Lunar Colony Island Guide

Lunar Colony

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poptropica lci members only items

poptropica lci                                                               Take Off

When you land on Lunar Colony Island you are next to 2 excited parents and their bored children. To your left is the multiplayer room.

poptropica lci 1

Walk left to Mission Control.

poptropica lci 2

Once your inside talk to the people there. Turns out the astronaut is a little sick, so you need to get him a fizzy drink. Walk back to where you landed and get the ginger ale from the stage.

poptropica lci 3

Now go all the way left and take the elevator up to the astronaut. He thanks you, but he forgot his wallet in his car, so he “goes to get it.” The tricky guy closes the door on you and never comes back. I guess it’s up to you to go to the moon. Follow the man on the headsets instructions and you’ll be fine! Probably… let’s just say you’ll have to fix a little patch.poptropica lci 4poptropica lci 5

Anyway once you safely land go to the left into the air locked building. Go into the Barracks and up the ladder to the second floor. There you can pick up some stuff from a messy bed.poptropica lci 6

It’s Always Sunny in Outer Space

Now go to the third level. Click the map that’s there, if you want to, but that’s for later. Click on the computer that’s on and click the pattern: square, recycle (The 2 arrows in a circular motion), circle, and x.

poptropica lci 7

This will reboot the computer. Now you can open the vehicle bay doors. So go to the vehicle bay. Open the sunroof by pressing the button in the top left corner of the room. Now you have to move the different reflectors so the sun will shine on the rover.

poptropica lci 8

Yay! The rover is now powered up! But don’t forget to look in the lockers right above the rover.

Mars Moon Rover

Now you can explore the moon! Enter the rover and drive upward to a building. Sadly there’s a gigantic meteor blocking the entrance. But there’s no need to fear! The rover’s wrench is here! Once you get the meteor out of the way go inside. Now go to the eye color changer and make your eyes purple. I know it sounds odd, but trust me. Then go to the pressure chamber and turn it on high. This will make you shrink. Before it wears off go to your left through the little space that you wouldn’t be able to get to normally. I guess there’s no going back now. So enter the door.

poptropica lci 9

The Dizzy Room

Go to your left and pick up the hose. Jump to the platform right above you, then to the left. Then the upper left. Then the next upper left. Then through the bottom left and then right. Now you can just drop down! Spray your hose through the vent and out pops the locator device you need!poptropica lci 10

Then to your left there’s a door with a bio waste sign on it that you have to go through. Thankfully your now back in the main room of the building, so you can easily exit and get back to the rover.

Dome, Sweet Dome

Ride your rover toward the left, and down to a dome-shaped building. Wow, this building has no gravity! You’ll have to take a cork and plug up each hose to move around easier though. Once you clog up all the hoses you can now go to the room at the top of this one! Look it’s the astronaut you’re supposed to save, Salerno! Although she doesn’t really want to be saved. And of course she gets away… But she dropped her key card! You should take it, because you wouldn’t want it to get into the wrong hands. Well that’s it in here! For now…poptropica lci 11

Turtle Tortoise and Rabbit Hare Race

The chase is on! Follow Salerno as far as thy eye can see! Or you know, let the movie sequence do it for you. Anyway enter the building quickly, before she get’s away! Oh, wait. This place is fancy. With it’s little security system. Good thing you got those good looking purple pupils! Scan your eyes and get in! Now you have to change the direction of the conveyer belts so you can go down. You also should change the way they’re moving too. After you get down go to your left and do the same thing to get up.

poptropica lci 12

Then you come to a room where Salerno taped her tracking device to a machine. Go left and up to 4 long metal poles. Click on them to push one to the left. Go across the one you pushed to find a Geiger Counter! Push it to the rover and then enter the rover.

Alien Activity

Time to go look for another “alien” artifact to lure this tricky space woman out of hiding. Drive the rover downward to find what your looking for. Sadly the artifact is too far underground. After all this it had to end. Wait a minute! There’s no need to fear! The moon rover is here! Take the rover’s hook and attach it to the artifact. It will get pulled out of the ground! But what’s with that light? Follow it to where it intersects with another light and get out of the rover.

poptropica lci 13

Then Salerno comes in with a shovel. You, being the kind Poptropican you are, don’t take her back to earth just yet. And of course the island isn’t over yet! You fall into a giant hole. Weird. Go to the far right and flip the switch. Salerno wants to go through that portal and you can’t stop her. And sadly you have to go home. But this can’t be the end! Can it?

The Discovery

poptropica lci 14

One of the scientists are getting an transmission! Wow, it’s Salerno! And she found… alien life? Cool. Now people are interested in space again! You saved the space program! And of course all they give you is a medallion. Congrats though!

poptropica lci medal

Bonus Quest


poptropica lci bonus quest

To decode this message, you have to find an expert. Take the bus to the retirement home. You have to buzz in but the name your looking for isn’t there. Well, I guess it’s in code! After you decode the names it turns out that this expert lives in room 3A. The expert tells you how to decode the message. After you decode it it should say 14 minutes 39 seconds right ascension minus sixty degrees 50 minutes declination. The second message you decode will say 5 hours 55 minutes right ascension 7 degrees 24 minutes declination after your finished. Your third message will say 6 minutes 45 seconds right ascension minus 16 degrees 42 minutes declination when your done. Your fourth will say 2 minutes 31 seconds right ascension 89 degrees 15 minutes declination. Congrats! You have completed the bonus quest for Lunar Colony Island!

Written By: Spotted Dragon


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