Tip of the Week #1

Hey ‘tropicans! I know I just did a post, but this is something I’ve been planning for a week or two now, and I had to do it 😀

Anyway, since this is Poptropica Tips, I’m going to give out weekly tips. If you have an idea for a tip, or if you need a tip for something, let me know at trustybiker031(AT)gmail(DOT)com!

So, when you’re in Wimpy Wonderland, and you have to eat the watercress salad, that part’s really hard. I could never get past it. Until, by chance, I opened a new tab while I was in that minigame. I come back a couple seconds later, and the game was done. I had won! And it was all because I opened that new tab!

Note: This may not work on some browsers/computers. 

The Tip of the Week is: While in Wimpy Wonderland Island, and you’re trying to get past the watercress salad mini-game, open a new tab, wait five seconds, come back, and you should have won the game!


Well, did that help? Let me know in the comments if it did!

Trusty Biker