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Super Power

poptropica spiThe Inside Scoop

When you land on Super Power Island there seems to be a prison break! Apparently a radioactive meteor hit the jail, letting the villains escape, with super powers! The cops won’t let just a civilian help out though. Time to power up, as in become a hero. Also, the common room is to your right, called The Daily Paper.

Becoming a Super Hero

First go to the Masks & Capes store, where the owner will let you get a costume and will give you an I-D card. If you really want to get into hero mode, you can actually customize the costumes to the right.

poptropica spi 1

Now go to the Comic Store and talk to the one and nerdy… Ned Noodlehead! Then he’ll give you his very own hero handbook. You might want to read it for extra help. If you go to the top of The Daily Paper (You don’t have to yet) you can talk to an old man, but you need to go back to him later. Time to go show the cops you’s a civilian now! Go to the prison, on your left. You are now clear to pass. After talking to the cops and the scientist, you will have profile reports of the escaped villains and special handcuffs, so powers won’t work, when in them. Now go kick some villain butt! :P

poptropica spi 2

Copy Cat

poptropica spi 3

Copy Cat is your first villain showdown. She is located in the bank and she can make copies of herself. When you go in the bank, first press the elevator button, to your right. This makes defeating her easier. After you talk to her she releases fog into the air. If the fog gets too thick, you have to get out of there. So catch all her copies, before time runs out. Here are where they are:

  • Near the broken window
  • On the lamp to the left
  • Near the door
  • On the teller windows
  • On the lamp to the right

~Second Floor~

  • Near the first window
  • On Bob’s filing cabinet
  • On the “S” cabinet
  • Near the third window
  • On the last desk

And, of course, the last copy you find is the real one. You caught Copy Cat and got a villain sticker on your I-D! Congrats!

poptropica spi 4

Speeding Spike

poptropica spi 5

Speeding Spike is your second villain. He’s located in the Subway and has super speed. Lure him to the left of each subway car and jump as he runs at you. Keep doing this until he slips on a puddle of water. You caught Speeding Spike and have earned another sticker! Congrats!

poptropica spi 6

Sir Rebral

poptropica spi 7

Sir Rebral is your third enemy. He has telekinesis and is located in the park. To beat him you have to doge his attacks, while attacking. For the first round you just have to make the rocks follow you, but hit Rebral. For the second round you have to make the rock to your left get hit upward, so it hits him. You have now beaten Sir Rebral and earned another sticker! Congrats!

poptropica spi 8

Rat Man

poptropica spi 9

Rat Man is your fourth villain, controls rats, and is located in the sewer, underneath the bathrooms in the park. When you first go to the sewer entrance you have to click the different wheels to change the water levels, to get to a door to the left. Once you make it in the door, you have to pass the hypnotized rats and dump sewer slime on rat man. To dump the slim you have to click the wheel in the top right of the room. This will then make the flies follow you, so go put the cuffs on rat man, before they sting!

poptropica spi 10


poptropica spi 11

Crusher will be your fifth bad guy. He is super strong and literally makes the ground tremble. He’s located in the Junkyard. For the first round you have to jump at the right time, so you aren’t there when the ground shakes, and get up the the crane. When you make it there, drop the fridge onto Crusher. After that he starts “throwing” a tantrum. Get back up to the crane and activate the magnate control. This will bring part of the car from beneath Crusher to the magnate. You crushed Crusher and earned your fifth sticker! Congrats!

poptropica spi 12

Betty Jetty

As you pass through Main Street once again, the telephone booth rings. Answer it and then you have the power to fly! This must be from the guy on top of The Daily Paper. Now you can fight your last villain: Betty Jetty, who can fly and send out green power balls, and is located above the building next to the bank.

poptropica spi 13

Now you have to chase fly down Betty, while avoiding her attacks. Once you make her fall you feel great. But she’s not giving up yet. It’s over for you… but then your new sidekick (Ned) comes in and saves the day! And gets all the credit, plus the island medallion. What’s with that?!?

poptropica spi 14

Hot Dog Hero

Time to have a little chat with Ned… but it turns out he just wants a hot-dog for the medal! So get a hot-dog from the guy in the park, give it to him, and you get the medal! You have beaten Super Power Island! Congrats!

poptropica spi medal

Written By: Spotted Dragon


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