Shrink Ray Island Guide

Shrink RayThe Big Picture

Once you’ve landed on Shrink Ray Island (common room is the candy shop on your left), go to the school on your right and into the science fair. In there you will find that a student, CJ, is missing! Talk to her parents to see how you can help. They will tell you to look for clues in their apartment, over on Avenue A. Avenue A is the next street on the right, so go there to get to the apartment.

shrink ray 1

CJ’s apartment is on the far end of the street, in blue. When you’re there, a cat will get in and you’ll have to go get it out. Chase the cat for a while, until it manages to get back outside (Later on, be sure to jump as you pass the front door! The feline will still try to paw at you!).

Continue to look for clues on CJ’s disappearance. Go into her room on the left and click on the microscope. Looking through it, you can see a note that CJ left, telling you that her invention has been stolen! All of a sudden, a man with a strange gun will shoot you and you will be shrunken to a mini version of yourself!

shrink ray 2

Starting to Think Small

Now that you’re tiny, head to the kitchen. The perspective may take a little getting use to. 😛 Once in the kitchen, you have to reach the table for another clue. Grab the screwdriver, which is on an open drawer in the first part of the kitchen, on your way to the second part of the room.

Push the rolling pin towards the kettle to make the kettle start steaming. The steam will then help you reach a shelf with flour, sugar, and oil. Push over the oil, so it will slick the floor. You can now push the cat bowl so it sits directly under the cat food above and make the cat food drop into the bowl. Once full, move it to below the table and jump on top of it. You can now reach the table!

On that table, there should be a piece of paper, which you can pick up. Be sure to pick up a grape too!

shrink ray 3

Next, go back to the first part of the kitchen, where you found the screwdriver. Climb those open drawers to get to the counter and plug the toaster in. With the grape in hand, you have enough weight to push down the toaster’s switch. The toaster will heat and you will be flung onto a high shelf. Push the salt shaker to the left until it lays on the spatula. Then jump onto the other end of the spatula and you will be flung to the top of the fridge, where you will need to pick up the remote control. How you are strong enough to carry it, I don’t know.

Dumpster Diving

Jump down to the sink area and enter the trashcan. Inside, we are looking for a torn page. But be careful! One wrong move and you’ll be squished! Below are the steps you must take to succeed.

  1. Push the can of tuna to the right.
  2. Go down and move the cheese to the left.
  3. Jump up and move the milk to the right, following it down.
  4. Push the cheese to the left.
  5. Go to the tuna can on your left and push it right.
  6. Stand on the can and pull the other can of tuna left. Run if you want to live!
  7. Walk to the now opened new area above, where you need to pull out another can of tuna to the left.
  8. Jump up to get the torn page!

shrink ray 4

To get out of the trashcan, go down and to the left. You can push the cheese and tuna cans to make your way up and out.

Shocking Events

Time to head back to the living room, to your left. Go to the toy truck and use your screwdriver to get to the battery case. Take the battery and put it in the TV remote. Press the big green button to turn on the TV and go on top of the TV to collect static from the antennas.

Now you can jump to the green balloon and stick to it! You will then float over to the pictures hanging on the wall, where you can jump on them and reach the shelf on the left.

Pour the fish food that is on that shelf into the tank below. The fish will become distracted and you can turn off the tank’s filter. Jump into the tank and grab the diary key, inside the treasure chest.

shrink ray 5

Shedding a Little Light on the Situation

Head over to CJ’s bedroom, to your left. Go to the diary, which is on the top shelf, above her computer. An easy way to reach it is by climbing the bookshelf to the very top and jumping right. While your on the bookshelf, be sure to push the book “Tess’ Tree” off the top shelf. Use the diary key to unlock it and use the torn page to complete the other torn page. After piecing them together, you can now read the message: “The thief is right out the door! I’ll shrink myself to get the shrink ray and then get him later.” There will also be a formula below: lemon + paper + light.

shrink ray 6

Go to the lamp and place the piece of paper you have underneath it. Jump on the lamp a few times and turn it on to get the light just right. Another message will be revealed: “Look for me in the telescope. School coordinates.”

Before you leave that area, turn the thermostat until it is on red, by running on it, to heat the room.

Code Cracking

Head over to the next section of the room, to your left. Pick up the Morse code key from on top of CJ’s bed and the thumb drive from under the bed. To get the drive, jump onto the fan and hit the switch. Since the dust is gone, you can now get the drive. Plug that thumb drive into CJ’s computer, which is back in the first section of her room.

The password is CJ’s hero (judging by the sticky note with the hint), Marie Curie (this was found out by looking at a poster in CJ’s room). However, some letters are replaced with numbers for security (this was found by steaming up the mirror in the bathroom with hot water). The password is m4r13 cur13 (lower case, with the space). Now you can upload the data on the computer to the flash drive.

shrink ray 7

To the telescope (in the second section of the room, to the left)! Since you moved the fan down, you can’t get past the bed the same way. However, you can push the trashcan over. The trash will float up, since the heat is on. By jumping on the trash, you can make it to the telescope. Turn the X switch to 87 and turn the Y switch to 16 (X87, Y16). These are the school coordinates, which can be found on CJ’s cork board.

Looking through the telescope, CJ will give you a message through Morse code. Record all of the letters she signals and a message will be revealed: Flush the thumb drive.

Bathroom Break

Go right, to the bathroom. Get to the counter by jumping on the open drawers and look for two switches, past the sink. Jump onto the right switch to turn off the vent fan. Then go to the hair dryer and jump onto the red button to make warm air come out. Make the hair dryer tilt by moving to the right of it and then jump in the heat, which will push you into the shower.

shrink ray 8

In the shower, go to the faucet and turn on the warm water. Be sure to push the soap into the tub as well. By jumping onto the soap and rubber ducky you can leave the tub and head to the toilet. Stand on the toilet bowl and drop the thumb drive in. By jumping on the paper roll you can reach the handle to flush it. Once you’ve done that, you will hear a voice from the living room: “Drat, where did she hide that darned thumb drive?”

To the Toy Car and Beyond

Go back to the bedroom and make sure the telescope is still set to the school’s coordinates (X87, Y16). Look through it again and CJ will send another message: Thief is Mr. Silva. You will then see a figure pass CJ. You have to go save her!

Go back to the toy car in the living room. Take the battery from the remote and place it in the car. Hop in and drive it to the bedroom, since you have the car’s remote. Since the book you pushed early made a ramp, you’re home free!

shrink ray 9

A little mini-game will start, where you have to dodge harmful obstacles as you drive down the road. However, the ramps are good things! Eventually, you will make it to the school.

The Incredible Shrunken Silva

Inside the science room, CJ will explain what happened. Time for another mini-game! You have to avoid Mr. Silva, who is trying to shrink you and CJ even more. Hide behind any object you can as you make your way to the shelf above you. After hiding behind the globe, you can push it (once it shrinks) to reach the chair.

shrink ray 10

Soon you will be able to hide behind a mirror, so when he fires again the beam will bounce back and hit Mr. Silva himself! You and CJ will then go to the Shrink Ray and change it to grow, returning you to your normal size. You will be awarded the island medallion and a certain someone becomes the star of the science fair. Congrats! You’ve completed Shrink Ray Island! 😀

shrink ray medal

Written By: Spotted Dragon

Illustrated By: Spotted Dragon


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  1. When I jump over to the green balloon even though I have static and stick to it it falls with me on it and when it hits the floor I fall off. 😦

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