Vampire’s Curse Island Guide

Special thanks to the PHB.

Go to Vampire’s Curse Island. First thing you’ll see is a woman crying. Talk to her and she’ll say she’s crying over her daughter (Katya) who is missing along with her boyfriend (Christopher). Rumor is, they’ve been taken to Bram’s castle.

And you might notice if you have volume on, you’ll HEAR the thunder and rain pattering on the streets. Grand. Umbrella anyone?

If you talk to people, you’ll see the town is obsessing over vampires ever since the disappearance. Especially the teenagers.

Go to the right past the old lady. You’ll see a teenage boy sitting down. Talk to him. That’s Christopher. He says that Katya has been taken by Count Bram and to the castle. You ask him if he’s going back for her and he responds with THIS.

Um… hello? Aren’t you supposed  to be the loyal boyfriend, Chris? Oh well, we’re on our own. Go up a little bit and you’ll see from behind you… a WOLF.

Wolfy doesn’t like you. The first thing he does is dash and attack you. Don’t stay still. Run! Run towards the tree and click on the hole in it.

Click on the branch right when Wolfy runs towards you. He’ll be knocked over. Traverse up  and to the left. When you land on the branch, Wolfy is back, and he BREAKS the branch from underneath you. Oh, and you get a log. Go back up and to the left. Hang on to those vines. Go up and to the right. Quickly jump on the vine hanging over the gap and run right when Wolfy passes you from the right and is soon to turn around. You’ll need quick reflexes to do this. If you miss, you’ll have to exit and enter the area all over again to get another chance.

However, there’s another, easier way to get past Wolfy. If he attacks you and goes back to the bridge, you can also click on the rope at the beginning of the bridge, so you punch the rope, to send Wolfy plummeting bye-bye.

Whether you take the easy way or the harder way, exit to the right.

You’ll arrive at a graveyard. And the rain resumes. Go into the convenient shed and you’ll see a coffin. Creepy. The message on it is in Latin and translates to “Remember all the lovers.” Click on the book and the crowbar to retrieve it. Go outside and grab this pipe.

Carry it over to the reddish-pink pump, and jump on it, pumping water out. Position yourself so the water goes to the little ditch there, like this:

You should be able to swim to the other side now. Get to the other side, go up and enter through the hole. It’s an arched entrance without a door.

Now, it’s time to push some boulders around. The first boulder is right there for you to push. Then, you’ll see another boulder stuck in some other rocks. Get that out of there using the crowbar and push it to the right until it stays put in another hole. Then go to the right and up the platforms. There’s the last boulder! Push it over. It’ll roll onto the last hole.

(Whoops, the lightning wanted to be involved in this shot. Hey, watch the lightning! I’m trying to get into a vampire’s creepy manor here!)

Enter through the shattered window. You’ll enter into a dark room, only lit by ashes and a few pieces of coal. Click “Use” on the log and the novel. Pump on the pumper three times and the fire will be a nice size. Go over to the right and push the ladder over to the left bookshelf. Click on a purple candle and click on the fire. The candle will light, and you have a limited time before it goes out.

Go up the ladder and jump on top of the bookcase. Jump to the left and up to the chandelier. Once you land, the chandelier will automatically light. Repeat this with the other 3 chandeliers by jumping onto them (you may need to jump on other things first to reach them). Remember, you can light your candle from the chandelier too!

Get down from the last chandelier and use the crowbar on the chained door. This’ll provide an easy exit for when you need to exit.

Go to the left and you’ll notice a glass eye next to one of the armors. Pick it up.

Go up the bookcase on the left using the ladder and use the glass eye on the tiger head missing the eye. The tiger mouth will open and reveal a key. Get it. Go down and pull the lever near a hole in the wall. It’s a dumb-waiter, and something belongs in it.

In the meantime, use the key on the door on the right to open the door to the armory.

When you enter, you’ll see a whole bunch of stuff… a pike, some armor, a training dummy, a crossbow… wait, a CROSSBOW? Gimme that! Well, get the crossbow on the wall.

Go over to the cannon and click on one of the cannonballs. You’ll put it in the cannon. Go back to the hallway, get a candle and light it. Quickly return to the armory and go to the cannon. It’ll automatically light and shoot the cannonball. Then, it’ll fling over facing the other direction. Repeat this two more times. One cannonball will roll away into the hallway.  The other will shoot straight into the ceiling. And it reveals another area!

