Spy Island Guide

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The Mission

When you land on Spy Island and talk to the spy in the jumpsuit, she’ll say that Director D. is waiting for you in the HQ. And you don’t want to mess with a spy, so go right, into the HQ. Director D. is on the top floor. Talk to him and he’ll give you a decoder kit. Thanks…? He also says that one of the missing spies was last seen by the docks. So this is where your mission starts. Find all the missing spies.

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First, go right, all the way to the Spyglass store. Once inside, talk to Dr. Spyglass and take an eye test. But the trick is to say the opposite of whatever he points to. Like left is right and down is up. This proves that you’re a secret agent and he then will tell you to meet him upstairs. So go out side and up the later to the attic door. Turns out Dr. Spyglass makes spy gadgets.

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Dr. Spyglass will give you his latest invention. The Chameleon Suit! Now when you stand still, you won’t be seen. But be careful! When you move you are visible. So put the suit on and go to the docks.

The Docks

First, talk to the spy hiding in the trashcan. He’ll give you a message. In this message the red Y equals the green O. So match those 2 letters up and then find the rest. Here’s what the decoded message is:

poptropica si 3

Now try to get to the top of dock warehouse, with out being seen. Once you get in, you have to go down. But watch out for the cute little doggies! After you get past the dogs go to the far left and up, to get into the room where the spy is trapped. Untie the spy, he thanks you, beats up the guard, and now you can just leave out the bottom door. He also gives you a laser pen and your first satellite clue!

poptropica si 4

A Chef-Spy’s Work Is Never Done

Now go to Balding Avenue and talk to the spy in the bushes. he’ll give you another message which decodes to be this:

poptropica si 5

Then go into the Bad Bistro and talk to the chef in the kitchen. Say that you want to apply for the job. Before you can get the job though, you have to play a little memorizing game. This could be a bit tricky, but after you win you get the job! Now, since you have the chef hat, you can get the cup from the BAD agent, which has his fingerprint on it! You can’t get out of the building. So you have to go though the vent shaft in the kitchen and then across the ceiling lamps to get past the table and out the door. Then your free to go! But in this case it’s time to go get File X from the spy in the bushes to the right and then to Toupee Terrace. So go!

Toupee Terrace

On the wall it says to read File X like





So read it like that, and it says Don’t Trust Director D.! But Poptropica makes you trust him anyway. :mad: Anyway, go to the far right side of the building and make your way up, with out getting zapped by the yellow beams. Good luck! Once you get to the roof, use the laser pen to get through the bars. Once your inside, untie the spy and he’ll give you your 2nd satellite clue and a grappling bow tie!

Greenhouse Cherry

Go back to Balding Avenue and with the bow tie and chameleon suit on grapple the ledge above the Grease Monkey Building, then the yellow building’s ledges, until you get to the rooftop. Here comes the hard part. Then make your way to the far left building with the spy. Go to the top of that building and then grapple the antenna on the building to the right. After you make it, go into the building through the vent. Here comes the even harder part. Go to the right to get the cherry bomb. Push it to the left where it will bounce up by this flower. Then push it to the left again, so it will fall onto the other ledge. Then push it to that flower so it will bounce up even higher. Then push it to the cage door. How is this hard you ask? Let’s just say that some plants are carnivores. After you do that (if you do it in time) the cherry bomb will blow open the cage and save the spy.

poptropica si 6

She will give you ultra vision goggles and your last satellite clue.

The Trap and The Trick

Leave this place and go back to Toupee Terrace. Go to the right and into the BAD Control Center. Put on the goggles and try to make it to the top of the building with out getting hit by a red laser. Once you get to the top put the finger print on the glass in the scanner on the door. Now tryto make it up again. :lol:Once you make it up, click the computer. Oops! It was a trap. But Director D. comes to save you! See, he’s not a bad guy! So put your satellit clues together for the 3 passwords and enter them into the computer. Here are the 3 codes:

poptropica si 7

Follow Director D. into the teleporter. Dang it! He really is evil! He’s the one making everyone bald. Oh well! Time to beat him up. But first, his minions.

The Final Close “Shave”

To defeat his minion lead each of them into the 4 glowing orbs in each corner of the room. Make sure you’re wearing your bow tie though!

poptropica si 8

After they are all destroyed the Director gets a little frustrated. So it’s time to beat him. To beat him just lead him crashing into the walls, until all his lights are out. Don’t worry too much if you get crushed or hit while doing it though, your hair will reappear. But after you beat him something happens… no, nothing bad! It’s not always bad! Gosh… :lol: You want to know what happens? Director D. gets put in jail and you get the island medallion! Congrats! You beat Spy Island!

poptropica si medal

Written By: Spotted Dragon

Illustrated By: Spotted Dragon


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