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poptropica super villain island

When you first get to the island you are standing on what appears to be hazardous buckets.

poptropica svi 1

To your left is a   bucket hanging from a rope. Go climb up that rope to the top floor. Walk across that floor on your left until you reach a door. Enter the door and start walking to the right.

Once you get to a room with a bunch of computers and a construction girl you’ll see a man on one of the screens. He’ll be saying “… won’t take more than a day, I’ll pay more than your usual wages!” Then the girl will say “For the last time doctor we’re already working day and night out here! We don’t have any manpower to spare!”

poptropica svi 2

So the man disappear and the girl sighs. That’s where you come in. Go offer your services to the girl! Then go back outside, onto the roof, where you’ll meet the chopper. Click the door to the chopper, to take off.

poptropica svi 3
During your flight it gets a little too windy, so the plane can’t land. The pilot gives you a walkie-talkie to contact him when you want to leave and tells you to jump. So you jump of the chopper. With your mouse you move your Poptropican to avoid the lightning strikes and clouds, until you land in the ocean.  Swim to the right until you reach some rocks. Jump across those rocks upward, until you are at the top.poptropica svi 5

There you’ll see a camera, make sure the camera sees you, because that will open a big door to the left. Go inside the door to the EREWHON PRISON For Super Villains.
Walk to the right and talk to the guard near the security desk. Go through the security checking procedure with a smile!

poptropica svi 6

Go right, through the guard room. Walk right to the elevator and press the button. You will pass some of the inmates there, so don’t be afraid. You come out into a strange lab. Talk to the man and he’ll tell you everything.

poptropica svi 7

Captain Crawfish Part 1

poptropica svi 8
Enter Captain Crawfish’s dream.
You will appear to be in a ship. Don’t wake any of the sleeping crew or you’ll have to start over. Carefully hop onto the left lamp and then onto the shelve over the door. When the ship tilts a certain way you’ll get an orange key. Now go right to the lower part of the ship and open the orange chest. Do this BEFORE you get the green key. Inside the chest you’ll find a stopwatch. You can now get the green key that is right above the chest. Then go back to the top part of the ship. Towards the left side is a green chest. Use the green key to open it. In the chest you will get the turpentine, which is paint remover. Exit Captain Crawfish’s dream and enter Dr. Hare’s dream.

Dr. Hare Part 1

poptropica svi 9
Dr. Hare get’s carried away by ants and you have a pick-axe. Use the pick-axe to dig your way down. Watch out for those ants though! Click them when their near by to get rid of them. After you dig awhile you’ll find that the dirt stops at a CERTAIN POINT. Drop down, you won’t die. You then have to dig some more. Once you get all the way down you’ll see a square that says surface. To the left of that is a spray bottle. Get the spray bottle and then click the surface square to go back to the top and exit Dr. Hare’s dream.

Black Widow

poptropica svi 10
Then enter Black Widow’s dream. Then put the turpentine in the spray bottle and go talk to Black Widow. Equip your spray bottle and enter the first ruined painting marked UGLY. Use the spray bottle to erase all the vandalism by clicking on the red letters. Watch out for those spiders though!poptropica svi 11

After your done with the first painting don’t leave yet! In the top corner their is a shrinking potion that might come in handy! Do the same thing with the painting that has TRASH written on it, but this time in the top right corner you’ll find a crystal key that you’ll need later! Finally clean up the painting that is apparently “NOT ART.” At this point Black Widow is furious and attacks you. While dodging her and the spiders you have to use the turpentine to destroy the picture of Black Widow. After doing this you well receive Black Widow’s Paintbrush Totem. Now you should exit her dream, before something goes wrong!

poptropica svi totem 1

Binary Bard

poptropica svi 12
At last you are ready to enter Binary Bard’s dream. With the stopwatch stop time, so you and Binary can get past the door. Do this for every moving door you come across. You have to time it right though, or the door will freeze while it’s shut. Also, Binary Bard’s owl comes to life. He will try to attack you, so you have to dodge him. After that you have to dodge the evil mouse that tries to attack you in the next room. But in this room you have to freeze time when the mouse is close to the wall, so you can hop on the mouse to jump over the wall. Enter the door on the right.
Here’s where it get’s tricky. Use the stopwatch to freeze time right as the spiky platform’s spiky part is on the bottom. Then hop on the safe part and hop to the right.