Go up the cannon and pick up that bucket over there. Take out your crossbow and aim it at the left wall and shoot it. Climb up your arrows quickly and get to the floor above.

You’ll see a sad-looking plant in need of light and water. Use the crowbar on the window to get the light in there . All it needs is water. Exit to outside.

Go over to the geyser and use the bucket to get nice water. Go back to where the plant was and use the bucket. All of a sudden, it becomes this big vine.

You can now exit through the window. Do that.

You’re back outside. Go the right and up the stairs into another window.

You’re in some sort of lab. FILLED WITH TOMATOES. Sliced tomatoes. Diced tomatoes. Tomato juice. Whew.  Pick up Count Bram’s notebook. Inside, it mentions some sort of formula to change vampires back into human form. Wow. Go up the shelf and grab the garlic. You’ll need it later.

If you want, you may click on the tomato bat, and your head will transform into a TOMATO VAMPIRE BAT.

This wears off after a while. Exit through the door. Enter through the door on the right.

Go up, all the way to the top. Talk to Katya, who is that girlie in the cage. You need to cure Count Bram of his vampire cells and stuff.

You need to get a book called Root Causes. Go outside of that room, and jump off the tower thingy, so that you end up outside the chained doors of the main entrance.

Once inside, push the ladder to the front of the fireplace. Climb it, and jump on the bookshelf to the right. You’ll get the book Root Causes. Go back outside, and go left, through the arch. Up to this place on the tree at your right:

Shoot arrows at the wall to make a little ladder for yourself. After that, jump to the platform just to the left, and you’ll get the Mandrake Root. Go back down, through the arch, and into the main room. Find the cannonball from earlier, and push it in front of the fire, so it heats up.

Unfortunately, you can’t touch it now. I mean, yeah, you can swim in the frozen waters of SOS Island, but you can’t handle a tiny cannonball. So get the fire poker on the right (the silver thingy used for poking the fire) and push the cannonball to the left. And into the dumb-waiter.

You need to get back to the lab, now.Go out through the giant vine, and into the lab. Once inside, go all the way to the right, and click on the little lever to pull up the dumb-waiter.

When the cannonball comes up, it’ll roll out, and warm the wolfsbane. Then you’ll receive the wilted wolfsbane. All done, now!

If it wasn’t mentioned above, the garlic is on the top shelf of the lab. ;)

Click on the microscope thingy, and be sure to do these all on the same syringe:

  • 1 click of a Mandrake Root
  • 3 clicks of the Wilted Wolfsbane
  • 3 clicks of the Garlic Extract

Vampire cells: ugh!

Yay, you have the serum now! Go out and find poor Katya, still locked up. She’ll tell you to get her out of there, and so you need to find the key. Get down, and find the sparkly cane.


Anyway, now you click on that, and pull the key out. Hurry up, go let Katya out before vampires start showing up!

Too late, though. You’ve barely let Katya out when Count Bram shows up. And he tells his Annabelle not to leave him again. Whatever. You and Katya break the window and take off!

So, Count Bram will follow, and you need to get your garlic. Then, protect Katya, and follow her. Once you’re at the top of the tower, Bram will turn into a bat. Why didn’t he turn into one from the start…?

So, just shoot him with the serum.

*dramatic pause*

Count Bram turns human, then joins Annabelle in the picture. And Christopher shows up, and Katya is happy, and…

Yeah, um. They’re happy.

The point is, you’ll get your medallion! Yay!

Bonus Quest: Members Only

Surprise surprise… Christopher is a vampire! Cactus von Garlic will show up, but not before Christopher bites you and you turn into a bat. Woohoo.

Katya will knock Cactus out, because he wants to hunt you. Pretty much, now, you’ve got to make the serum for yourself. Find the garlic. It’s between the second and third chandelier, in a hole.

Go in there, and avoid the spiders. Stay up, and go left. Don’t come down until you get the garlic. Then go out the door, even though Garlic is still there. Go left and through the arch. Go to where you find the gutter, and go inside, to get the wilted wolfsbane.

Now go back into the place where Wolfy tried to kill you, and go in through the little wooden door. Go right, and you’ll find the mandrake root.

Go back to the lab, and you’ll be cured! Garlic will decide to help vampires, whatever, and done!


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