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Night Watch

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poptropica nwiAcing the Interview

When you get to the island, go all the way to the right to the parking lot. When you go to the right and talk to the guy with the NY hat. He said the mall needs a security guard, and says you should apply for the job. Now, go back left to the Security Guard station. When you get there she ask are you here for the Security Guard job? You say, I guess so. Then, she says, not much enthusiasm, but really need that job so you go inside.

This is the Security Guard Office.

I Spy!

When you get inside the mall, she’s testing you to find the differences in a picture. Here’s what going to be different in the pics:

poptropica nwi 1

When you finish it, she says you did good. Now, she says we are doing some real life situations, she then says use the scooter to patrol the mall for trouble. Now, get on the scooter.

Learning how to be a Mall Cop

When you get on the scooter, go all the way to the right. You will see a kid running on the escalator, click one him, he will stop running on it. Later, when you onto the top floor, suddenly a thief come and steals the lady’s purse. Now, get on your Segway and head left.

(Basically click on every training dummy)

When you get there, you automatically chase after the guy and you hit him with the Segway, but the robber turns out it was a robot! She says you did great and you earn your Security Guard Badge.


Now, after you get the Security Guard’s Badge, go left and go inside the Security Office.

Security Office

When you get inside the Security Office, on the screen it says there is a disturbance in McGuffin’s!


In the top right corner of the room, there is a blueprint of the mall. Click on it, you will notice McGuffin’s in to the right in the next room, at the top left corner of the room.

poptropica nwi 2


When you finally going up all those escalators, go inside McGuffin’s.


When you get inside go sit in the vibrating chair. After a couple of seconds, a Phone will fall out, go pick it up.


Right after you pick it up, there is a phone call, answer it. The person who was calling was the last security guard. He says he lost his phone in the last shift. You ask if he wants it back, he says no. Because he says you’re the new security guard and you will need it. Now, he’s giving you a step by step walk through of how to use the phone. Here is how you use it:

  • Security Camera: It shows the mall’s camera feeds of all the stores. Note: This is a very helpful.
  • Contacts List: It lists all the people you call for your job.
  • Notes: It where you need to write notes for something that happens in the mall.
  • Planet Slug: Is just a game for your amusement.

After looking though all the features, leave McGuffin’s. When you get outside you get a call about a disturbance at Slugger’s (the store is right below McGuffin’s) Accept the call, and you get to see the store from the surveillance camera. Look around the room, and focus on some boxes and helmets on the ground.


The manager says, now call the Slugger’s owner an tell him about the damage (he’s in the contacts). He asks, has there been a break-in? Then he says go check behind the statue in the Slugger’s shop and see if someone stole the most valuable baseball card in the world. He says the combination is 6723.


One you get inside Sluggers, go right and click the baseball statue. There is a safe with a combination lock on it, Enter the code 6723 on it.


When it opens, click on the card, you notice the card has not been stolen, then the owner calls and says now you can put the card back and close up everything. After you do that, check the security cameras. Go to the Giuseppe’s Toys cameras, now zoom in, you will notice there is a robot toy on the ground. So, now you have to go there and pick it up. Giuseppe’s Toys is all the way on the left side of the mall on the third floor. Now leave and go to Giuseppe’s toys.

Giuseppe’s Toys


Once, your inside Giuseppe’s Toys, pick up the toy bird, now go right to the robot toy, pick it up. Now leave Giuseppe’s Toys. When you get outside your phone will ring, it says there has been a disturbance at Sizzle Tanning Salon. Now, look around with the cameras you will notice a tanning bed is on. The Sizzle Tanning Salon is located on the right side on the bottom level.

Sizzle Tanning Salon


Once, you get inside. Go to the far left tanning bed, click on it. When you open it there’s a person inside that is orange!


Once, you leave the Tanning Salon. Your phone rings, it says there has been a disturbance at Good Deals Electronic Shop. Now, look at the camera, you notice nothing’s wrong until the signal is lost! The other Security Guard says there’s someone in the mall! He want’s you to go check it out. Good Deals Electronic Shop is on the top floor.


