Timmy Failure

Special thanks to the PHB for this walkthrough.

Upon landing on Timmy Failure Island, you’ll start off at the very…ending? You, Timmy, and another girl are all covered in smelly trash. When the girl, who was accused by Timmy for stealing his pants, leaves, he boasts how everything that was done was all thanks to him. You point out that it wasn’t exactly all him who did everything… it was all you.

Tim failure is 1

The island gameplay then flashes back and you’ll exit the blimp like normal. Upon going to the left a little, you’ll come across Timmy hiding behind a bush. He warns you that evil is afoot, and he knows that because someone stole his lucky pants.

He then offers you to go and help him look for his pants, and tells you about his “former” business partner, a polar bear named Total. Yeah, you heard me. A polar bear.

tim failure is 2

After giving you a Detective Log, Timmy instructs you to head over to his house because Total is probably there, being as lazy as per usual. Now the gameplay begins. Go one screen to the left in the playground, and pick up the Pole that’s laying on top of the swingset.

Go two more screens left and you’ll end up by a man making a hedge statue of an elephant. After talking with him, he’ll give you permission to climb up the elephant statue, but when you do, you’ll accidentally break the trunk and pick up the Gardening Shears from the now infuriated man.

tim failure is 3

Walk back over to the neighborhood and enter Timmy’s house through the front door. To your left, you’ll see Total in the kitchen looking up at a cabinet. In the kitchen, there’s also a Permanent Marker you can grab on the shelf with the plates.

To get to the cabinet Total is looking up at, wait for the robo-vacuum to go into the kitchen and use it as a platform to jump on top of the refrigerator. Use the gardening shears to open the child lock. Upon opening it, you’ll grab some Crispy Rice Treats and feed one to Total. Now, Total is your companion throughout this island’s adventure!

tim failure is 4

Before you leave Timmy’s house, though, go up to Timmy’s room and click on the Garbanzo Man who was blocking the window. You’ll push it out of the window.

Next, try to leave the house, but Timmy will arrive and stop you, telling you that Total has been very incompetant lately and needs to have an eye kept on him. He’ll give you another page to his mystery log and to make that device Timmy needs for Total, you’ll need a permanent marker (which you already have), a surveillance camera, and a cardboard box. Now exit the house and you’ll be able to grab the Garbanzo Man’s paper bag head.

tim failure is 5

Go all the way to the right and you’ll end up at a zoo. Go all the way to the right in the zoo and along the way, you’ll pick up another page of Timmy’s log about his “rival”, Corrina Corrina. Also, be sure to get the red Bucket.

When you reach as far right as you can go, you’ll see a polar bear playing with the beach ball. Equip the pole and press the button to turn on the fan. You’ll need to play around with the fans on and off to ensure that the Beach Ball goes into your inventory.

tim failure is 6

Now that that’s all said and done, go back to the left and to the Main Street. Click on the garbage can that’s under the under construction building and Total will come over and gobble up its contents. Use his tummy as a trampoline to get up to the building. You’ll pick up another Detective Log page, this time about the Garbanzo Man and how he was supposed to instill fear in others. Go up the second floor of supports and to the right, pick up the Screwdriver.

tim failure is 7

Now go up onto the third floor of the supports and jump to the bank to the left. Wear the Garbanzo Mask and enter the bank through the open window. Go down to the first floor and exit through the door. You’ll scare the kid trying to deliver the surveillance camera away as long as you have the paper mask on. Go ahead and grab the Camera.

tim failure is 8

Now go all the way to the left until you come across Timmy by the giraffe hedge-clipped statue. He points out a cardboard box on top of the giraffe and we just need to get it down. Use the beach balland Timmy offers to throw it to him since he’s good at throwing beach balls, apparently. You’ll step back and throw the ball at Timmy, which bounces off of him and up to the box. Not what Timmy had in mind, but it still worked. You can go ahead and grab the Box now.

tim failure is 9

Now that you have everything you need to make the recording device, go back to Timmy’s house. By the entrance to Timmy’s detective hideout, you can construct the device by clicking “use” on any one of the three items. After constructing it, Timmy will congratulate you and give you your next mission, regarding his classmate Rollo Tookus, giving you another page of the log.

tim failure is 10

Rollo Tookus was the kid in the “Stanfurd” shirt who was back at the playground. Head back all the way to the right and you’ll come across the fact that he got himself stuck in the slide because the slide is too narrow for him.

To get him out of there, go to the top of the slide and throw the crispy rice treat down using the spacebar. Total will promptly chase it down the slide and push Rollo out. However, Total’s now stuck too and you’ll need to get him out. To do that, talk to Rollo Tookus.

The log told you that Rollo shakes his head like a bobblehead when he gets academically stressed out. So that means you’ll have to play bully for a moment and tell Rollo that there’s a pop quiz tomorrow. You’ll have to answer the questions Rollo asks you about the quiz, and you have to make sure that you stress him out more with each answer you give him. The answers are as follows:

What subject? English.

