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poptropica gsi                                   Robot City

When you land on Game Show Island you will see that robots rule the city and humans Poptropicans are treated like slaves. The second building to your left (Robo-Bling Boutique)is the multiplayer room.

poptropica gsi 1

Go in the museum, which is the first building to your left. Watch the video and it will explain what has happened. Then ask the man in a cardboard robot suit to borrow his toolbox. The box is on the Robo-Bling Boutique’s roof. Now go to Club Nouveau Riche. The guard will think your here to fix the air conditioner and lets you go inside. Talk to the robot manager. Now leave the club and go left, into the factory. Then go inside the building, left, and up. Use the crane to go up and down.

The Fan of the Fan

 on the second floor of the crane click the computer to open the door on the third floor.

poptropica gsi 2

Then use your toolbox to open the main power box on the third floor and click the switch labeled Robot Factory. A worker will thank you and give you a fan. Now go back to the club and use the fan on the club manager. He gives you a nickle for your troubles. (Only a nickle?!?)

The Inventor

Go to the factory again and to the left, give the nickle to the hobo — I mean, poor man. Then he’ll give you a pair of heat vision goggles. (Score!) Go back to the club and put on your new shades. Was that a person in the air ducks? The vent is sealed shut, so go outside. There’s a window, but it’s too high up. So use that extra powerful fan of yours to fly up there!

poptropica gsi 3

Man the window is bolted shut too. Good thing you got your toolbox! Wait — couldn’t you have used to toolbox to open the vent? That’s unfair. Anyway open the window and head inside. That explains the AC not working… hey is that the inventor?!? Now you have to chase him! Go to the top level and push that old record player to the right. Now you’re on the second level, wait, no first. The Inventor really doesn’t want to get caught! Go left and up the rope. Then to the right, up the ladder, and to the roof, by using the heat vision goggles to crack the code. If your too lazy, the code is 2-0-1-4. (2014? hhhmmm) Once you corner the Inventor on the roof, he’ll tell you his side of the story. He gives you the keys to his jet so you can beat all the game shows and inspire the humans to take back their island!

Scaredy Pants

Fly to the first place: Istanbul. Here you will have to beat your first game show: Scaredy Pants. (I mean no offense!) But you have to get a ticket! Go to the far right and talk to the worker. Help him with his problem and you’ll get a ticket to the game show. Take the blue brick and put it on the orange empty spot. Then take the long orange brick and put it on the other free spot. Take the blue brick and put it on that long orange brick. Put the white brick on the free spot, take the blue on top of the fat orange brick, and put the long orange on the white. Then put blue on top of long orange and move fat orange to the free spot. Put the blue on the fat orange, the long orange on the free spot, and then the blue on the long orange. Finally the white goes on the fat orange, move the blue to the free spot, the long orange on top of the white and then the blue on top of the long orange. Everything should be on the fourth spot and in the right order. I hope that wasn’t confusing! ;)poptropica gsi 4

Yay! You got the ticket! Try to come in first in each race. The overall score is the one that matters though. For the first race you go all the way to the left, down, to the right, down, and left. Then you have to grab the glow stick and bring it back. 1st place gets 10,000 points, 2nt gets 5,000 and 3rd gets 0. Try your best! In the second challenge you have to put the creatures in their right bins. Rats, snakes, and spiders, oh my! Try to do this as quickly as possible to come in 1st. 1st place gets 12,000 points, 2nt gets 6,000 and 3rd gets 0. The last trial is to cross a high wire with only 5 tries. Try not to fall! And watch out for those fans! Speed is not the key in this one! 1st place gets 18,000 points, 2nt gets 9,000 and 3rd gets 0. Good luck! If you came in first overall you win! Congrats!

poptropica gsi 5

Spin for Riches

Now fly to Miami. Walk right to the 2 robots. Looks like they need to work out some problems… Anyway talk to the man robot and help him to get your game show ticket. Turn the platform that the prize is on to the right, the one it will land on to the left, and then the next one to the right, so the robot can catch the prize. But don’t start with the platform with the prize! For the next prize, turn the same 3 platforms the way you did before, then the one above the window to the left, the one above that to the left, the one below the prize the the left, and the prize to the right. For the last prize turn all the platforms the way you turned them before. Then the platform next to the window to the right, the one above that to the right, the one below the prize to the left and the prize platform to the left as well.

poptropica gsi 6

Yay! Now you got a Spin for Riches ticket! Now this is about knowledge and luck. It’s a lot like hangman. If you know the answer solve it, but if you don’t spin the wheel. Each letter is worth 100 points and if you win a round you get 1,000 points. They will ask you a random question out of 15. Here they are, along with answers:

  • George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, but not John Adams:
  • Name of a disco song and a weekend night text when you’re sick:
    Saturday night fever
  • A song possibly dedicated to Darth Vader:
    Every breath you take
  • Name of a cat and a President:
  • Not a fan of Lady Gaga’s wardrobe:
    Her Dry-cleaner
  • When you hear this, you should get on your feet:
    The national anthem
  • Their life is sweet:
    Zack and Cody (of the Suite Life of Zach and Cody)
  • Who invented the moonwalk, that was not Michael Jackson:
    Neil Armstrong
  • Better come inside if you see these:
    Cumulonimbus clouds
  • According to a Tee shirt, he has many emotions:
    Chuck Norris
  • Two great tastes that taste great together:
    Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • No one can call him a blockhead:
    Phineas (of Phineas and Ferb)
  • The band, not the bug:
    John, Paul, George and Ringo (the Beatles)
  • Advice to give to a frog:
    Look before you leap
  • Spaceman Spiff’s alter ego:
    Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes)

If you come in 1st overall, you win! Congrats!

poptropica gsi 7


Now fly to Buenos Aires. To get your next game show ticket you have to fix a clock. Go to the left. It’s too heavy for you, but the nice, muscle man robot will help you. Click the pipes until they form one strait line. The robot gives you his ticket for Kerplunk because he’s too tired. Yay! :Dpoptropica gsi 8

This game show is all about speed, agility, and timing. Try to go through all the obstacle courses as fast as you can. Try not to fall, timing is key! If you come in 1st overall, you win! Congrats!

poptropica gsi 9


Now fly to Moscow. Go down and right and talk to the confused looking robot. Help him fix all the windows so the chopper can land. Sadly the pattern is different for everyone so just try your best! After you figured out the code and signaled the chopper go up to the chopper and talk to the man. He’ll give you his game show ticket for your trouble. Yay!

poptropica gsi 10

Time to see if your a brainiac! It’s a lot like the show Jeopardy. There will be a question, 3 answers, and you have to be the first to buzz in. And there area lot of questions, and it’s not always the same thing, so I sadly can’t give you the answers. :( But if you don’t know most of the subjects, try to pick the Poptropica related subjects, like World of Poptropica. ;) (BTW: You don’t have to really buzz in, just pick the right answer!) The last question is tricky. Deciding how much you wager depends on how much your opponents have. If you have the most points overall, congrats! You win!
Cheat: If you know the answers, but can’t click them quick enough, pick the category, then click the pause button in the top right corner, so you can see the answers as long as you want!

 poptropica gsi 11

Mr. Yoshi’s Super, Terrific Challenge

Now fly to Tokyo. Go right into a door labeled service entrance. Because there’s no time to eat or but clothes! Click the different pieces of wire the connect one end to the other, before the water comes. There will be a total of 4 sections.

poptropica gsi 12

After you fix the power Mr. Yoshi invites you to be on Mr. Yoshi’s Super, Terrific Challenge! This is probably the hardest yet. And the most embarrassing. The object in this game show is to amuse Mr. Yoshi. If you amuse him in each challenge you win! In the first challenge you are dressed up as a baby. You have to rotate blocks until you find the letters to spell Yoshi and then put the blocks on top of each other in order.

poptropica gsi 13 2

If you complete the challenge and amuse Mr. Yoshi you can continue onto the next challenge. In the next challenge you are a chicken who has to break out of an egg. You have to click your mouse repeatedly, as fast as you can to get out. I think it helps if you have a laptop with a mouse plugged in, so you can click on the hand mouse and the laptop mouse! Good luck! Chicken… ;)

poptropica gsi 14

If you break out of the egg and amuse Mr. Yoshi you can go on to the next challenge. In the final challenge you are *giggle* a bowling ball. *giggle* Sorry I can’t hold it in any more! *bursts out laughing* Baby! Hahah! Chicken! Hahah! Now a… Bowling Ball! *cough* *cough* Sorry. :lol: Anyway you have to chase down all the pins.

poptropica gsi 15

After you knock all the pins down, if Mr. Yoshi is amused you win! Congrats! And by this time your on every T.V.! Everyone can’t believe that you won! You showed them! Even if you  were *giggle* a chicken at first. So head back to main street.

poptropica gsi 16

Season Finally

It’s not over yet! Time to “fix” Holmes. But the robo-cops are chasing you now! The only chance you have is to go into the man hole with whoever is calling you. Good thing it’s the inventor. Now you have to go the only way you can. But it’s not that easy. You have to connect all wires to open each door, while running from robots, and trying not to get tricked by Holmes’s offers

.poptropica gsi 17

Once you get to Holmes, upload the file on the thumb drive that the inventor gave you. Holmes will turn nice again and you win the Game Show Island medallion! You have finished Game Show Island! Congrats! :D

poptropica gsi medal

Written By: Spotted Dragon


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