Photo Booth for Phones, Pop Jungle Drill, & More

Hey guys! Spotted Dragon here with another Poptropica recap!

So, first things first! The Poptropica Photo Booth is now available on the app for iOS! Android and other mobile devices should also be updated soon. 😉

phoney photo

The Photo Booth is also coming to Mystery of the Map Island. 😛

In other news, you may have seen some jungle related Daily Pop sneak peeks lately. We thought it was hinting towards a new jungle themed island (and we were kind of right), but it turns out to be a bit different…

new island

This is what the Creators’ said about the new island:

Well, we’re trying something a little bit different this time. We’ve got over 40 full Islands on the site already. That’s great for most players, but some of those Islands — okay, most of them — are very complex and challenging!

That’s why we’re putting our efforts toward a new Island especially for first-time players. It’s shorter than most, with simpler objectives. The idea is to let new players understand how to approach the challenges of Poptropica and give them the tools they need to crack some of the tougher Islands, like Escape From Pelican Rock.

If you’re already a Poptropica expert, fear not! We think you’ll like this Island too. It’s got some fantastic art, great gameplay, and hilarious characters. In other words, everything you love about Poptropica!

We’ll let you know when this new Island is available. It’s coming soon!

So, this new island will basically be a tutorial. I’m assuming it will be similar to the tutorial we’ve seen on Hub/Home Island, but more detailed and useful. Looking at the art in the picture above, I’d say it looks pretty cool! 🙂

The Daily Pops above are perfect examples of what may be sneak peeks for the upcoming island.

Lots of monkey related pictures, huh? What about all the other animals of the world? What about pandas?!? Well don’t worry, Poptropica has got that covered too.

panda pic

Heh, yeah it’s just a new ad for Kung fu Panda. XD

Anyway, moving on. The Creators have been posting a lot of things on Twitter. Specifically, one creator in particular. Why? Because the Twitter account is officially being run by Skinny Moon! Also known as Jessica.

twitter pfp

The Twitter, and Poptropica’s other social media accounts, seem to be a lot more active now.

If you aren’t following the Creators, you should! They post lots of cool things like concept art, sneak peeks, and even things from fans!

concept art 1

Twisted Thicket sketches

Well, that’s all for now guys! Until next time! 😀



Poptropica on Android, Twitter Posts and Island Sneek Peeks

Hey guys! Finally managed to make a post today. XD So I went on Twitter a few minutes ago, and this is what I saw:

Woohoo! The Poptropica App is finally available for Android! Bet all you Android users are probably dancing in your chair right now. 😛 You can buy it on the Google Play store now.

There have also been two more “island sneek peeks” that Poptropica has posted on Twitter. Here they are:

Could there be a Galactic Hot Dogs Island and an island based off the Poptropica comic? I see some self advertising creators… 😛 They’ve also shared the 6th PopStorm, and a cute sketch of the Cryptids Island creatures.

Nice art! Wait, there’s more! Poptropica recently tweeted a reel with assortments of different videos that animator/ video maker, Tyson Burnham, has created! Check it out!

Now we all probably know that Shrink Ray Island is being updated, but somebody on Twitter asked what the next island will be, and they said that they might release Shrink Ray this Thursday!

Although it might not be ready, they’ll probably release it next week.

That’s it for now! Check back for more Poptropica news! c;


Zany’s Grand Tour, Forgotten 3D Islands, and Popping Art

Yep, the updates just keep on coming!

The Public Land Preview may be over, but the hype isn’t! A tour of Zany Crown’s Tree House, the winner of the Land competition, has been released. It was made by Captain Crawfish himself. 🙂

Pretty cool, huh? I defiantly think the basement with the tree roots was the best part of the Land. It was super creative, so congrats Zany!

Plus, Poptropica Forgotten Islands is now out for Nintendo 3DS. You can buy it now at Amazon.

Just in time for the holidays!

Of course, there has been more art released on Twitter. Click to enlarge the images.

vampire early art



Sorry if it’s a bit difficult to see. This was Jeff Kinney’s rough castle sketch for Vampire’s Curse.

sneak peek island


undergroundNow this is a sneak peek of an upcoming island’s “palace interior scene.” Apparently the island will be coming in January 2015, so it’s not too far away. Any theories guys? I may be way off, but the image kinda reminds me of the underground Daily Pops we were focused on a while ago, throughout 2013. Some people even thought they could be for the return of Legendary Swords. A good example of those Daily Pops can be found here (or look to the right). The images seem to have a similar style, right? Then again, at a second glace, the old Daily Pops remind me of Arabian Nights too. Well, hopefully you guys have some better theories than I do. 😛

popstorm 4


Anyway, a Creator also drew another Pop Storm! This one demonstrates the Squash and Stretch theme.

That’s all for now! Comment your thoughts below. 😉


Balloon Man, Best of the Land, & More!

