Wimpy Wonderland Island Guide

Wimpy Wonderland

 When you drop down, you will notice that everything is black and white except for little blue horizontal lines. This is a sure sign that you are on Wimpy Wonderland! This island is based off the very popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.
You should start off by talking to Greg, the person to the right of you. He will tell you that his little brother, Manny is missing. When you ask him where Manny might be, he’ll say that he was last at his house and that that would be a good place to look for clues. He’ll run off to the left. Follow him. You’ll pass a kid building a snowman and the Fast

Mart, which has a bunch of teenagers hanging out in front of it. Continue to your left.

The first house you see is Greg’s. If you talk to him, he’ll tell you that Manny isn’t inside, but there are no footprints coming from the house. Hmm. 😕
Go inside. If you go to your left, you will see a shut door. When you try to open it, Greg says that it gets jammed all the time and that you need a credit card-shaped object to get it open. If you go back to your right, you will see a TV. If you click on it, you can play Greg’s game Twisted Wizard, although it is currently impossible. If you continue to the right, you will come to another door. You can’t open this one because Greg’s brother Rodrick is pounding away at his drums too loudly.
That leaves upstairs. Go upstairs, and enter your room on your right. You can pick up anything that is colored in on this island. The address book is colored in, so grab it.
If you want, you can go to your left and pick up a page from Greg’s journal, but you won’t need it. Enter Manny’s room, which is between the other two rooms.
Go to your left, and you will find an open window! That’s how Manny escaped! Jump out the window to see if you can find him!
You’ll notice footprints going to your left. They must be Manny’s! Follow them. They’ll jump from house to house before stopping in front of Rowley, the kid with the big nose and two teeth. Talk to him, and he will say that someone stole his rumble bike! After you ask him which way they went, you’ll see Manny riding the rumble bike!

There he is! Look at those tiny arms and legs!

Chase after Manny onto Main Street. You will see that the rumble bike has crashed into a snow bank. Pick it up. If you continue a little further, you’ll see Manny. Chase him up the tree. He’ll jump down and land on the little boy’s snowman. The carrot will fly out. Pick that up, and run to the school to continue chasing Manny.
You’ll see Manny jump up the building and go inside a window. You can’t jump like that, so you’ll have to give yourself a boost. This is, in my opinion, the most annoying part of Wimpy Wonderland. You’ll see Manny running from window to window, mocking you for being unable to jump as high as him. 😡
First, run over to your right. You’ll see a trash can. Keep pushing it, and it’ll go up the left side of the seesaw. Push it until it is on the white part of the seesaw. Then, climb the tree. Make sure you get the little piece of paper on the right side that reads 9, 37, 15. It kinda blends in, but it’s very important to have.

The slip of paper that reads 9, 37, 15.

After you grab that piece of paper, jump off. Your goal is to land on the white part of the see saw.

The parts circled are the parts that are referred to as the “white parts of the seesaw” above.

If you do this right, the trash can will fly up and land on the balcony of the school. If you don’t do it right, you’ll have to push the trash can back on the seesaw and jump on it again.
Once the trash can is on the balcony, push it to the far left window. Jump on the trash can and jump up and into the open window. You’re finally in the school!
Walk to your left a bit and you’ll see Manny. He’ll start running and you’ll start chasing after him before he runs out the front door. Why couldn’t you have just gone in that way in the first place? 😡
Before leaving, run to your left. Click on the locker underneath the second I in the “School spirit” poster.

The locker being described above is circled in this picture.

You will be presented with a combination lock. The combination is the combination written on the paper you just found in the tree: 9, 37, 15. Turn the lock counter-clockwise to get to nine, then pass zero and turn it clockwise to get to 37, then pass zero again and turn it counter-clockwise to get to 15. If you do it right, the lock will open and you will get the Twisted Wizard Game Guide. That was the game Greg was playing. Maybe we can beat it with the guide!
Leave the school and go outside. Before you run back to Greg’s house, though, run to your right. Go past Leisure Towers until you come to a group of kids throwing snowballs at you. Put your cursor as far to the right as possible. Make sure it is blue, so you don’t jump. If you do jump, you’ll accidently hit snowballs. After a while of this, you’ll eventually get the snow shovel.
Run all the way back to Greg’s house. Once you’re inside, you’ll see Greg playing Twisted Wizard. If you use the game guide, it will tell you to click on the wizard after enabling cheats to set easy mode. Click on the TV, and Greg will tell you that he has turned cheats on. When you get to the title screen, be sure to click on the wizard to make this game possible before clicking on the words “Click to start” to start.
You will receive pieces of tiles when the game starts. Click to place the tile. The goal here is to make a wall surrounding the wizard. You have 20 blocks and 30 seconds to do this. The game will accept your wall if the inner part turns dark brown. If the inner part does not turn dark brown within the 30 seconds you are allowed to build the wall in, then the game will say that the ogres have breached your defenses, and you will have to start over again. If you still have extra pieces after the inner part turns dark brown, you don’t have to use them, but it is highly recommended.
Once you successfully build your castle, the ogres will come in. Click on them to zap them with lightning. If you don’t, then they will slowly eat away at your walls before coming to you and eating you!
You will have to last 40 seconds in the first round, and then you can repair you castle. Again, you are given 20 blocks and 30 seconds. You will then have to survive another 40 seconds in round two, before getting to repair your walls again with 20 blocks for 30 seconds. Finally, you will have to survive grueling round three for 40 seconds.
Build your first wall as close to the wizard as possible. It is best if the pieces are only one square away from touching him. If you build the walls that close to the wizard, you won’t need as many pieces to enclose your wizard making it easier to move on to a second layer.
Don’t waste your time pressing space-bar to rotate the pieces. If you do press space-bar, the piece will move away from your mouse a bit, making it very difficult to place in the exact spot you want it in. If you get a piece that you feel doesn’t fit anywhere, place it somewhere randomly and quickly move on the next piece. You have plenty of pieces, but very little time to put them in.