poptropica svi 13

You keep doing this, while heading right. After a while of doing this you may reach a point where there are 2 platforms that intertwine. You have to freeze them so they’re BOTH facing up then quickly jump across. Soon after this you will have to travel upward and do the same thing, stopping all the platforms while they’re up and QUICKLY, but CAREFULLY jump up, up, up, until you reach a safe spot. Once you do this head left. You will find a diamond drill that you will need later. Keep heading left. You once again have to freeze time so you can jump onto a platform. From that platform you jump to a ledge to the left. There you use the crystal key you found to open the door.
Now you have to fight Binary Bard. To beat him you have to freeze time when the hands are either at the 3, 6, 9, or 12.poptropica svi 14

Doing this 3 times, while dodging his attacks will make him give up. When you defeat him you can go pick up his Astrolabe Totem. Now it lets you exit his dream.

poptropica svi totem 2

Captain Crawfish Part 2

poptropica svi 15   
Now enter Captain Crawfish’s dream again. Head right, while not waking his crew and stop at the shiny bottle with the ship in it. Use the shrinking ray to enter it. Go to the first ledge that is above you, with out waking anyone. While the ghost captain guy is in the crow’s nest click the part that’s open to close it.

poptropica svi 16

Go to the ledge above that and do the same thing. Now go all the way down. On the side of the ship is a cannon. when the closest ghost captain guy is not in the way of the shot, click the cannon to fire it. This will break the ship out of the bottle. Now you got Captain Crawfish’s Model Ship Totem. Then you exit his dream and enter Dr. Hare’s.

poptropica svi totem 3

Dr. Hare Part 2
The diamond drill that you found can drill through the gray squares. So without letting the ants get you go all the way down to where you found the spray bottle. Using your diamond drill drill through and fall. Go as far down as you can go and to the left to Dr. Hare. Uncover his Golden Carrot Totem. Yay! Now you can exit his dream!

poptropica svi totem 4


poptropica svi 17
Give all of the totems to the Dr. He is very happy! A little too happy… And now you find out that he is the evil Zeus! After you, Dr. Hare, Black Widow, Binary Bard, and Captain Crawfish fall and they swim away, you will see the mass destruction of the islands of Poptropica. Swim to your left and get Poseidon’s Trident, so you can fight Zeus. Now you will meet Zeus. Talk to him and then begin the fight! To win you have to shoot all the totems down by clicking.

poptropica svi 18

You also have to dodge Zeus’s attacks and get more clouds for more life. You then shoot Zeus, until his clouds are all gone, but don’t lose your clouds! Finally he goes to his Zeus of Liberty or Zeus of Slavery and shoots HUGE lightning bolts at you. If you’re good on clouds, to defeat him you shoot the eyes of the statue. Zeus falls and the guards put him in a sleep chamber.

CONGRATS! You have beaten Super Villain Island!!!

poptropica svi 19

Bonus Quest


A prisoner has a guard locked up! You have to go into Zeus’s mind to get the code and save the guard!

poptropica svi 21
Try to ignore the upside-down-ness of his dream and the color change. Go well… right and up (down if everything was right-side up) in the first opening. When you reach the “top” go left and climb some ropes. Fall upward in the last opening and get the first part of the code. Now start heading back the way you came. Once your back to the “bottom” go right and up the first rope. Keep going until you come to a 2 way section. Go to the one on the right and start to travel forward. Grab the S on one of the ledges to go with your code and then continue onward! Go to the first opening you find, grab the U for the code, and head up/down the rope. Keep going down the path and grab the 3 for the code when you come across it. After that you travel into the next part of the dream.
Find all the letters/numbers around the place for the code, while dodging Zeus, and using snakes for ropes. Once your done the code should be Z3USTH3G Then you travel to the next part of the dream.
Once again find all the letters/numbers for the code, while avoiding Zeus, and using the black clouds as springs. The code should be Z3USTH3GR34T when your done. You now exit the dream, go talk to the guard on your left and give him the code.

CONGRATS! You have beaten Super Villain Island’s Bonus Quest!

Prize: Dream Guardian Costume (Members Only)

poptropica svi 20

Heading Back

Going back to your blimp is pretty easy. Remember that walkie-talie you got? Well you can finally use it! Then just hop back in the chopper and it will take you back to main street! 😀

Written By: Spotted Dragon


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