Counterfeit Island Guide

poptropica cf island

Balloon Boy & Trash Treasure

When you land on Counterfeit Island run all the way to the right, to the down town area and head inside Bo-Bo’s Clown Store. (BTW: The Common Room is The Moldy Baguette Inn) When you’re in grab the free green balloon. Then run all the way to your right, into the country side. Give the balloon to the crying boy. (If you talk to the boy before getting the balloon the girl next to him will say he wants a green balloon in french) The boy floats away and becomes known as balloon boy!

poptropica cf 1

Go back down town and go right until you come across 2 trash cans. Click the open one and search through it for 2 orange tickets. Now go back to main street and go into the internet cafe. Talk to the man to the right (Balloon Boy is on TV! Yikes!). Go to your inventory and pull out the tickets you found dumpster diving. He’ll thank you for finding his tickets by giving you one of them. Worth the trashcan digging, right? :P

(There is also a computer game you can play in the cafe!) While your there pick up the loose page from the French-English dictionary. The page would’ve help you get the green balloon for Balloon Boy. Now climb to one of the windows at the cafe towards the right. There you will find 1 of the 6 torn pieces of a picture.

Tunnel of Terror

Go back down town and talk to the tour guide. Pull out your ticket from your inventory to take the tour. Go in the entrance and start finding your way around! If you want a little more info, just talk to the tour guide. When you get to the big room (shown below) climb up the light wire and jump to your right for the 2nd piece of the picture.

poptropica cf 2

After you walk a bit more you will find a mysterious latter. Don’t mind that for now, it’s important later. Exit the tour and you’ll be at the city dock, next to a man who is even more mysterious than the latter…

Dangerous Job for a Mysterious Man

He tells you the Scream (famous painting at the museum on main street) is going to be stolen! :eek: His instructions to help are to get a job at the museum and catch the thief in the act! Then to meet him back at the docks by nightfall. Hmmm… For some reason your Poptropican believes him and you have to go along with it. You know what else is weird? Where did the tour guide go?!? :?

poptropica cf 3

Before you leave there is a torn piece of paper on a rock to the right of  the exit. ;) So now go apply for a job. The museum is on Main Street. But first jump to the top of the museum to find your 4th piece of a picture! Go inside and tell the guard you want to apply for the job. The go upstairs and talk to the assistant curator.

Testing Time

First test! The assistant curator will tell you the details. Time to start moving paintings! Go to the top left section first and pick up the middle painting. Put it where the painting to the far right of the top right section is. Then put that painting at the far right of the lower right section. The painting you then pick up goes in the middle of the lower left section. (It’s a cat picture!) Finally put the kitty picture in the top left section, in the middle, where you started. Phew! Glad that’s done.

poptropica cf 4

Now that everything is correctly put, go tell the assistant curator! (I’ll call him AC for short. :lol: )

Go into the Forgery Detection Lab next for some real training! Yep! We aren’t done just yet. ;) Once you’re in, talk to AC again, then pick your first station!

Station 1

This is the first station. There are 3 steps for this. The first is the X-Ray Device!

With the scanner at the right, scan each painting. At the bottom pick the painting that looks most different. The painting it turns out to be is random, but they make you look at all of them first.

poptropica cf 5

Next step! The 2nd step is the Magnifying Glass Test! Time to find a forgery, which means fake.

Use the magnifying glass to go over the signatures of all 3 paintings. The 1 in the middle is fake because the signature is different! This one was pretty easy.

poptropica cf 6

Next step, which is the… Photo Fake! Another forgery test. This one is probably the easiest. Just scroll your mouse up and click on the dark side of the moon. It’s wrong because the darn side of the moon should cover the stars behind it, but it doesn’t.

poptropica cf 7

Station 2

Now Station 2. Yay! …*cough* Anyway this station is just 1 step.

Once you start click on Sample 1, which is assumed to be oil. As it dissolves click the correct vials that match the color when they appear in the boxes on the chemical add timer. The vial order for sample 1 is green, pink, blue, pink.

poptropica cf 8

Turns out sample 1 is a… FAIL! But that doesn’t mean you fail, don’t worry. Onto sample 2, which is orange! The vial order is pink, green, blue, blue. And it’s a… PASS! Sample 2 truly is a watercolor sample.

The order for sample 3, which is pink is blue, pink, blue, green. And it’s……… a FAIL! Well, you got the job! You also get a key to the supply room. :) Exit that place, go right, and into the Statue Room. Go to the left, through that door, past the security door, and use your key to get into the supply room. There you will find your 5th torn picture piece! Yay!

Leave the building because it’s… night. So go meet the strange man by the docks.

