Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island Guide

~Silver Wolf~

The Golden Ticket Craze

Charlie will be next to the blimp. Talk to him, and he will say that he will do anything for money. He then walks away. Run all the way to the left to exit the place you are in. Push the payphone that’s to the left to receive a coin.


When you receive the money, Charlie will come out of the house to the Corner Shop. Follow him there. Give him the coin you received, and he will by one chocolate bar. He asks you to open it, and when you do, there will be a golden ticket! Everybody starts to chase Charlie, so you have to keep them away by playing a mini-game. Push any of the obstacles while you are running to slow them down. Once you win, a golden ticket flies because of the wind to the area to the left. Run there, and jump to the top of the tall building all the way to the right, until you reach here:

House on Poptropica

You automatically get the golden ticket when you go up there. Go back to the main street, and go inside the factory once the doors open.

The Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka asks for the tickets that everybody has, and you give him yours. Then, you go inside the factory.

Wonka’s Factory

All the kids inside run away to different parts of the factory. Wonka asks you to go find them, after you get his cane. His cane is all the way to the left. Once you get the cane, run right and fall down the hole, where there will be a machine that chooses the room you want to go to. Choose the chocolate button.

Chocolate Factory

There will be a blue hand above the machine. Go to where it says, and do that with all the hands, until you reach the chocolate room.

The “Chocolate Room”

A boy jumps into the river and is sucked into a tube. Click the wheel to the right to make him move upward.

He isn’t out yet, because he gets stuck… again.

Click the wheel above the boy  to make him shoot upward… again. Then, push another wheel to the left of the boy to shoot him up, yet, again. Oompa-loompas go to the fudge room with his mom. Follow them there.

The “Fudge Room”

Click the wheel next to the big tank that the boy is in. He then falls down, so jump to the left on a platform, and push the button on the machine. He falls down again, and push the button with blue fire when he is near the oven. Jump to the right to a platform, and push another button. He falls again, and push the button near the oven. Keep pushing it, so he is between the flames. When he gets out, go out too, and push the television button on the machine. Follow the hands again.

The “Television Room”

Another boy wants to be the first person to travel into a tv, so he gets transported to the tv to the left. Talk to the oompa-loompa near the tv, and fix the antennas to the correct position to make the tv clear.

The antenna should somewhat look like this. Mike is in the tv, so an oompa-loompa takes him to the Bubblegum Room. Follow them.

The “Bubblegum Room”

Mike is on the stretcher, and you have to stretch him to the correct size. Keep stretching him until he looks like the outline on the screen. Once your done, go to… the Inventing Room by pushing the invent button and following the arrows! My personal favorite.

The “Inventing Room”

A girl is there, so step on the yellow button to produce yellow bubblegum. She chews it and turns blue, like a blueberry. They take her to the Juicing Room. Follow them.

The “Juicing Room”

Go to the machine with the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. Adjust it so it looks like the picture below.

Once done, leave and push the nut button on the machine, and follow the arrows.

The “Nut Room”

A girl is there wanting a squirrel. Walk to where the squirrels are to receive a walnut. The girl tries to capture a squirrel, so the squirrels push her down a hole. Naturally, jump in to save her and her dad.  Once inside, jump on the platform to the right and push a chain. A gumball comes out, so push it to the right to stop the fan. Pull the chain again, and when the other gumball comes out, push it to the right so it will be in front of a doorway.

Jump over it to reach a switch to the right. Pull the switch down. Jump all the way to the left, and push the trashcan to the front of the other doorway to the left. Pull the switch down on this generator too. Another generator starts because of a squirrel. Jump to the right and use the walnut, so the squirrel will stop. Get the fizzy lifting drink and the whipped cream. Use the fizzy lifting drink to leave the room.

The Ending

The chocolate button will blink, so push it. Follow the arrows once more. Wonka tries to give Charlie the keys to the factory, but the land where Charlie is standing breaks! Talk to Wonka and say you want to save Charlie. Use the whipped cream to make temporary platforms. Keep making platforms until you reach Charlie. The big logs are safe to land on. Use the cane for Charlie to grab on. Wonka still gives the keys to Charlie, even after you saved him. You get the island medallion, though! I guess that’s better than running a factory. Congrats! You’re finished! 😉

The Bonus Quest

Warning: Bonus quests are for members only!

Intruders have entered the factory! Time to save the day… again! Fly in the glass elevator and pick up candy. Once you do, click your mouse to release the candy. Release the candy on the intruder until you win! Once you save the day, you get Helio-gum! It can lift you up if you push the space bar. You have officially completed the WHOLE island!


20 thoughts on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island Guide

  1. I can’t get Willy to come out, I’m just standing outside the factory but inside the gates…can someone help please?

  2. The chocolate room is to difficult, you need to be more specific. When the boy is close to the oven you say to run back to press the blue fire button but he gets killed right before i can get to the button

      • Hello! I can’t figure out what to do when Charlie gets lost at the very end. Please let me know what to do asap! Thanks 🙂

      • Make sure to make platforms with the whipping cream, and jump on each platform until you get to Charlie. The big logs are safe to jump on, so you can also jump on those. I’m sorry, I’m not the best at making guides. 😳 On each whipped cream platform, make another one and jump on the other one. Then repeat the process until you reach Charlie. After you get to Charlie, use the cane you got at the beginning (Willy Wonka’s Cane) and I think it should automatically bring you to Willy Wonka. I’m sorry, I haven’t played this island in a while and I’m not the best at making guides… 😳 Sorry!

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