Great Pumpkin Island Guide

Great Pumpkin Island Guide written by Nameless UnDEFiNed

When you land on Great Pumpkin Island, just run to the right, into the Pumpkin Patch. Talk to the kid with the blanket (Linus) and then put all of the pumpkins, on and off the scale until you find the one that hasn’t gone up. Then, it will go automatic, you’ll have to get the pumpkin back to their house without smashing it to a pulp.  Now, when you’re trying to move the pumpkin, gently walk behind it. Every time you reach a flag, it’s a checkpoint, so get to them carefully.   When you start, go slowly over the hills, and then to the left, instead of over a cliff:


Watch out for the bunny rabbits that come next, they’ll toss the pumpkin in the air, and smash them. Now you have to get this pumpkin up the hill and avoid bunnies, so don’t jump up, stay behind it. When you reach the top of the hill, jump over the pumpkin so it doesn’t roll down too far. You need t have as much space to push it through the log, or it will get stuck. But if you aren’t fast enough, you’ve just reached a checkpoint 😉  Now, push it up the hill, and then there is the playground… Lucy didn’t mention a playground! So, you have to push the pumpkin between the swing sets without it getting swung into. This can be tricky, but just push and keep pushing from the checkpoint, fast.

It didn't smash!
Talk to Linus and get your bag, then it will go through a little bit of some Automatic stuff that doesn’t exactly concern you right now. Leave the house, and give the bag to the dusty kid, Pig-Pen. He’ll give you a sucker
 in return. Now, go back to the house you just left (the blue one), and talk to Linus. Give him the sucker, and he’ll give you a Party Invitation. Scoot to the left and get the pen Linus left. You can leave again, but this time go to the left, pass the Flying Ace Cafe, into Charlie Brown’s backyard. Talk to Charlie Brown, and then you’ll play as Snoopy, Charlie’s dog. 

Now you need to run to the tree on the left that is dropping all of the leaves, when a leave falls, stand on the right side of it and click to blow it and keep it from falling to the ground. Navigate 5 leaves to the leaf pile on the left. When you’ve finished, run back to the right, and talk to Linus at the Mailbox. Go back to Charlie Brown and go through the leaves to find Linus’ blanket. Go back to Main Street, give Linus his blanket, and then head back to Charlie Brown AGAIN.

Talk to them, and then give Charlie your pen. Walk to the left and pick up the football. Go talk to Snoopy, then use the Football.


Now, all you have to do is avoid bombs falling from the Red Baron’s Plane. It may take a couple of tries, so don’t sweat it too much.


Now, you’ve crashed behind enemy lines! You need to hide and avoid the spotlight (If you have played / remember the part of Shrink Ray Island where you hide from Mr. Silva, then it’s just like that). Hide behind the first rock and then wait for the light to pass back to your left, then make a break for the right. Hide inside the hole, and when the light passes to your left, again break right. Hide behind that rock, keep repeating the ‘Wait-and-Break’ method for a while. You can hide behind the big section of grass right after the rock, the hay, the tombstone, the river, then the fence and grass right before you jump to the roof, and the chimney. Once you’ve passed the chimney, you’re free to the right.

Run a little to the right and get the mask off of the scarecrow. Put it on, and enter the house to the right. It’s the party! But now you have to win ALL of the Party Games. Here they are:

  • Bobbing for Apples: Click on apples when they are floating to the top of the barrel. Bite 6 of them without ‘Mis-Clicking’ 3, or you’ll have to start over
  • Drawing a Jack o’ Lantern: Draw on the back of Charlie Brown’s head, anything you’d like on the pumpkin! It’s awesome artist 😉
  • Pin the Face on the Pumpkin: Put each of the 5 features (stem, right eye, mouth, nose, and left eye) close to where they belong, in the dark. Get around 85% accuracy to win
  • Schroeder’s Piano: To play the song, press the key below each of the falling balls when it enters a box in the row above the keys. Hit the correct notes while keeping Snoopy’s dance rate above the red line to win. There’s even sound when you play this one 😉

So now, go trick-or-treating. Your job is to knock on the door and jump in the air to get a piece of candy. As usual (If you’ve ever seen the special) Charlie Brown gets a rock ❓ 😦


Now go back to the Pumpkin Patch, and talk to Linus and Lucy. Go through the automatic and you’ll get your medallion!



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    • Oh of course 🙂 thanks for wanting to use it 🙂 you let me use your cryptids after all 🙂


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      • I will when I get home, yours are really thorough and I’d like to hav a guide for everything (maybe with the exception of mocktropica) by the new year…


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      • Thank you 😀 I tried writing a wimpy guide but it’s quite time consuming… Thanks ts 🙂 I link it to popu?


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      • Okie, I normally just link the person’s name to their blog, so it wouldn’t be any problem. Thank you tho, and I’ll include SW’s part too 🙂


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