PoptropiCon Island

Special thanks to the PHB for this walkthrough.

Table of Contents:
  1. Episode One: Lines Form Here
  2. Episode Two: Spoiler Alert
  3. Episode 3: Reign of Omegon


Episode 1: Line Forms Here

Welcome to PoptropiCon! Read the intro, then press Start to continue to the island. You’ll first speak to a lady who inquires if you would like to know how to Costumize, as the feature is a big part of this specific quest. (If you want, you can save your current costume in the tent serving as a closet.) If you are new to the costumizing feature, you can click yes – however, if you are an experienced user of the feature, it won’t do you any good to run through the tutorial.


Once you finish talking with her, continue right until you find the girl wearing a princess costume holding two tickets in her hands and tapping her foot. Click on her and ask if you can have one of her tickets. She’ll say she’s holding one for a friend, but she doesn’t know where he is. Ask her what he looks like, and she’ll show you a selfie they took earlier.


You’ll have to find all the pieces of his outfit from around the convention – the first will be found just a couple of people down the line. Costumize the girl in the blue top hat and take the mystical looking staff that she’s wearing on her back.


Next, jump up to the second story of the convention center. You’ll find the beard part of the costume on a man pushing on a vending machine. Costumize it, then jump up to the roof and costumize the hat from a girl who happens to be hiding out. You’ll find some bottles on the way up.


Once you have the hat, find the final piece of the costume on the scene to the left, on a man eating some pizza puffs. Costumize the shirt with the moon sash and then return to the girl in line.


When you get there, she’ll think you are her friend – and asks for “it”. You ask what “it” is, and it turns out that she was wanting something in return for the ticket! First, you’ll need to find her friend, and you’ll find him in line for the bathroom (on the far left scene, past the scene with Pepe’s Pizza Puffs). Talk to him, and you’ll find that he accidentally left the thing in the porta potty! He gives up and goes home.


You’re not going to get anywhere in this line any time fast, so talk to the guy in front of you to see if you can bribe him in any way. He tells you that if you can remind him of who played Thor in an old movie, he’ll trade you his spot. To figure it out, go back through to the convention center, and right once more to the alley. While you’re there, pick up the Backpack Straps laying in the “Lost and Found” dumpster bin upon entering the scene. One the far right, you’ll find a poster stating that Bucky Lucas (who first appears on Reality TV Island) plays Thor. Click on it, then return to the line.


Once there, tell the puzzled guy that it was Bucky Lucas, and he will give up his spot in line.

Next, talk to the girl in front of you. She’ll ask what time the cosplay contest will be held. You’ll find the information on the second story of the convention center on a poster. Click on the poster and you’ll find out – it’s at noon.


Return to the girl and tell her the contest time. She’ll give up her spot and you can talk to the guy in front of her. This trippy dude will only give up his seat if you have the “power amulet”, whatever that is. The person who supposedly has it is the “Cheetah Bandit”. Ok then.

You’ll find the Cheetah Bandit atop the bus in the convention center scene. Ask him how to get the power amulet from him – he’ll say that you’ll have to beat him in a race up a water tower. Accept the challenge to continue.


To get to the top of the water tower faster than he does, you can climb the gutter to the left most of the way, then jump off when it ends onto the clothes line. You’ll spring up on the top of the building, so jump on the purple umbrella and onto the top of the water tower. He’ll take the slower route, and you’ll receive the Power Amulet.


Return to the line and put on the amulet. When you talk to the guy, he’ll be impressed and give you his place in line.

The next guy wants a “Fremulon” mask from the alien-looking booth in the pizza puff area. Pay a visit to the booth, and first talk to the girl on the left. She’ll give you a pamphlet on how to speak the language of Fremulon. Next, talk to the guy on the right. He’ll tell you that if you can have a conversation in Fremulon, he’ll give you the mask. The pamphlet has all the answers to his questions, but here they are in case you want them:

Him: Scrash sumbellugh?

You: Scrum bellazugh!

Him: Crozzy zup bemblex?

You: Bemblex zup amfrozan.

Him: Grofzellux scrumble blurge?

