Early Poptropica Island Guide

Early Poptropica

poptropica epi

Normal Town

When you land on Early Poptropica Island you appear to be in a normal town. To your right is a multiplayer room called Soda Pop Shop and to your left is a Pop Art Museum in which you can learn about famous art work. Another multiplayer room is the Arcade to your right.

poptropica epi 1

Go all the way to your right into Early Poptropica. You’ll pass a water tower, but we can’t climb that yet. In Early Poptropica everyone looks like pilgrims. Talk to all of them. Once you’re done you will learn that one man has lost his prize pig, one man needs the bucket for the well, and one man needs a flag so the boats can find their way. So go down into the darkness of the well.


Go down until you get to a boy wearing a scuba mask. If you talk to him, he’ll say that there’s a glow stick in the top left. You want to get the glow stick, don’t you? Go to the top left and get it! Now you can exit that creepy well. Then go back to Main Street. You’ll see a man-hole next to your blimp. Time to go back into the darkness. Enter the man-hole. Pass the Gothic Girl and go down to the far right.  Watch out for the spiders though! Especially the one guarding the prize porker. If your quick you can grab the pig. But don’t leave yet! Go to the far left and enter the hole. Wow, it’s really dark in here. Good thing you got your glow stick! In here you have to find a golden egg. There are clues on the walls, but I’ll tell you exactly where to go, because I’m nice.poptropica epi 2Head left. Climb up the rope you find and then head right. Pass 1 rope and then climb up the 2nd rope. Go the only way you can. Up the next rope. Then go left to find the golden egg! Now just head upward. to the exit.

I Believe You Can Fly!

When you exit you’ll be in Poptropica Towers, near (to your right) a man with balloons. (If you click on a balloon your skin will change to the color of the balloon you clicked!) Climb up the buildings (Or jump on the wires :D ) and go to the farthest buildings roof on the left. Now climb up the vine that’s there. You’ll see 2 giant purple feet. Give the giant the golden egg and he’ll lift his club so you can pass. Go right into a huge garden. Keep walking right. Pick up the bucket and then go to the next place to the right. Wow. Now you’re in a huge plan graveyard. Anyway head right until you get to the jet pack. You can fly now! Exit the giants cloud kingdom. (Either the way you came or the secret escape through the garden) Remember that water tower? Time to climb fly up there! Great! The flag you need is there!poptropica epi 3

Everyone’s Happy

Now go back to Early Poptropica and return everyone’s missing items. The pig, the bucket, and last the flag. Once you return the flag some ships will sail in. Go over and talk to the pilgrim on the ship. He will give you your medallion for your hard work! Congrats! You’ve completed Early Poptropica Island! :D Sadly you can’t wear the jet pack on other islands. :(  poptropica epi medal

Written By: Spotted Dragon


5 thoughts on “Early Poptropica Island Guide

  1. This island is so easy! I recommend you to reset the island a few times to get coins. That’s how I’m going to get money from for buying the follower starter pack.

  2. This island IS extremely easy but while I was playing it, I experience a few annoying glitches. Making it longer and more complicated to complete it.

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