure you past, but watch out for bricks! Talk to the man on the top right side of this structure. You get to play a memory game! 😛 To play, keep an eye on the card that is identical to the one at the top. Good luck! If you win, you get his hammer shaped amulet. Don’t worry if you didn’t win on your first try, it’s tricky. Go to the far left after you’ve won. Talk to the man that looks like a guard and give him the stone bowl. This time period is back to normal!

831 AD

Time to go visit some Vikings in 831! This period of time is the man with the helmet and orange beard. Talk to the first viking you see (in the yellow shirt) and return his amulet. This time period is now repaired! But we aren’t done here just yet. Make your way up those rocks to your right. At the top use your gunpowder to blast the entrance to the cave open. Enter the cave and you get a torch. Here is a map that will help guide you through the cave to the gold vase. But hurry! Your torch only lasts for a short period of time! If you’re wearing the glider, I would take it off. It’s only going to slow you down. Oh! And torches don’t work in water. Good luck! 😉 (Thank you Fierce Moon for the awesome map!)

Time Tangled 8.png

Don’t worry if you don’t make it on your first try, it’s tricky. Once you make it to the bottom, grab the gold vase. When you’re leaving the cave, it’s easier to jump in the water, so you’ll be teleported back to the entrance.

338 BC

Ever wanted to visit Ancient Greece? Well now’s your chance! Go to Ancient Greece (Delphi), 328. It is the man with the gold helmet and red… feathers (I think) at the top. Talk to the second soldier you see and give him the golden vase. As a reward, you are now allowed to speak to the Oracle on the hill. This time period should be fixed! You don’t have to talk to the Oracle though. She just tells you about a strange device on the roof of a building nearby. Anyway, try to get to the top of the building you are now in front of and you’ll get Edison’s Phonograph. You can get to the roof by jumping on the statue to the right. If you want, you can listen to the Phonograph play Mary Had a Little Lamb. Edison actually is the one singing too! Since you now have his phonograph, go back to Edison’s Workshop in 1877!

Time Tangled 9.png

1877 AD Part 2

Go inside Edison’s Workshop and find the man in the red vest – Edison. He should be at the top left of the building. Talk to him and you’ll give him his Phonograph. This time period is restored! Good job!

Back to the Future

After you repaired every time period, all the sections on the time traveling device should be green. Travel back to the lab and visit the future again. Everything should look different. Happier and more peacefully. Take your time to travel to your sky home by going up tubes and above fans. Your sky home entrance should look like this:

Time Tangled 10.png

Go inside and find your future self. Take to them and you get your island medallion!

Time Tangled 11.png

Congrats! You’ve completed Time Tangled Island! To head back to Main Street, use your time device and click the Lab button. 😀


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