You: Blurge scrashble bellazagur.

Once you finish the conversation, he will give you the Fremulon Mask!


Now, return to the line and give the space dude the mask. He’ll trade places with you in line.

The next steampunk cosplayer will trade places with you in line if you can find her a replacement jetpack, as she broke hers. She’ll give you instructions on how to make one. You can  make one at the “Ye old Forge of Finery” booth at the Pizza Puffs area. Before you can, however, you’ll need to obtain the clock that’s dangling on the top of the booth. Climb on top of the Fremulon booth and onto the Finery booth, where you can easily take the Watch Parts. Now, you’re ready to craft!


After reading through the instructions, just click on the backpack straps, put glue on them, then click on the bottles, put glue on them, and finally put the clock parts on the bottles. To finish it all off, spray paint it with the two paint cans next to your creation. You’ll then have created the Jetpack!


Now, return to the line and give the girl the jetpack. She’ll somehow fly off, and you can finally go inside the porta potty (yay)! You’ll come out with the unknown thing that is revealed to be a Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) of awesomeness.

Go back to the girl in line at the convention center and click on her while you’re holding the Mjolnir. She’ll almost give you the ticket – but then she asks where you got it. When you tell her a porta potty, she says the deal is off. It looks like you’ll have to find another way into the convention center…


Fortunately, the security guard in the alley way next to the poster of Thor is impressed with the Mjolnir; however, he won’t let you use the catapult behind him (it might just get you inside by shooting you through a window). He says he will only move if Thor were to tell him to do so. It’s pretty obvious what you have to do – find all the pieces to Thor’s outfit in the poster!


You’ll find the beard on the guy who’s first in line for the convention center. You’ll find the clothes for Thor (minus the cape) on the girl who is hosting the crafting booth, and you’ll find the hat and hair on the guy in the bathroom scene who you told about Bucky Lucas. Thor’s cape is on the girl right next to him, the one you spoke to about the cosplay contest time. Once you have all that costumized, you can return to the security guard.


You’ll fool him, and once you tell him to leave and enjoy the convention (and he does so), you have access to the catapult! First, you’ll need to set it by jumping off of one of the ledges next to it. Fall onto the platform, and gradually it will be pushed all the way down. Once the lever next to it is clickable, you’ve done your job.


Now, click on the lever to be launched into the air. You’ll receive the episode 1 medallion just as you go flying into the air and through a window! Score! The episode ends with you crashing in on the show – and it’s just starting!



Episode 2: Spoiler Alert

You’ll bust through the window and land on the stage of a costume contest – but as great of an entrance as it may be, you’re early for the contest. The prize, however, is a walk-on role in the next “Might Action Force” movie – and you want that, so, you’ll need to find a costume that’ll win!


The host will then explain that the best “Omegon” costume (from the Mighty Action Force series). After you finish talking to him, costumize the mask off of the guy in the bandit costume.

Then, jump over to the left side of the screen and up to the platform with the cardboard box on it. Push it aside and click the small card hiding behind it. You’ll collect a “Teen Arachnid” card (a reference to Spider-Man) from the Mighty Action Force card game, which will go into your inventory as a Card Deck. We’ll get to that later, but for now, go to the Expo Floor through the door on the right side of the room.


Once there, running past the Demo Area door will lock you in a conversation with someone from the news site “Wicked Cool News”. He’ll persuade you into being a spy for his website, and in exchange, he’ll help you put together a cool costume. You’ll have to find exclusive photos of what the newest design of Omegon’s costume (in the upcoming movie) is going to look like – before the trailer is released. He’ll give you a Cell Phone to keep track of the pictures.


After your conversation, head over to the Demo Area. Here, you can talk to a girl at the Mighty Action Force card game table. She’ll offer you a starter pack of cards and a practice match, which you should accept.


The Mighty Action Force game takes some time to figure out, so read the instruction below for help –

  • You’ll find 13 holes each on the top and bottom of the screen. These are where gems go. To win, you either need to get 13 gems, or be ahead of your opponent when you both run out of cards.
  • You have 6 cards in your drawing deck. Whichever card you draw from that deck is a card you can use, along with others in your usable deck. You get to draw 1 card before each of your turns.
  • You can either attack your opponent’s gems or add more for yourself with a card. The number on the top right corner of each card is how many gems/attacks the card can enforce.
  • You can arrange what cards are in your drawing deck and your usable deck. Arrange them via the “organize” button on your inventory’s Card Deck.