The ogres gradually move faster as you go on. The best tip for killing them in one shot is to anticipate their movements. Click on the feet of the ones coming in from the top. Click on the heads of the ones coming in from the bottom. Click on the hand with no hammer for the ones coming in from the left, and click on the hand with the hammer for the ones coming in from the right.

Always try to keep a castle at least two blocks thick through the first round, a castle at least three blocks thick through the second round, and a castle at least four blocks thick for the third round. This will really slow down the ogres while they try to eat the walls.
Once you finally manage to beat Twisted Wizard, Greg will ask you to return the game to Rowley. Go outside and run to your left towards Rowley’s house. Put the carrot on the snowman you pass by, and the snowman will say “ouch!” There is someone in the snowman. Casually continue up the hill until you come to Rowley’s house. You will see Rowley inside. If you knock on the door, his dad will say Rowley can’t come outside.
Jump on the hood of the car, and the alarm will go off. Run as fast as you can to your left, and click on the left shrub. Your cursor will say “hide.” Click on the door while Rowley’s dad is walking towards the car. Run to your right. You will give the game back to Rowley, and he will give you a Joshie Fan Club Membership Card in exchange. Um… thanks? 😕
Run to your left when you go outside. Go past the Laundromat, and enter the first house you see. This is Greg’s grandma’s house. She’ll tell you that she’ll help look for Manny if you clear out her driveway. So, be a gentleman/gentlewoman and do that for her. Use the shovel in front of the garage.
Click and hold the mouse button to pick up any snow that your cursor moves over. Your cursor starts to move slower and drop snow when the shovel is completely filled with snow. Drop snow on the right side of the driveway. This must be completed within a certain amount of time – your body temperature will start to drop. (Which doesn’t make sense. You can walk around the rest of the island while it’s snowing without worrying about your body temperature, but you can’t shovel a bit of snow without worrying that your body will freeze.)
The most effective strategy here is to shovel about halfway up the driveway before dumping out the snow and then do the upper half. Do this for every shovel length of the driveway. You really get quite a bit of time to do this; it isn’t that hard. There is a little patch in the top left that you don’t have to get.
After you shovel Grandma’s driveway, she drives off… to play bingo. She promised to look for Manny! 😡 Does anyone care about that toddler?!
Run back to Greg’s house. This time, go to your left and open the door with the Joshie Fan Club Membership Card. Click on the fuse box, and then click on the switch next to the label “Rodrick’s Room.” He’ll go outside and drive away. You can now enter the garage and the basement.
Go in the basement first. Pick up the dog dish, then leave. Yes, that’s all you needed to do down there.
Go outside and enter the garage. Click on the leaf blower right above you to pick it up. Hey, that’d be the perfect thing for getting the person out of that snowman!
Click on the bottom of the screen to exit the garage. Run to your left and use the leaf blower on the snowman. Fregly, who was inside, will give you his only friend, Fredrick, who is a Bingo troll. That’s really weird, but at least now you can play bingo with Grandma!
Run back to leisure towers. You can’t get in the front door, because anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed. You’ll have to climb up the building and get to Grandpa’s apartment. According to the address book, he lives in apartment 33C. Climb up to the top of the building and put your cursor straight up. It should read “go up.” Go up.
The old folks will sometimes try to open and slam their windows to make you fall. This is possible to dodge; just stand on the edge of the windowsill, or be in the air while the window is coming down. Once you get up to level 10, the old folks will start dropping things down at you. This can be dodged by jumping to another column.

