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poptropolisThe Poptropolis Games have returned! Once every 100 years, the ancient capital of Poptropica — Poptropolis — rises from the sea to host a tournament created to prove tribal supremacy. Each of the tribes of Poptropica sends a representative to compete across a series of grueling events for a chance to become the Champion of Poptropica. Do you have what it takes to vanquish the competition and win glory for your tribe?

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Video Walkthrough

Written Walkthrough

The Beginning Tips

As you enter the island, you will be made to choose which team you will represent. This will have no bearing on the games ahead, so pick whatever team you like. After choosing your team, just make your way to the right until you get to the coliseum. After a brief pregame ceremony, talk to the host of the games to pick the event you want to take part in.

Poptropolis 1.png

Here are two things to remember when competing in these events:

  • Take the time to practice.
    • In each event, you’re given the choice to “Start” and compete in the event or “Practice.” Practicing for a few rounds is highly recommended. Once you get really good results from these practice sessions, then you can start.
  • Taking one of the top three spots on most of the events will make you a champion.
    • You don’t need to take the top spot all the time. As long as you take one of the top three spots consistently in every game, you’ll still come out on top in the end. That being said, getting fourth or fifth place in one or two won’t be much trouble as well. Consult with the leader board in the upper left side of the arena from time to time to see how you’re faring.


In this event you fire arrows at a target ten times. Getting a bull’s eye nets you ten points and the further from the center your arrow is, the lower your score. At the end of the event, all your points are added up and become your final score with a 100 being the highest possible one.

This event takes two separate actions. The first one is the aiming, where you place the cursor on a certain point on the target. The wind speed will determine where you have to aim. The flag to the right of the target will tell you where the wind is blowing. If the flag is pointing to the left, then the wind is blowing to the left and you will need to aim to the right of the target. Conversely, if the flag is pointing to the right, then the wind is blowing to the right and you will need to aim to the left of the target. The wind meter on the upper left corner of the screen will tell you exactly how strong the wind is blowing and will help you determine how far from the center you must aim.

Poptropolis 2.jpg

The next action involves the power meter which is the blue bar to the right of the screen. The power meter contains two small white bars in it, one of which is in the center of the power meter while the other is moving up and down. You have to click on the mouse when both white bars align or when they are as close to each other as possible. If you do both correctly, then you’ll surely get a bullseye.

You’ll most likely need 95 and above to win this segment. Don’t worry too much if you don’t even get one of the top three spots. There’ll be lots of other opportunities for you to gain the lead.


There are three attempts in this event. Each attempt requires you to do an increasing number of flips before landing in the water. The first attempts makes you do 2 flips, the next makes you do three and the last attempt, four flips.

Poptropolis 3.jpg

As you start the dive attempt, you will be shown the flip combinations you will need to accomplish in the form of blue arrows formed into a circle. These combinations include the front flip (Clockwise) and the back flip (counter-clockwise). To do the front flip, you will need to have the mouse cursor to the right of your character while the back flip require the mouse cursor to be to the left. Before your character dives, move your mouse cursor to the appropriate side to begin the flip as soon as possible. As your character dives, take note of the arrows in the bottom of the screen. They will guide you by turning green when you have completed a flip. Don’t forget to click on your mouse before landing in the water to complete the dive.


You go against two other opponents in a race to the finish line in this event. Unfortunately, there are hurdles to overcome to get to the end, literally. When approaching a hurdle, you have to click on your mouse at the right moment to jump over it perfectly. Doing otherwise will make you hit the hurdle, putting you behind the other competitors.

Poptropolis 4.jpg

This is a simple event to complete but getting the top spot is a little hard to do unless you practice constantly. Don’t bother going to all the trouble to do so though. Just make up for it in the other events.


In this event, you have three attempts to throw your javelin as far as possible. The farthest distance you obtain will be considered your final score. To do so, you will need to set the angle and power of your throw before launching it.

Poptropolis 5.jpg

As you start, you will see the angle indicator of the javelin move up and down. Click your mouse when the indicator gets into the green range. As soon as that is set, you will set the power gauge. Be alert, the power gauge goes up only once, so click on your mouse as soon as it gets into the green range. If it goes over into the red range, your character will fall off the platform, making you commit a fault. Committing faults don’t earn you a score.

Long Jump

Just like in javelin, you will be given three attempts to get the best score possible. In this event, your character will dash towards the sandpit and jump as far as possible, thrusting in midair to get the farthest possible distance. Getting one of the top spots in this event is simple enough so do your best.

Poptropolis 6

Click and hold down the mouse button to start. You will notice that there are numbers printed on the floor, counting down from ten to one. As soon as your character hits the number one on the floor, let go of the mouse button. Your character will then launch himself/herself in an arc before landing into the pit. If your press the mouse button too late, then your character will receive a fault in your current attempt.

As soon as your character reaches the highest point in his midair air, just before he starts falling, press the mouse button again to let your character do a thrust. This thrust will give your character additional distance before landing in the sand pit.

Pole Vaulting

In this event, your character will run towards an elevated bar and attempt to launch over it with an equipped pole. The aim of this event is to launch yourself as high as possible into the air without touching the elevated bar. Touching the bar results in a fault. You are given three attempts in this event with the highest number being your final score.