Some cards have extra abilities, such as Dirt Claude, which will block an attack if it’s weaker or equivalent to the card the opponent uses. These cards will have explanations in their card descriptions.


With that in mind, you can easily take out the girl and win (although there’s really no point, as she doesn’t give you anything in return). The games are random and are different each time, so you’ll have to figure it out for yourself.

After the game is over, you can go over to the next table and costumize the bow off of the back of a Mighty Action Force fan.

Now, click on one of the balloons tied to the table. The balloon gives you an extra jump boost, allowing you to get to the second floor of the room. Once there, jump onto the table with the bulletin board above it. Click the bulletin board multiple times, making your character stomp on the table and knocking off sticky notes from the board. The last sticky note will have a “Dirt Claude” card hiding behind it, so grab that before returning to the Expo Floor – and keep the balloon!


The first thing you’ll want to do when you get there is to head up to the second floor and costumize the lady standing by the collectibles table, taking her hat. Then jump off of the second floor on the left side. If you jump far enough, with your balloon’s help, you’ll be able to collect the “Trash Collector” card that was stuck in a window border. Now, you can pop the balloon by clicking on it.


Next, head over to the “Meet Stan Ditko” table, and ask Stan if he had any idea where you could find out what Omegon looks like. He’ll refuse and complain that someone else had just asked him about the same thing! That someone, he says, was news webmaster Sasha Capone. Finally, ask him what Sasha looked like – he’ll say she’s just over there – and she is! You can quickly grab a free Elf ArcherComic Book Cover, then follow her into the hallway.


This part is tricky – there are three doors, and she’ll go into one of them. There are lots of people going in and out of the doors, however, so you’ll need to be quick to go through the right one. After some time, you’ll find yourself in the lobby. She’ll be standing near the center of the room, so go talk to her.


She’ll say she does have a picture, but that you’re going to have to give her something in return. When you suggest some loose change, she gives you her Calling Card for whenever you have a real offer. She then realizes an exclusive conference is just starting, and heads toward the conference room. The guard asks her to put her phone in the phone bin, which she does. She then goes inside.


You need to get ahold of her phone, so jump up to the tech lounge on the second floor to the right. First, click the soda machine to get a “Pony Girl” card. Then, costumize the shirt of the swinging pinata guy. Lastly, go into your inventory and use Sasha’s business card. You’ll call the number on your new phone, and it’ll start ringing in the bin. Go over to the bin and take the phone, allowing you to get the pic of Omegon’s cape.


Now, go back to the Expo Floor and then into the Exhibit Hall. You’ll find two complaining employees inside who explain that they’re missing the Elf Archer statue. If you take a look at the Elf Archer Comic Book Cover, you should find that you have the same costume as the Elf Archer – so, when the employees leave, jump onto the empty platform where the Elf Archer goes. (and by the way – you can find a hidden card in the hand of the inflatable superhero – hit the hand to make him drop the “Fashion Ninja” card.)


The employees will come back and haul you into the showcase room. Once they leave, you can take a look around the awesome room filled with cool references. You’ll find the most recent Omegon mask on the second floor to the left. After you take a picture of it, you can return to the Expo Floor.


You need only one more picture to complete the Omegon costume, and you’ll find that picture in the Demo Area. Using a balloon, get up to the second floor of the room and challenge the girl sitting at a table to a match. Apparently she has never lost a match, so you’ll need to arrange your cards to the best efficiency in order to beat her – and remember that she is beatable, it’s just fairly difficult. You may want to put all of your strongest cards that you’ve found into your deck.


After you defeat her, she’ll give you a rare Omegon card that completes the costume! You can return to the Wicked Cool News table and give the reporter the phone back. He’ll fantastically whisk away and then return, giving you an awesome-looking Omegon Suit! Put it on and then go back to the Theater.


