Cryptids Island Guide

poptropica ci

5 Dollar! 5 Dollar Sports Drink!

When you land on Cryptids Island start walking to the right. (BTW: The Common Room is the Bead & Breakfast) The man with a soccer ball will give you a flyer and you should read it just to know what’s going on. Keep going right and past some houses owned by very rich people. If you talk to the islanders along your way, it might help you understand what’s going on. Anyway, once you pass house number 33 get the $5 that’s stuck in the tree to the right. Now go back to Main Street, into the General Store, and buy the only thing in the store that is $5. A sports drink.

Then go to the right, back to all those houses and give your drink to the thirsty gardener. After that he’ll give you his shears while he takes a well deserved break. For fun, you can use the shears to trim the shape of your choosing in the bush next to you! However the lady there threatens to sue you. Oh well! I still created a master piece! Look I made my name! SD!

poptropica ci 1

The Feeling of Flight

Now go way to the left, past Main Street, where you’ll see a bunch of adventurers taking off to find proof of a cryptid. Talk to the woman with the hang glider and help her lift off! Then help the boy in the hot air balloon by using the shears to cut his rope. (If for some reason the balloon doesn’t float up, try it again or just try moving around/getting inside the balloon.) By doing that you get the rope, which is very strong.

poptropica ci 2

Next, head over to the Kite Store on Main Street. Talk to the woman working there, use the rope, and you’ll ask if the rope you got is strong enough for the Kite-surfer X250. (If you went here before, she wouldn’t let you rent the K-S X250 because she was out of the really strong rope it needed) You then get the awesome kite! Head back to the left. You are now an adventurer searching for cryptid proof! :D Go all the way to the left and try out your new rented kite! What could go wrong?

You don’t really have to do anything at this part, just ride the waves. :cool: Oh! But I was wrong… something could go wrong. This is where you meet… Gretchen Grimlock! She will stop at nothing to win the grand prize! So she sinks you. Thankfully someone very important saves you.

poptropica ci 3

Mr. Mews

You wake up in a strange bed and you start to talk with Mr. Mews. Once he leaves click the water to make yourself feel all better. Then go find him. Go through the door to the bottom right, once your out of the room you were in. Then go down the stairs and to the right. He doesn’t seem to be in there yet, so just click play on each station to see what you’re going to be up against. If you get bored of learning stuff, just click close in each video. All together you can learn about Big Foot/Yeti, The Giant Squid, The Jersey Devil, The Chupacabra, and The Loch Ness Monster/Nessie. If you notice, the only proven cryptid is the Giant Squid. Believe it or not, it’s the same way in real life! The Giant Squid isreal. The Mr. Mews suddenly comes in. Talk to him, you’ll accept his challenge, and he gives you his private helicopter to use. Off we go!

Loch Ness Part 1

Find the helicopter and fly to Loch Ness, since it’s the first place on the list. Go to the right and talk to the man next to a huge truck. He tells you the truck is stuck. Click the left tire, click & hold the valve to let some of the air out and he is good to go! For your good deed he gives you a camera. You’ll need it for many tasks. Next go right to the pub. Don’t forget to grab the matches on the counter. Talk to the men to the left and play one of them for a boat ride ticket. It’s tricky at first because of your terrible darts, but just try your best! Click and drag the dart back to aim and throw.

poptropica ci 4

Now that you have that ticket, go take a rowboat ride! Once you are out on the lake Nessie appears! But it’s kind of hard to see and you aren’t aloud to get closer. So take a picture with your new camera.

Mews’ Mansion Part 1

Since you have “proof” go back to Mews’ Mansion and go show Mr. Mews! When you get there he is in the lab. *sigh* You were tricked. :( Go back to Loch Ness to find better proof. Let’s try a submarine view. Go to the pub and play darts again to win a submarine ticket.

Loch Ness Part 2

When you’re at the pub you challenge one of the remaining guys for his ticket. Good luck! :) It should be a little easier to aim this time. Now time to go driving in the deep blue! Head to the submarine and use your ticket. You get to control the sub! Cool! Steer it down to the lower left. Once you see the Nessie looking creature take a picture! Head back to the pub to show the guys the picture.

poptropica ci 5

Sadly, you were tricked yet again. The newspaper clipping on the wall says it all. At least you get some new darts. You should leave I guess. *sigh* But wait! That man you beat stops you! He wants a rematch and you’ll give it to him! Plus your new darts will make it a lot easier to aim. But after you win the man doesn’t give you the promised reward! What a ripoff! Thankfully the bartender is nice and gives you a penny whistle that supposedly attracts Nessie. Maybe this will actually work. :) Go back to the rowboat, use your ticket, and see what happens. After the man leaves go left… twice.

Now that you’re out really far, use the whistle. And… and… it’s Nessie! For real this time! :D Take a picture and leave before Nessie gets mad. Now that you have real proof, head back to Mr. Mews. (Nessie might be a little scarey for young players, but it’s not that bad)

poptropica ci 6


On second thought, don’t go back to Mews just yet! You’ll see why in a minute. It just saves you time. Once you’re there climb up the mountains to the left middle-ish. Talk to the man there and he’ll help you up the mountain. In this part you have to run and click the next ring so you can get safely up without falling. Then your guide will go, then you, ect. But try to time it right because the winds are strong.

poptropica ci 7

After you get to the top, climb to the top of the building to the left. (I know, a lot of climbing and jumping. :lol: ) Talk to the monk and beat him at a game. The instructions are explained. Good luck! Before you “pass” go inside the building and talk to the monk by the Yeti scalp. He will give you a lantern. Then use the matches from Loch Ness to light it! Time to climb more! Go up and to the left as far as you can and take the picture of the Yeti footprint. NOW we can go back to Mews.