Poptropolis 7.jpg

Upon starting the event, your character will immediately run towards the launch area. You will know the area since the word “LAUNCH” is marked on it. Press and hold the mouse button to start launching yourself in the air. As soon as your pole points straight up, let go of the mouse button to launch yourself. Launching yourself too close to the elevated bar will make you hit it so make sure you hit the mouse button as soon as your character steps on the word “LAUNCH” on the ground.

This event is a little more difficult to accomplish so take a few turns to practice to figure out the best way to complete it.

Power Lifting

This event requires you to lift successively increasing weights from 100 kg to 500 kg. An arc will appear above your character with a button that constantly moves back and forth.

You will need to move the mouse cursor over the button and click on it repeatedly. With every click of the button, your character slowly lifts up the weight. You’ll have to click on the button repeatedly until your character completely lifts the weight. Clicking outside the button or not clicking on the button fast enough will make your character lower the weight. The movement of the button becomes increasingly erratic as you go through successively heavier weights.

Poptropolis 8.jpg

During the whole event, a timer counts down from 99 seconds. Every time you successfully lift a weight, the amounted of the last weight lifted is added to the remaining time and will become your current score. The event is over as soon as the timer reaches zero and the score from your last successful lift will be considered your final score.

Though finishing all the lifts may be difficult, doing so will almost surely grant you the number one spot (Opponents are usually only able to finish four attempts).

Shot Put

Just like the Javelin event, you go through both the angle and power meters to throw your shot as far as possible. You have three attempts to throw your shot and the farthest distance obtained will be your final score.

Poptropolis 9.jpg

The angle meter contains three arcs with constantly moving arrows. Each arc contain two yellow zones and one green zone between them. Getting the best angle means getting all the arrows in the green zone. Take your time to study the movement of the arrow in the first arc so you can anticipate when it will hit the green zone before clicking on the mouse. Do the same thing with the next three arcs. Doing so will be tricky so take your time.

The power meter contains three concentric circles with bars moving in a clockwise fashion. These three circles also contain two yellow and one green zone each. The bars of these circles are moving around the circle all at once and you must click on the mouse at the right time they all align in the green zone. The bars align regularly, making it easy to predict the next time they will do so.


For the skiing, just stay towards the back until you see torches, and slide between them, while avoiding everything, but try to slide to the ramps so you can go over obstacles. If you get a time better than 29.17, you should win 1st.

Poptropolis 11.jpg

Triple Jump

The game mechanic of this events works similar to the long jump. This time, you have to jump through two other platforms to finish. Three attempts will be given and as usual, the farthest distance will be your final score. The platforms have white lines before the edge to guide you. Make sure your character jumps just before stepping on them to make sure they won’t fall off the platform and get a fault.

Poptropolis 10.jpg

Start the jump the clicking and holding the mouse button to let your character run. Let go of the mouse button as soon as you reach the white line. Be alert. As soon as you land on the next platform, click on the mouse button as soon as your reach the next white line to jump once again. Repeat the same thing in the last platform to finish the attempt.


The volleyball is really easy. Just slide your Poptropican from left to right and hit the ball over the net to where the Octopus can’t reach it. Don’t let it hit the ground on your side of the net or let it go under the net, or the octopus will get a point. It doesn’t matter how many the Octopus gets; you just have to get about 6 out of 10.

Poptropolis 12.jpg

As long as you follow the tips above, becoming the champion won’t be such a hard thing. Be proud as your character stands on the very top of the winner platform. Along with the championship, you will also earn the island medal.

Bonus Quest (Members Only)

Don’t savor your win just yet though. The ancient champion of the Poptropolis games soon crashes your awarding ceremony and challenges you to a wrestling match. Accept the challenge to be the true undisputed champion of the games.

Poptropolis 13.jpg


This event is pretty straightforward but requires a little speed and alertness on your part. Basically, a picture will flash on the right side of the screen to show the move your opponent will make. You will need to pick the correct image among three to the left of the screen to counter his move. You will need to counter his attack a total of four times to win this event.

The event might be tricky to those competing for the first time. Don’t bother paying attention to the two figures being depicted in the picture. Instead, focus on the shape of the whole picture that is flashed on your opponent’s side. That will be the exact same shape you will need to pick on your side to be able to counter his attack.

As soon as you win the event, the ancient warrior will show his admiration for you before disappearing. Not only are you the champion of the games now, but you will also be rewarded with the ancient warrior outfit. Congratulations!

Poptropolis 14.jpg

Written by PTFP authors: Nameless Undefined and Fearless Fox

Images by PTFP authors: Spotted Dragon and Silver Wolf


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  1. Why’d you change the info I put for skiing and Weight Lifting? If you get better than 490lbs. then you get 1st (Because generally 490 is the second place score). And when you try to go on the ramps, they look just like the rock, so that’s why I said that……

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  3. I have to say, I think this is one of the best walkthroughs I have ever seen for Poptroplis Games. It actually gives you tips and strategies to beat the mini-games, unlike others that only give the controls and objectives. 🙂

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