Framed Like a Picture

Before you talk to the man climb the fishing boat to the left for your 6th and final piece of torn paper! This completes the picture! Of a… dragon head? Yeah… you’ll get this soon enough. Anyway, talk to the weird stranger now. Then enter the tunnel and go to the latter I told you to skip before. Click the latch at the top. Get the “picture” now? :lol: Make the latch look like the picture to open the door

poptropica cf 9

Make sure it matches the picture above, then click where my mouse is in the picture. If you didn’t make it right, the picture will reset. But if you did it correctly, the door opens and you enter… the supply room! *GASP* :lol:

The lights are supposed to be off, don’t worry. Use your key to get out. Don’t let people see you though! You could go to jail. So be careful passing the security room and avoid the people in the security window.

Next you have to get pass the Statue Room. Avoid the cameras by hiding behind statues and plants. Although if you get caught, you just have to start over. ;)

poptropica cf 10

Once you make it to the Hall of Paintings, go left to where The Scream is. Click on it and you decide to hand on the light wire above the painting. But then alarms start going off! WHAT THE HECK?!? They arrest you for attempting to steal The Scream! *sigh* Nice going. You were… Framed Like a Painting! :lol:Then at the police station…

poptropica cf 11

Discovering the Truth

Lie Detector time! They’ll ask you some questions, just answer them truthfully. Then the bl- :oops: I mean the investigator will tell you to meet her at the security office in the museum to find the real culprit.

poptropica cf 12

When you get there it’s time to check the security footage from last night. And somehow the investigator got to the office before you. Anyway click the computer to the right. Oh, right, you need to know what time to look at. So go find that security guard who was at the museum last night. He is at Bo-Bo’s Clown Store, down town. He’ll give you his time card because he stepped out last night. (Like being tired is an excuse!) Go back to the office. Click the computer again to find the “thief” and click Print Screen.

Chase Scene

You now have to track the mysterious stranger down. You know who knows everything because they are always silent and notice everything? Mimes! Go see if the mimes know where are “culprit” is. Show them the picture. They then start playing guitar and… a saxophone? Weird. Walk to your right and notice something. See it? Notice it?!?

poptropica cf 13

The All That Jazz Cafe! Come on, it has a saxophone on the sign! You had to notice that. Anyway go inside and confront him!

Chase scene time! Chase him on the scooter! But avoid all the obstacles like barrels, boxes, oil, mud, and even… mimes! Don’t try to run the man over though, just keep up with him. Once you chase him to the docks he drops a key card. Yay! But you let him get away. Nice job.

poptropica cf 14

ANYWAY! Go back to the museum and there’s a package for you. It’s a fake copy of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Use the scanner to see this message:

“Meet me at the museum on Early Poptropica Island. Tell no one. You’re being watched”

-The Curator

I would totally go if I were you! It’s an adventure! :mrgreen: Once you get to the Pop Art Museum on Early Poptropica talk to the Curator (lady in purple to the left), she’ll explain everything. She’ll give you a key and a weird warning. Go back to Counterfeit Island, to the country side. On your way there the artist on main street will tell you something strange. Just keep going… until you get to the inspector’s house. (Notice the sign has a french word on it. It means Black Widow, but is a little misspelled!) Use the key you got to get in.

The Black Widow Caught Red Handed

Once you’re in go upstairs and click the painting. It’s The Scream in disguise! Then the lights go out. You’re in big trouble now. You wake up, tied up. And the strange man is there too! But he explains how he is technically a good guy, so you team up. Move your chair over to his by carefully maneuvering you mouse back and forth. But don’t fall over!

After you’ve done that you both get untied. Go to the right. Then make your way up without getting seen.

poptropica cf 15

Once you make it up to this big door, use the key card to open it. Next up is… the boss battle! Whoo!

To win you have to catch most of the valuable pieces of artwork the Black Widow throws at you, while turning a crane which will lift your new-found partner up to where the Widow is. But don’t get hit by bombs and don’t lose more than 1 million dollars worth of art! The best time to turn the crane is when the Widow’s face turns red and throws a bomb. Good luck!

poptropica cf 16Once your partner gets to the BW you win! And the newspaper gets it right this time.

poptropica cf 17

Then go with the Curator back to the museum for a special surprise. The Curator is in the lower right section of the museum. Talk to her. She pushes a little red button that you might’ve noticed before and a bunch of authentic paintings appear from behind the walls! Then… you get your island medallion! You have beaten Counterfeit Island! Congrats!


Written By: Spotted Dragon

Illustrated By: Spotted Dragon (With Medallion Pic from Nameless 😛 )


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