Good Deals Electronic Shop

Once you get inside, go to the TV screens, you will see a robber walking away on it! Then suddenly the other security guard calls, he says he swears he saw someone! When you leave Good Deals Electronic Shop, your phone will ring, it says there has been a disturbance at Crawl Mart. You look around with the camera and you notice the snake is missing! You have to call the owner immediately. The owner says he might be hiding behind his favorite rock. Crawl Mart is on the left side ion the bottom level.

Crawl Mart


Once you get inside, go all the way to the right where the snake is, he isn’t there! Then the owner calls and asks if he’s there, you say no. Then he says go find one of his favorite snacks and he will come. Now, leave the store.

Chasing the Snake

When you get outside, the snake is right there! You chase him all the way to the right side. Now go to the top floor, the snake is in McGruffin’s.

McGruffin’s – Part 2

poptropica nwi 3

Once you get inside, go to the middle of the store. You see the port-a-potty shaking.


Click on the port-a-potty, the snake all of a sudden shoots out like a bullet! Now, run outside and follow it! Once outside, go down to the bottom level. You will see the snake inside the Tanning Salon!

Sizzle Tanning Salon – Part 2

poptropica nwi 4

Once you get inside, go to the first tanning booth, the snake will be inside, but he escapes again! Now, leave and follow him. When you get outside, he’s right there! Now chase him to the room in the middle.

Chinese Food Stand

poptropica nwi 5

When you get to the room in the middle, he’s in Chinese Food Stand! Now, use that toy bird you got earlier, to lure him out of the stand! He come’s out and eats it, then runs away again. Suddenly, The Pet Store owner calls, he says the snake is probably now looking for a place to sleep, he was going to get him tomorrow. Now, your phone rings again, this time it’s at Carnival Costumes. Look now, at the cameras and see if you can see anything in the room. Now, when you look in. Another camera goes out again!


Now, leave the middle area, and go to the right area. When you reach the right area, go to the top floor, and enter Carnival Costumes.

Carnival Costumes


Once you get inside, go all the way left. The robber is there! He jumps out, and runs over you! Now, the other security guard calls you. He says maybe the robber is going to rob McGuffin’s because there is a new gadget called the Quickcharger that hasn’t been released to the public yet. So, he says go to the store and wait until the robber comes. Now, leave and run left, 3 stores over to McGuffin’s.

McGuffin’s – Part 3

Once you are inside, hide it a corner and wait until the lights turn out, the robber runs out of the store and drops some keys next to the door, pick them up.

poptropica nwi 6

Now, exit the store and run 1 store right to Good Deal Electronics.

Good Deal Electronics: Part 2

Once you get inside Good Deal Electronics, use the robot toy you found earlier to keep the lights on, Now, go all the way to left until you reach the Employees Only sign. Use the key and enter it.


Back Room

When you get in the room, go all the way right, you will reach a TV, there’s a paper next to it.

poptropica nwi 7

Now, click on the paper. It’s an application for a new store! On the application it says the person who applied for it was Preston Wilhelm, which he also owns Printfax, a company in the mall!


Now, the other guard calls you, he wants you to go look for a clue at Printfax, so leave and go to the other side of the mall. When you reach the top floor on the other side of the mall, the robber will fly out of nowhere and hit you with a golf cart!


Now, the other guard calls you, you say I will never catch the robber on foot! Then, He says go get the segway in the mall manager’s office. He says I’ll send the passes to you in the notes, to open the closet. So, now go to the Manager’s Office. It’s located in the middle area, top floor, right side.

Manager’s Office

When you get inside, go to the middle of the room. There’s a keypad and door. Click on the keypad.


After testing all the codes, the correct on is FROST.


When the code is granted, the door will open. The segway is right outside the door now, but before you start you now need to go back to McGuffin’s and get the Quickcharger.


