Reality T.V. Island Guide

Reality T.V.

poptropica rtvi          T.V. Time

When you land on Reality T.V. Island it seems that everyone is obsessed with T.V. and a man named Bucky Lucas. The common room is called Billiards, located to your left. Go inside Mike’s Market. Talk to the man on the far right, reading a magazine.

poptropica rtvi 1

When he rushes off pick up the magazine that he dropped and leave the store. Time to head over to the “Cockroach Free” Wayside Motel. Grab a pen from the desk and look at the magazine you got. Tear out the Reality Island application first. Then notice that an article says that Bucky stayed in room 4B. Then pick up the phone on the desk and dial 555-7383 A.K.A. 555-PETE, Papa Pete’s Pizza.

poptropica rtvi 2

5 Star Pizza

When they ask where to deliver it say room 4B. After you order go outside and talk to the pizza delivery gill. She forgot the room number so you can take to pizza and “deliver it for her.” ;) Anyway knock on room 4B. Head inside a talk to Bucky.

poptropica rtvi 3

You can then talk him into giving you a stamp to mail in an application.

One Letter, One Chance, One Prize

Now go inside the T.V. World store. Click on one of the T.V.s and it will tell you the address for the application. (If you don’t click the T.V. you can watch Balloon Boy!) So take out your application and with your pen, fill it out. Your name and both addresses are already there, so just type in why you should be on Reality Island, but it doesn’t really matter what you type. (And with your mouse you can doodle outside of the typing box!)

poptropica rtvi 4

Just put the stamp on your letter and put it in the mailbox to the right. The next morning… you won! Now you can just hop in the chopper and fly off to Reality Island and be on T.V.! If you win you get 1 million dollars! Your parents would be so proud. And I bet all the other Poptropicans are so jealous…

poptropica rtvi 5

There will be different mini games that you have to compete in. If you come in 1st you will not be voted off no matter what. but the person who gets the most votes (most likely second place) will be kicked off the show. Notice how who others vote for and team up on people. But if you vote for someone who doesn’t get kicked off, they will probably vote for you next time. Here are all the mini games and how to beat them.

Balanced Diet

poptropica rtvi balenced diet

As the brown dot, move your mouse toward the opposite side of the circle to keep it centered and balanced, so it doesn’t fall.

Boulder Push

Click really, really fast to move the boulder across the finish line first.

Coconut Grab

poptropica rtvi coconut grab

Jump and move around to get as many coconuts as possible. Groups of 2 and 3 are better.

Geyser Guess

poptropica rtvi geyser guess

Click on a random geyser to stand on. Whoever gets burst up into the air is out. This is just luck and the same geyser can erupt twice in a row!

Hang Gliding

poptropica rtvi hang gliding

Gide your Poptropican with your mouse to fly across the screen. Watch out for things like birds and volcanoes though!


poptropica rtvi knockout

Aim to shoot and brake plates. Pull farther back to go higher and try to hit the plates that are least destroyed.

Mountain Race

Avoid the rocks as you run uphill. Duck for the rocks that are bouncing and jump over the rolling rocks. Try to stay ahead, because most of the bouncing rocks won’t hit you.

On the Line

Click to cast your line and click again when your hook will grab a fish’s mouth. Shallow catches save time though.

Pole Climb

poptropica rtvi pole climb

Click right or left to switch poles and dodge falling coconuts.

Shot Put

poptropica rtvi shot put

Click to aim at a good angle and click again when the power meter is close to the top. Try to throw the farthest, which is between 55 and 60, usually.


Try to slide your puck into the middle of the target. Pulling farther back gives you more power. It also helps if you hit other people’s pucks out of the way.

Turtle Shell Toss

poptropica rtvi turtle shell toss

Aim to hit any of the turtle shells. Try to aim for the middle of the palm tree in the background and once you find a good spot don’t move your mouse again!

Totem Hop

poptropica rtvi totem hop

When a totem starts to shake, click on a different totem to stay afloat. But you can only jump one totem to another, not long distances, so try not to get stuck!

Water Run

poptropica rtvi water run

Jump the obstacles and avoid the boar. Fill your bottle completely full and bring it back to your container. Try not to spill your water, so you can be the first to 100%

Contestants You May Face

  • Betty Brownie
  • Betty Jetty
  • Black Widow
  • Bret Batter
  • Busy Bob
  • Cathy Codex
  • Chef Jeff
  • Director D.
  • Dr. Hare
  • Freddy Fry
  • Grandma Gracey
  • Grandpa Grum
  • Helen Hiker
  • Hip Hop
  • Hippie Harry
  • Lassie Lasso
  • Magic Mervin
  • Merry Muse
  • Ned Noodlehead
  • Richie Rebel
  • Rickie Rock
  • Sally Score
  • Sarah Snooty
  • Sickly Skull
  • Slim Slam

Don’t worry if you get kicked off a couple times. You get a photo for it! But when you do win you become famous and get the island medallion. So congrats! You beat Reality T.V. Island! And you can always go back to play the mini games, without restarting the island.

poptropica rtvi medal

Written By: Spotted Dragon


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