Once there, the contest will commence. The first contestant’s costume is just horrible, and the second contestant trips on the stage – and then you show up! The judge is impressed, and it’s obvious who the winner will be – but before he can announce it, a real life Omegon emerges from a portal! His henchman forces the other contestants away, and Omegon shoots the host with a green ray gun! At this point, you’re awarded the Episode 2 medallion. Congrats!


A real villain has crashed the party! Can you save PoptropiCon?


Episode 3: Reign of Omegon

Time had passed since Omegon had interrupted his own cosplay contest. The episode begins with you waking up in a makeshift hideout for survivors underneath the convention building.


Tessa Turncoat, the woman who, for the past two episodes, was the Costumizer tutor, is the seeming leader of this resistance.


After being enlightened of the fact that Omegon’s takeover wasn’t a dream, you’ll get up. Go and talk to her again and she explains that there’s a way to defeat Omegon – by getting the weapons of the Mighty Action Force: Elf Archer’s bow, World Guy’s shield, and Gold Face’s electric gloves. They’re in the possession of the heroes’ movie actors, who Omegon have trapped in cages in 3 different rooms because he thinks they’re the real heroes. That sucks. Tessa claims that if they gather the weapons, they can summon the big good Alphaon, who can defeat Omegon.

The pantyhose ninja, the same guy who was holding up the port-a-potty line in Episode 1, will then show you a comic page, part of an arc called “Reign of Omegon”, about how Alphaon was summoned and give you the said comic.


Now armed with knowledge from Mighty Action Force Comic #178 (which you can refer back to in your inventory), you are ready to save the convention!

If you want, you can go to the left and talk to the two people at the table and you can pick up a Card Deck and play a round of the card game from Episode 2 just for fun (it’s completely optional). But you do need to grab the Energy Drink from the table, because you’ll definitely need that later.

Rescuing Elf Archer (Exhibit Hall)

Go to the vent labeled “Exhibit Hall”, and you’ll find Elf Archer’s actress a floor above you, complaining. Go right and you’ll find pink lasers that are blocking the way. Some of them stay- including the one right underneath Elf Archer- and some of them turn on and off. Go past the ones turning on and off and eventually you’ll find a shield that’s reflecting on of the lasers. Grab it.


When you grab it, a little button will appear on the bottom left of your screen. Click on it to equip the shield. Press the space bar to hold up the shield. Direct the shield to the left underneath the on/off laser that you just picked up the shield from, wait for the laser to be on, and the shield will reflect the laser to the pink power source, which will destroy it.


Go to the left and using the laser on the floor, direct it to the power source above to destroy it. After that, there is one more battery pack. Go left and up and to the right and direct that laser to the left to destroy the last battery pack in the room that allows you to free Elf Archer when you go up to the cage and press the red button on it.


Elf Archer returns to the HQ, and when you talk to her there, she’ll give you her Bow.

Rescuing Gold Face (Expo)

To find Gold Face, go to the vent labeled “Expo” and you’ll find a pair of henchbots turning poor convention-goers into henchbots themselves. When they reach the poor guy who was struggling with the vending machine the past two episodes, the energy drink he finally got shorts out the bot-making machine. Then when manual repair is attempted by one of the bots, it electrocutes and disables it. The second bot then goes off, with the drink guy crying out for help.

Unfortunately, you can’t help the drink guy without the help of Gold Face’s power gloves. Go to the right and you’ll find Gold Face stuck in a cage above you. To get to him, you’ll need to use the power of both the bow and the shield. The bow has a button on the bottom left and you can quickly change between the two when you need it.

Go to the right and in the background, you’ll find a wall with arrows pointing to the right. Equip the bow and press the spacebar to shoot the arrow into the green target, which disables a nearby green forcefield wall. Being mindful of the pink laser on the floor, go past where the laser originally was and go up and to the left.


Push the crate on the upper floor to the lower floor and down to the ground where you see more background wall arrows. Stand on top of the crate and shoot the arrow into that direction and it destroys a forcefield blocking another target.