You will receive a checkpoint at level 13. You will be unable to fall below level 13. You will receive another checkpoint at level 23. The folks above level 23 will slam their windows much faster than those below them. Go in the window at level 33C to exit.

The strategy here is to keep jumping straight up, timing it so that you are not on the windowsill when it closes. The only times you should ever change columns are if both the window you are in front of and the window above you are going to get slammed or if the person in the window directly above you is dropping something. In this case, move to the nearest window that isn’t getting slammed.

Once you make it inside, click on Grandpa to wake him up. Ask him where Manny is, and he says he’ll tell you over lunch.

Grandpa will start talking to you while you eat lunch. Ignore what he says. Mash the mouse to keep yourself from throwing up. There is absolutely no strategy here – just mash the mouse as fast as you possibly can.

If you manage to do it, Grandpa will tell you that he saw Manny on the Leisure Towers security camera. The TV will then change to a video of Manny riding around on a scooter in front of Leisure Towers. Go to the door to your right to exit.

Run to your left and go in the elevator. Press the “L” button (L is for Lobby) and you’ll find yourself on the main floor. Run to your right and enter the Bingo tournament. Use your Bingo Troll, (Which apparently doubles as a blotter) to play!

You will have three Bingo cards. At the top, you will see a letter and a number roll by. This is the number that is being called. If you have any of that number in the corresponding column, click on it to blot it. For example, if it says “B 47,” then blot all the 47’s you have under B. If you have a 47 in under, say, O, then you can’t blot it. Whenever you have extra time, blot the free spaces in the middle. If you mark every square when it is called, you will win.

When you win, you will get the Soothing Sounds Classical CD. Maybe that could drive away those teens at that store on main street!

Run back to the Fast Mart and go inside. Use the CD, and it will be put in the CD player. Then click on the CD player and turn the volume all the way up. The teens will walk away, and the store manager will give you some wiper fluid out of his gratitude.

Go back to the school. Just to the right of the tree with the paper in it, you’ll see a snowplow. The driver will tell you that he can’t plow anything because the windshield is frozen. Use the wiper fluid. The man who owns the truck will say that you’ll need to get exactly four liters. There really is no strategy here, just follow my instructions:

1. Drag the big can of No-Freez Wiper Fluid onto the dog dish.

2. Drag the dog dish onto the cup in the middle.

3. Drag the can of No-Freez Wiper Fluid onto the dog dish.

After you do this, the driver will go to get some coffee, and you’ll ask yourself where Greg went. Go back to his house to look for him. He’s inside playing Twisted Wizard. I was right. I’m the only one who cares about Manny. 😡

Click on the curtains to open them, and the reflection from the TV will blind Greg. Greg stops and tells you that Manny was probably looking for his blanket, Tingie. (You could have told me that a while ago! 😡 )

Anyway, go outside and OH MY GOD MANNY’S IN THE SNOW PLOW!! 😯 But he can drive somehow, even though his feet can barely touch the pedals on a big wheel, so it’s okay. 😀

Follow him to the left. You’ll see that the snow in front of the Laundromat has been plowed, so you can go in. When you do go in, you’ll see Manny, sitting on the floor, hugging Tingie. Click on him, and Greg will come and say that he needs to get Manny home soon because his mom will be coming home from work. (Really? I spent all this time on this island and NOW his mom decides to show up? She should have shown up a while ago and grounded Greg for not caring about his little brother at all!)

So you go outside, and the Whirley Street kids decide to randomly show up and chuck snowballs at you, but luckily Greg happened to bring a gigantic snowball with him that you can roll down the hill. Click on the snowball, and it’ll crush the kids. Greg then tells you that he also happened to bring two sleds so you can sled home.

You can jump with the sled, but I’m pretty sure you don’t have to. You can just plow through every obstacle. Your sled can also magically travel uphill, which is a relief, considering that there are quite a few uphills. No matter what you do, you’ll make it home just in the nick of time. Greg then gives you the island medallion.

Written by: Tough Spider


8 thoughts on “Wimpy Wonderland Island Guide

  1. I went to Greg’s Gammy’s house and talked to her but I went outside to shovel and there was no shovel. What do I do?

      • Make sure you’ve done everything first. This says how to get the shovel: “Leave the school and go outside. Before you run back to Greg’s house, though, run to your right. Go past Leisure Towers until you come to a group of kids throwing snowballs at you. Put your cursor as far to the right as possible. Make sure it is blue, so you don’t jump. If you do jump, you’ll accidently hit snowballs. After a while of this, you’ll eventually get the snow shovel.”

  2. Glitch/cheat for this island:
    While you are eating the soup, open a new tab and don’t do anything for 1 or 2 minutes, and after that, close it out, and you have won for doing nothing!

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