Time limit? It’s only ten minutes long.

What else? This test will go on your permanent record!

tim failure is 12

The shaking will knock Total out of the slide and you’ll calm down Rollo by saying that it’s actually next week. You’ll be able to grab another page of the detective log now, which talks about Señor Burrito and his owner Molly Moskins.

As if on cue, Molly will walk over looking really worried. She says that Señor Burrito somehow got himself trapped in the bowling alley’s vending machine. However, to vend out the cat, change is needed. She only has bills, and she’s not willing to give it up to you unless you give her some shoes.

To get some shoes, go back to Timmy’s house. There, you’ll find the vacuum has stopped functioning. To see why, go over to the security camera to check the footage.The recording will show that it swallowed up a key- the key to Timmy’s detective office! Go over and use the screwdriver to get thatKey out of there.

tim failure is 13

Upon using the key to open the door, you’ll find that the “office” is actually nothing more than a closet. Okay then. You’ll…er…borrow the Shoes from the closet. Go back outside and give the shoes to Molly back at the playground. In return, she’ll give you some Money.

tim failure is 14

Go to the back to the zoo over to the right and use the money to buy some chicken nuggets. Not only will you get the Chicken, you’ll also get some Change in exchange for your dollar bills.

tim failure is 15

Enter to the bowling alley and use the change on the vending machine. Señor Burrito will then be vended out and rescued, along with some Bon Bons.

tim failure is 16

Go back to the playground and return the cat to Molly.


Just as Molly thanks you for rescuing her cat, a garbage truck passes by – with Timmy’s pants in them! You’ll try to chase after them but to no avail. You do see another detective log page on the roof of the “no visitors” house. When you grab it, it reveals that his mother actually was trying throw away his lucky pants, hence why the pants were in the garbage truck.


With this information, now it’s time we head back to the tower on Main Street.

Have Total eat from the garbage can again and jump up, all the way to the top of the tower. Along the way, you’ll pick up some Rope.  On the top, Timmy says that we’ll need Crispin Flavius’s car to catch up to the truck. Sure… minors using someone else’s car already sounds like a great idea…

tim failure is 17

Jump down from the tower and go into the bowling alley. Unfortunately, the lady will not let you pass because you’re just a kid in Poptropica… it doesn’t matter how old you are in real life. To solve this situation, bring Total over inside the bowling alley using the crispy rice treats, and then equip the Bon Bons and feed one to Total. He’ll start dancing and the bowling lady will be distracted.

tim failure is 18

You can run past her and then you’ll come across Crispin. He bets on his car keys that he will beat you in bowling. We’ll see about that! (As a bonus, there’s another detective log page on Crispin if you want to read it.)

Here’s a little trick to win this mini-game: keep your cursor at the middle point, and wait for the ball to be on the cursor (which you just strategically placed in the center), then click – and you’ll probably get a strike! Even if you’re a fraction too late, hopefully you’ll still knock down a decent number of pins. You’ll get 4 shots at it, and you win if you surpass Crispin’s record of 30.

tim failure is 19

Upon victory, Crispin keeps his promise and give you his car keys. Head out of the alley and to Crispin’s car right outside. You’ll head into the car and start driving…

tim failure is 20

…only for it to crash into the “No Visitors” house. Huh, I guess our Poptropicans can’t drive. Timmy will then come over and tell you his plan B: the Total-mobile! This vehicle is composed of a wagon, abucket, chicken nuggets, a pole, and some rope. We already have everything except the wagon.

tim failure is 21

Go over to the left and you’ll see the man still grumpy from you destroying his elephant sculpture. He vows that he won’t let you distract him again and prevents you from grabbing the wagon.

Just like with the bowling lady before, use the Crispy Rice Treats to lure over Total, and then feed him a Bon Bon to make him start dancing. The man will be distracted by Total’s dancing skills and you can grab the Wagon!

tim failure is 22

Go back to the neighborhood and you’ll meet up with Timmy once again. Upon doing so, the garbage truck passes by once again- this time being trailed by Timmy’s “rival”, Corrina Corrina. Timmy insists that we need to beat her in getting to the truck. Now the chase begins!

tim failure is 23

As the role of the Total-mobile, all you have to do is dodge all the trash that comes your way as you try to reach the lucky pants in the back of the garbage truck. All you have to do is survive for a short amount of time, and it eventually crashes, leaving you, Timmy, and Corrina Corrina smelling and covered in trash.

tim failure is 24

Now you’re back where the island started and Timmy will accuse Corrina Corrina of planting the pants there. As before, she will walk off and Timmy will comment on how stink is the olfactory camouflage.

Having had enough of Timmy’s antics for one day, you exasperatedly command him to give you the island medallion. With a “may we never meet again”, Timmy gives you the Island Medallion! Congratulations! You’ve completed Timmy Failure Island!

tim failure is 25