Go back up and to the left and to the second crate. Push it out of the way of the opening on the floor and up to the platform over to the right. From that platform on top, shoot an arrow and it will bring down another forcefield.

Go back down to where the floor laser was and equip the shield. Direct the laser to where you just opened up from pushing the crate and you’ll destroy the battery pack there. The laser will be gone and you’ll be able to free Gold Face! Go up to him and click the cage button to free him.


Back at HQ, he’ll give you his Unpowered Electron Pulse (power gloves), which he says would shoot sparks if the batteries weren’t dead.


Before you go find World Guy, go back to the Expo and equip the gloves. Also, find the button on the bottom left. Click on the exposed wiring to recharge the gloves into a Powered Electron Pulse.


Now you can rescue the wizard trapped in the machine! Click on the triangle on the machine’s left side while equipped with the gloves to free him. He’ll thank you and give you his Energy Drink, sighing that he wasn’t thirsty anymore anyways.

One more stop before you go save World Guy. Go back to the Exhibit Hall, where the Elf Archer was originally held, and go to the right until you find a vending machine. Using the power gloves, power the machine and you’ll get the last of the Energy Drinks.


Trust me, there’s a purpose to these energy drinks.

Rescuing World Guy (Theater)

Go through the only vent you haven’t gone through yet – the theater – and you’ll find World Guy high in the room in another cage. Go to the left and click on the triangle to activate the floating platform. Quickly change to the bow and shoot the arrow at the green target which will destroy the forcefield blocking the way.


Go through the passageway and use the shield to direct the laser to the battery pack and destroy it. Unfortunately, the low-quality shield melts and you can’t use it anymore. Oh well, you don’t need it to save World Guy.


Go back down and to the right and activate the right levitating platform, and use the bow to shoot out the other green target. It’ll destroy the forcefield between you and World Guy, and you can go free him.

Go back down to the HQ and he’ll give you his Modern Era Shield.


Yay, you now have all the weapons of the Mighty Action Force!

Tessa Turncoat Lives Up to Her Name

You’ll talk to Tessa again and show her the weapons. She looks at them in wonder and once she knows they’re real… she summons Omegon.


Yup. It’s another one of those kinds of Poptropican plots.


Omegon appears and taunts the HQ. Tessa apologizes and sighs that the reason she turned on the Resistance is because Omegon had promised her the powers of Alphaon to her.

And of course, Omegon unsurprisingly betrays Tessa and has his henchbots take her away. One more taunt later, the Resistance seems about ready to give up. However, the pantyhose ninja then explains that in the comic, there was a crystal that if destroyed would send Omegon back to where he came. The information comes from Mighty Action Force Comic #367.

In an uncharacteristically noble move, the pantyhose ninja then proceeds to fight off the henchbots as you go back to the Theater – also the home of Omegon’s Throne Room.

Boss Battle: Omegon

Alright Poptropicans, so you want to stop an otherworldly being and all you have is a shield, a bow and some power gloves. How are you supposed to do this? It’s simple. So anyway, head to the Theater, where Omegon has taken up shop. (Bump into the forcefield a few times to trigger a little exposition.)


Now head below that, which will show the crystal. Power it with the energy drinks by clicking the generator (or the Energy Drinks item card). Next, power the three triangular switches with your gloves, run up to the little slit in the wall, and take the shot with your bow! (Be quick about this: they don’t stay powered forever!)


Afterwards, you’ll be celebrating Omegon’s banishment! Congratulations, you’ve beat Poptropicon, Episod- oop, no, wait. He’s taking you to his home dimension. After flying through pictures of the Mighty Action Force, you’ll be infused with the powers of Alphaon!


You’ll be taken to this beast that looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie, and you’ll have to deflect the lasers onto the battery packs on the hands. This will allow you to jump on, power the hands with Gold Face’s gloves, and ride them up to take out the green targets with your bow. Do this for both sides, and the eyes should turn pink.


And what do we do to things that are pink? We deflect lasers onto them, that’s right! So crouch down like you usually do, and use your shield to blast his eyes out!


Aaaand everything’s back to normal! Congratulations, you’ve defeated Poptropicon: Reign of Omegon!



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