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poptropica sosi           The Bad News

When you first land on S.O.S. Island you appear to be on ice next to a sinking ship! The girl there says that there are still people trapped inside too! So this is where your journey to get the island medallion begins. Also, the multiplayer room is all the way to the left.

Getting In

Well, you have to find a way into the boat. Climb to the top of the boat and click the big snowball to push it over the edge, clearing the path to the door. But be careful! It’s really slippery and you could run out of air underwater.

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Go inside and try not to through up. Go inside the room labeled Bridge and talk to the captain. Do what he says and turn the knob to open the emergency doors and go look for remaining passengers. Now exit the room your in and go left. There’s no use trying to go in any of the doors except number 6. When you go in room 6 talk to the passenger in there. Just to warn you the passenger is a whale lover though…

poptropica sosi 2

Talk the whale lover into leaving the boat.

More Water

By saving your first passenger you get the whale caller, but the ship also sinks a little more. So go back to the ship to look for more survives. As you can see there is a lot more water in the ship. Go to the left, into the ballroom. Head right and grab the bottle from the bar. To the right use the bottle to crack the glass. Once you hit the glass the water will rise. Do the same thing to the glass window to the left. Now you can push the girl who can’t swim to the door and get her out. The boat now sinks even more, turning straight up and down. Good luck trying not to throw up now…

Straight Up and Down

Go back to the ship, climb to the top to get in, where there is even more water and the direction of everything is different. Fall down and to the right of the water level is a switch that you need to click to make the water rise, along with the box. Now go into the room that the box was blocking. Here you have to go as far up as possible, trying not to get stung. Click the pipe where the water is spraying out and then click the pipe right above the one that is now spraying water. Next click the pipe to the right. Then the pipe that is north-east from the now water spraying pipe. Now the second pipe to the right and finally the one to the right of the pipe that just started spraying.

poptropica sosi 3

If you did it correctly the bag that the water enters blows up, spilling boxes, and giving you a way upward. Now this gets tricky. Go far right, up, a little left, up, and at the top – right. The girl will tell you what to do. First follow the green pipe to the lever and click it. Wait for the water to come and then do the same thing with the red, yellow, and blue pipes. Click the first lever and then the second in the same color. After you stop the steam talk to the girl and get her out of the ship. She thanks you and gives you a wrench. Now get back in the ship to look for others!

The Freezer

You end up in a beat up room. Time it right to get past the steam. Go right, then up, right, down, left, and exit down. Then go right and exit that room. Climb to the top and enter the small hole. Enter the freezer and break the boxes to find a man  before you become an ice sculpture! Get the man out of there! Push him to the right, then left – down, then push the crate to the left and then the man left. Don’t get him stuck somewhere! Push The next crate you come across first. Same with the next. But with the one with lettuce below you have to go down, push one crate left to the hole, then the lettuce on the hole too. After that you can push the man down, down, left, to the heat source. The ice he’s trapped in melts and you save him!

poptropica sosi 4

And now the only one left is the captain! Go back and try to talk him into leaving!

The Captain

When you get in the ship you’re going to need to take a deep breath! Go to the left and in the first opening down, right, down. Then go all the way to the left. Just watch out for fish! Then go up, left and exit! In the next room go down, all the way left, up, and out. In this room all the way to the right and exit. Now you have to follow the path, dodging different sea animals. But try to keep upward.

poptropica sosi 5

Now go all the way left, down, right, and talk to the captain. Turns out the whale is innocent! Use the whale caller with the wrench and see who saves the day! And… CONGRATS! You have completed S.O.S. Island!

poptropica sosi medal

Bonus Quest


They can still use your help! Go back to the deep blue and clean up the mess.

poptropica sosi bonus quest

Go underwater in your submarine searcher and enter the old ship. Click on all the leaks to suck up the oil. The leaks are dark spots. In the bottom left corner you can see how many leaks you have left too. But do it quick, before you run out of oxygen! When you have 9 leaks left you have to go to the next room. Go to the next room when 7 leaks are left. Then the next when there are 5 left. Then the next when 2 are left. And that’s it! Congrats!

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Written By: Spotted Dragon


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  1. @SD, can I add this one too?? I’m trying to find Island Guides that take longer, that have been written by people I work with, or know…

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