Big Nate Island Guide

poptropica bniFirst 4 Pieces

When you land on Big Nate Island you can tell that everything is animated like a Big Nate comic! Fist, talk to Nate, just to see what this about. Then go into the Pop – In Shoppe, up to the top level to get your first Big Nate Comic piece. If you really want to know more about what’s going on, read the bulletin board. Now go to the Say Cheese Photo Studio and to the right is your next comic piece! For your next piece go to the top of the telephone wire, right above the Photo Studio. Then go right onto the school  grounds and if you go all the way right and up you’ll find your next piece!


After the first 4 pieces go into the Playground. As you can see, Nate will follow you in this area. You can find your 5th comic piece in the air, above the climbing wall. Now to have some fun! Go into Kids Only Playhouse. First, play Hangman, or as they call it Go To Jail. My advice: guess some vowels first! After you win, you get peanut butter crackers.

poptropica bni 1

Now play paper football! This is a little tricky, so don’t get frustrated if you lose at first. But after you win you get Big Nate’s Practical Joke Book! Yay!

poptropica bni 2

After you win, go to the lighthouse (to your right). Climb to the top of the lighthouse, jump to the left, and try to catch the old photo in the wind. This too might take a few tries. Plus, if you look through the art teacher’s telescope, you can see a rolled up piece of paper under a rock! For the next comic, go to the roof of the lighthouse.

Underwater Trip

Since you have the old photo, go back to the Photo Studio and trade it for the scuba suit. Once you get the suit, go back to the lighthouse and talk to the old captain, by the dock. Put on the scuba suit and go for an underwater trip to find the lobster trap. My advice: go to the far right, then down, because you can run out of oxygen quickly.

poptropica bni 3

Talk to the captain next and as a award, he’ll give you the lobster in the trap, plus the keys to his jet ski. If you want, you can take the scuba gear off now. Time to take a ride to the rock you saw if you looked through the telescope.

A Deal With a Seal

Of course Big Nate comes along with you. Although he wants that paper for himself. So you have to beat Nate to the island. Click to jump over things in the water and try to dodge the bird eggs that fall. This might take you more than one try too. If you beat Nate, you don’t just get the paper. Push both seals to the left and then you can reach it. Plus, it turns out to be the map for the school capsule! Examine the map and see that the treasure is burried right where the girls were chatting on the playground.

Stinky Situation

First, go to the top of the lighthouse and use the lobster to adjust the spotlight. This will make the bird leave the school bell. Now go into the school. At the top of the stairs you can find another comic piece. Go into the science lab, upstairs. Time to… make science! Click on the test tubes to start and if you noticed the poster, all you have to do to make a stink bomb is…

poptropica bni 4

So mix blue and yellow together, then turn the fire on… high! Thus a stink bomb is born! For the next comic piece, go to the left of the lab. Congrats! No, you haven’t finished the island, but you finished the comic. Now just put it together. There! You now have the locker combo: 9305! So go to the locker and open it. And I’m sure you know which locker. OH! That had to hurt. Sorry. Anyway, examine the pile and find the school blueprints. Neat. Looks like there’s a secret room underneath the Detention room. Very neat. But you can’t get in without gum. To get the gum go into the comic shop and give the man your Big Nate Comic Strip. (He already had the title piece) He’ll give you the gum in reward. Time to get in trouble! Go back to the school hallway and chew the gum. This will get you detention, but you can’t get to the secret room yet. So it’s come to drastic matters. Use your stink bomb!

poptropica bni 5

The teacher will leave and now you can get to her filing cabinet, which is the entrance to the secret room, so enter it. It’s a little dark, but there is a power switch for the lights, right below the ladder. Grab the bell clapper that is hangging from the hook and then leave (if you go to the far right you can talk to a boy that was trapped down there!).

The “Ring” of Success

Next, go to the top of the school to put the bell clapper back in place. The bell will ring, making the girls on the playground leave. Now look at one of the lost dog posters all over the island. That’s the dog in the playground! And if you’ll notice, he loves peanut butter. If you place peanut butter crackers you got from Nate down near the dog, he’ll bury it. So place the crackers in the area where the girls were standing and Spitsy (the dog) will dig up the capsule for you! After you open the capsule, Nate and you will save the school (Not that Nate really wanted to).

poptropica bni 6

And after you save the school, you get the island medallion (Even if the person giving it to you, made you go in detention)! Congrats! You beat Big Nate Island!

poptropica bni medal

Written By: Spotted Dragon

Illustrated By: Spotted Dragon


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