When you get back from McGuffin’s, use the Quickcharger to charge the segway. When it’s finished charging you can ride it.


Stopping the Burglar

When you get outside, ride the segway and hit the golf cart the robber is riding. The robber will fly out, but it turns out the robber robot was a decoy!


Now, suddenly, the snake comes out and hijacks the segway!


Suddenly, there has been a disturbance in Printfax! The robber is doing something with the printer! Printfax is located on the far left room, top-level, left corner.



When you get inside Printfax, click on the printer. Now, click on the menu button, then click reprint last scan, then click print, and you will see it’s a scan of the baseball card!


Now, the other guard calls, he’s wonders how much the cards worth and where’s the original. So, that means you need to go back to Slugger’s and check and see if the original was stolen. Slugger’s is located on the far right side of the mall, 2nd floor, left corner.

Slugger’s – Part 2

When you get inside, move the statue, and you will notice the safe and card are missing! It looks like they fell to the store below. You need a blowtorch to break the lock on the building below. The blowtorch is behind the Employee of the Month Picture in the Manager’s office.

Manager’s Office – Part 2

When you get inside, click on the Employee of the Month Picture, the picture will open and a blowtorch will appear.


Now, run right to the Coming Soon store.

Coming Soon Store

When you get inside, walk right, you will see the robber trying to switch cards.


Now, chase him into the air ducts, and blowtorch all the metal doors.


After you blow torched those 2 doors, hop the ladder on to the platform above, then jump right, over a metal fan to a metal door. Now, hop down, and run right. Another metal door is there, blowtorch it, now, hop up the ladders until you reach the robber. Now, more doors above you will drop, so now you have to blowtorch above you. (I blow torched the 2nd metal door from the right then blow torched the far left one). Now, hop down and the robber is there, he says now your starting to get on my nerves.

Now, follow the directions you did earlier until you reach those 2 ladders, blowtorch the metal door between the 2 ladders.


Now, run left and hop up to the platform. There’s a power box there with your need to burn up to cut off the power.


As soon as your cut the power, the thief runs and hides again. After climbing back down you need to go back through the tunnels just like you did before. Now the robber will be on a floating surface, so use the fan to float up then use the blow torch to cut down the bars on the left side.


Now, hop down and blowtorch the next powerbox.


Now, blowtorch the left metal door, run left to the next metal door, blowtorch it. Now, climb up 2 ladders and blowtorch the last door to the right.


When you get to the top, the burglar will fall and drop the baseball card. He pushes you out of a window, but you both will fall into the fountain, the robber was just about to run away again when the snake came out of nowhere with the segway and hit the robber. The police will arrest him. Then they will give you the island medallion! You finished Night Watch Island! Congrats!

poptropica nwi medal

Bonus Quest

For the bonus quest, a robot has stolen a rare 1960′s baseball card set from Sluggers. They want you to find all 9 cards scattered all over the mall!

poptropica nwi bonus quest


Left Area

  • Jolly Gifts – Click on the can next to the cash register and the card will come out.
  • Crawl Mart – The card is inside the piranha tank.
  • ITN (In the Now) – Is in the large speaker next to the mannequins.
  • Sports Center – Pick up a baseball bat then turn on the pink ball machine by clicking on it.  Now, run back over to the plate and stand in front of it. Now, press the space bar, you will hit the baseball and hit the card down from the shelf.

Middle Area

  • On Saturn’s ring.
  • Space Time Pizza – In the dough to the right.

Right Area

  • Slumbertown – Right above the door
  • Sizzle Tanning Salon – First tanning bed, click on the temperature meter, and make it go to yellow.

Outside to Mall

  • Jump onto the window ledges on the mall. Once you reach the top, you will see the card on top of the glass dome roof.

Once you finish getting all the cards, go back to Slugger’s and give the guy his cards back. He says thanks and gives you this awesome costume! Congrats!


Written By: Samwow5


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