Poptropolis Games Island Guide

This guide is by: Nameless UnDEFiNed (including pictures)

When you land on PGI (Poptropolis Games Island), run to the right and talk to the announcer wearing a laurel. He will give you an optional Tribal Suit to customize (you should see this customizer). Then, run to the right, under the PG Banner.


Let the announcer guy go through his auto stuff, light the fire, blah blah blah, and talk to him to select your first challenge. I’m not going to go in order, so scroll around to find good instructions for each event 😉 **Keep in mind, scores suggested below may vary according to Poptropican’s Age!!**



For the skiing, just stay towards the back until you see torches, and slide between them, while avoiding everything, but try to slide to the ramps so you can go over obstacles. If you get a time better than 29.17, you should win 1st.


Archery isn’t too hard, but it’s different for me, because I do some archery outside of Poptropica. 😛 So, just aim according to the direction of the wind. For every miles per hour it is to one direction, move your cursor over the center, and slide to the opposite side. Click when the meter on the left is toward the center. If you get 100, you’re guaranteed 1st, but anything less, your chance for getting 1st is lower.

Long Jump:

For the long jump – man, this was my best back before the Games sank – I suggest practicing first to give you a little experience. When you really play it, click and hold the cursor in front of your Poptropican. When you reach about 3 or 2, release the mouse-button. Click again when your Poptropican’s feet are nearly level with the rock right before the mud for an extra distance. Your best score will judge you against the others. If you get more than 105 meters, you’ll probably get first.


**There were some bugs first time played** The volleyball is really easy. Just slide your Poptropican from left to right and hit the ball over the net to where the Octopus can’t reach it. Don’t let it hit the ground on your side of the net or let it go under the net, or the octopus will get a point. It doesn’t matter how many the Octopus gets; you just have to get about 6 out of 10.


For the hurdles, just click above your Poptropican when a hurdle appears on your screen from the right. If you don’t trip too many times, you’ll finish fast! Finish first to win as usual.


For the diving, just put your cursor to the side of your Poptropican when the jump begins, in the direction your Sequence is. When you finish the sequence and your Poptropican is head first, click on the screen. If you get 40 points, you’ll most likely get second, but if you get all 45, you’ll probably get first.

Power Lifting:

I guess I recommend practicing once before to get the hang of it **Keep in mind that in practice, the target doesn’t move as much** Just click as much as you can and try not to miss. Your best score will decide your placement. Tip (that is what this blog is for, after all!): Don’t randomly click fast; click steadily on the target. If you get over 500 points, you’ll probably get first.

Triple Jump:

The Triple Jump isn’t too hard. Just click to jump and try not to let your Poptropican run too much on each slab, or  you’ll fall. You should probably practice 3-6 times before competing. You only need a best score of 95 M to win first.

Shot Put:

For shot put, just line everything up. For the overall meter of it, though, wait until all three stones come around before you click. You need 125 M minimum for 1st


For Javelin, it’s pretty much the same as Shot Put settings, but you have to be quicker, because you get one chance to get it in the green.  Practice is strongly advised about 2-5 times. You’ll need around 175 M for first.

Pole Vault:

**It figures I left this one for last… I stink at this one, and I loathe it, too 👿 ** The Pole Vault is more complicated for me than most, but still, practice a few times… Don’t click to run; just let your Poptropican go. Then, you’ll run pass the numbers, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and “LAUNCH;” right AFTER you pass “LAUNCH,” click and hold until you’re in the green. 41 M should do the trick . 😉

The Grand Champion of Poptropica…for Now.

They will announce the tribe with the overall lead of the games, and if you won first, then BAM! You will win the Island Medallion, but if you lose, keep trying! I, however, keep winning first:


Bonus Quest:

For the Bonus Quest, you’ll be challenged to Wrestle (no problem for me, I’ve been watching WWE since it was WWF 😆 ) To win, just click on the symbol that matches his move! It’s actually easy because they are SQUARE, OCTAGON, and CIRCLES!!!!! So, just match the shape (4 times) to win the bonus quest to become the Grand Champion of Poptropica!


11 thoughts on “Poptropolis Games Island Guide

  1. Why’d you change the info I put for skiing and Weight Lifting? If you get better than 490lbs. then you get 1st (Because generally 490 is the second place score). And when you try to go on the ramps, they look just like the rock, so that’s why I said that……

  2. CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO of The Creators announcing Poptropolis Games’ Update on my blog!! Click my name to go there NOW!! HURRY!!

  3. I have to say, I think this is one of the best walkthroughs I have ever seen for Poptroplis Games. It actually gives you tips and strategies to beat the mini-games, unlike others that only give the controls and objectives. 🙂

      • unfortunatley i can’t because my computer broke and my 3ds can’t really post or reply to comments. Not to metion it takes forever to start a post on my 3ds. Sorry. 😦 I may join if my computer get’s fixed 😉

        On 4/10/13, Poptropica Tips For Poptropicans

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