Mews’ Mansion Part 2

Show Mews the Nessie photo first. He approves of it. That’s one done! :mrgreen: But the Bigfoot print is a fake and he doesn’t think the monks are worth revisiting right now. So let’s go to the next stop! Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Part 1

Looks like someone crash landed. :lol: Anyway, talk to the man that helped the crashed kid. He’ll let you borrow his jeep, but you have to deliver some seeds. Drive the jeep up (north). You automatically give the seeds to the guy’s brother when you arrive. Then walk to your left until you find the fur in the fence. Since you have that, it’s time to go back to Mews. Again. (You better get use to going back and forth!)

poptropica ci 8

Mews’ Mansion Part 3

This time he doesn’t turn your evidence down right away! Yay! But you have to identify the DNA on the fur to see if it is real. The instructions are all there, but I’ll help you with them here too. Careful not to spill!

  1. Put Sample into Beaker. (The fur into cup with light blue liquid)
  2. Pour Enzyme 32 into Beaker. (The tall vial at the top with red liquid into what is now filled with yellow at the bottom)
  3. Pour Lab Gel (Not Hair Gel!) into Lab Tray. (Round cup with yellow liquid into tray at the bottom)
  4. Pour Beaker into Lab Tray. (The orange liquid to the tray)
  5. Place Nylon Membrane in Lab Tray. (Use the long piece with yellow)
  6. Pour Probes into Lab Tray. (The big cup with pink liquid into the tray)
  7. Place X-Ray Film in Lab Tray. (Use the long piece with blue)
  8. Place X-Ray Film in the Developer. (Take what is in the tray and put it in the printer looking device)
  9. Press the Develop Button on the Developer. (The square green button)

Congrats on finishing that! However instead of a prize, you get to know that it was just coyote fur. *sigh* Go back to Puerto Rico I guess.

Puerto Rico Part 2

When you get back the man there has had enough! He is going to trap the Cupacabra! Yikes! Time to get into the jeep again. What you want to do is chase 3 spotted goats to the center star on your map. (If you talk to the people around Puerto Rico you learn that the Cupacabra is attracted to them the most) It’s kind of tricky, so just try your best. ;)

poptropica ci 9

Now go to that middle star yourself. The man there has set a trap so all you need to do is hide. (Those poor, cute goats!) Anyway follow the man behind the rock to hide. You hear a noise!


Start to push the crate into the truck. AHHHH! He breaks out! That is one uglyscarey dog! :shock: At least he dropped a tooth! Before you take it back to Mews, go to the star in the upper left of your map. (Yay! The goats are okay!)

poptropica ci 10

Go to the right and climb the sticks like trampolines to the top. At the top pick up the bolt cutters. To save time again, go to New Jersey before heading back to Mews.

New Jersey Part 1

Time to pick up a New Jersey accent! (Seriously, it’s fun) Run to your right and use the bolt cutters on the locked dumpster. Move the trash away to find a message on a bathroom stall door. Gross. Since it looks like a stall door, go into the bathroom there. (Don’t worry, it’s for males and females!) Inside there is a man, which is kind of weird since I’m a girl. Anyway, pass him and complete the weird door message. You write it down so you don’t have to carry those things around.

poptropica ci 11

Now go to your right and ride that motorcycle. (I thought we were heroes, not thieves! Oh well.) Follow the directions on your message which is in the top right corner. Once your there click look around, then go through the gate there and into the old house. (You got your lantern from the monks, remember?) Anyway go upstairs and you hear a thumping noise. Push the dresser all the way to the left and go up. Go right and look at t-t-the barrel. It’s… it’s… it’s… just a raccoon. Phew! Grab the grappling hook by the barrel.


Start heading back out. Down the stairs an- AHHH! Look at the window! It’s the Jersey Devil! (I seriously screamed this time :shock: ) It’s really creepy…

poptropica ci 12

Okay, okay. Brave up and go outside. The Jersey Devil flies away. (Thank goodness!) Now use your grappling hook to climb the tree right where the monster flew away. When you get to the nest at the top you get some cracked eggs! And they’re Jersey Devil eggs! Cool! Wait… gross! But still cool.

poptropica ci 13

Now we can go back to Mr. Mews. (Just click back to start when on the motorcycle) Looks like we have proof of ALL the cryptids too! There isn’t anywhere else to go! Yay!

Mews’ Mansion Part 4

When you show him the tooth, he likes it! That’s confirmed. But with the egg shells, you have to run that test again. But the steps are the same at least. After that you’re done! Oh… but wait… you have to find Big Foot proof too, that’s right. The new location as been added to the chopper since you can get the Yeti scalp from the monks. GO GO GO!

Big Foot Chase

When you go to the Pacific Northwest you have to keep Big Foot in view. This is tricky, so good luck. After that Gretchen Grimlock comes back! You then have to chase her helicopter. When you catch her jump onto her chopper, but don’t fall off and don’t hit the blades! Click the gas tank so she’ll go down. But we have to save Big Foot! Go down to his cage and use the gardening shears from way back at the beginning of the island to cut the rope. Luckily you have a parachute.

poptropica ci 14

You end up back at Mews’ Mansion and you start talking to Mr. Mews. Since we aren’t Greedy like Gretchen we give up the million dollar reward so Mews can build a Big Foot reserve. But he does… give you a medal! You beat Cryptids Island! Congrats! :D

poptropica ci medal

Written By: Spotted Dragon

Illustrated By: Spotted Dragon


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