Hey guys! A lot of recent Tweets and posts to cover. First off, I want to emphasize this new video that has been added to the Creator’s “Inside Poptropica” YouTube playlist.

…Does this mean that Balloon Boy may be returning soon? Part of me is thrilled and part of me is sad that we may not be able to look in the sky and find him there any longer. Here is what has been said on the subject:

 balloon boy talk

As you can see, Balloon Boy may soon become a Balloon Man…

In other news, Poptropica has still been buzzing on Tumblr lately! The awesomeness has even spread to classrooms.

Ugh, I hate it when I’m stuck on the loading page with a ton of vines across my screen. 😛

Plus, some more concept art has been released! This time, it is for the recent “Monster High” ad. Plus, a random sketch and a boy shooting hoops on the moon (which is linked to the Lunar Colony trailer).

As you may know, PoptropiCon Episode 2: Spoiler Alert has been released to members and Arabian Nights Episode 1: How Bazzar has been released to everyone. To celebrate, there is a new PoptropiCon themed costume in the Store, called Popzilla.

popzilla costume

Yikes! Looks ferocious, doesn’t it? 😉

I also want to share an awesome site that the Creators found. It is called Ask the World’s Most Dangerous Losers. On the site, you can send in any question to be answered by the Poptropica Villains! Note that this is a fan site, therefore fans are answering the questions, not the Poptropcia team. Still, it’s pretty cool!

robotic rabit

Yep, I definitely ship Dr. Hare and Binary Bard now. Let’s call them… Robo-Rabbit. XD

Anyway… The Best of the Land: Dream Houses have been announced!

Look at that! The PHB’s own Slanted Fish is among the best! Click here for an in depth tour of her creation. Nice work Fishy!

Sadly, we are a little late on posting this, so voting for the best of the best is over. The winner is… Zany Crown! Congrats! 😀

dream house 10

The Best of the Land: Villages has also been announced! Thankfully, we are on time for this one.

Click here to go vote for your favorite! The poll should be to the right of the page. The next theme in the contest is an obstacle course, so good luck everyone!

Once more thing! Survival Episode 5, along with free Halloween costumes, are now available in the Poptropica app.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Lands, & More!

The PTFP was recently challenged by Spotted Dragon from Adventure Time Pop to the #IceBucketChallenge, an awareness for ALS, also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Of course, we accepted! ALS is a disease that affects the body by killing off motor neurons (what makes you move), so it eventually leads to total paralysis (not being able to move any part of your body) and the person passes away 3 or more years after being diagnosed. It’s very serious, so the Ice Bucket Challenge is to promote awareness about the disease and help others. If you want to  give a donation (either you or your parents), make sure to go to this page so you can! Many famous Poptropicans have already participated, including Zeus, Black Widow, Dr. Hare, the PHB team, and two amazing comic characters that you can see here:

Oliver and Jorge Ice Bucket ChallengePoptropica Ice Bucket ChallengeZeus Ice Bucket ChallengeDr. Hare Ice Bucket Challenge

Two of the PTFP’s authors have already participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge and had a freezing amazing time! You can see how fun we had in these two photos:

PTFP Ice Bucket ChallengeSpotted Dragon Ice Bucket Challenge

If you want to challenge any other authors, say so in the comments!

Poptropica Lands Creations

Poptropicans are getting into the minecraft Poptropica Lands spirit by building amazing sculptures, buildings, and geographies. If you have an awesome creation you’d like to share, make sure to participate in PHB’s Poptropica Land Construction Contest for a chance of your land being featured to millions of viewers! You can also send in your land to the Poptropica Creators by clicking “Share” when in the hammer’s pop-up, and they might just post it on their blog, like they did with these two creations:

Poptropica Land Creation 2

A train station created by Striped Fox

Poptopica Land Creation 1

A multi-level home with a treehouse created by Mad Tiger


Other News

Poptropica’s Twitter page (@Poptropica) has been active lately, including following the PHB’s Twitter (@Poptropica_Help)……..and following our own Twitter (@Poptropica_Tips; we give links to our posts and occasionally talk with other Poptropicans to bring you all the tips you need)!

Poptropica Follows Us

Poptropica even retweeted our shout-out post about them following us back:

Poptropica Follows Us Tweet

Poptropica’s always active on Twitter by answering questions, posting news on their wall, tweeting other Poptropica related posts, and more, including the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In fact, a question about how Poptropica cancelled the Top 10 Finishers announcements was asked by the popular blogger Nameless UnDEFiNed and was answered fairly quickly:

Top 10 Finishers - Cancelled

Will the Top 10 Finishers be coming back? Thanks to Nameless UnDEFiNed, they might just be. What do you think? Answer in the comments! Keep poppin’, Poptropica. ~SW

P.S. Sorry for the long post! xD