Timmy Failure Prizes

Hey guys! I’m here to give a quick recap on the Timmy Failure giveaway prizes! If you’re already clueless, be sure to read Brave Sky’s post for clarification. ūüėČ

Basically, you could earn a special prize by visiting Timmy Failure Island every Thursday. However, no more prizes will be given out.

Week of August 6th: Promo code TIMMY earns you 50 credits!

Week of August 13th: Talking to Timmy will earn you a Polar Bear Costume!

Week of August 20th: Talking to Timmy will earn you a Customized Poster!

Week of August 27th: Going to Timmy Failure Island will allow you to visit the TF Common Room!

Week of September 3rd: Talking to Timmy will earn you a TF Coloring Poster!

Week of September 10th: Promo code LOSTPANTS will earn you 75 credits, which you can spend on Timmy’s Scarf!

You could also have entered the promo code BURRITO to earn a Burrito the Cat follower, but it never showed up in my inventory for some reason and was never announced by the Creators, so the item may come with a few bugs.

That’s it for now, but be sure to play Timmy Failure Island, which will be release for members on September 17th, which is next week!


P.S. September means it’s Poptropica’s Birth-month, so keep a lookout for a birthday surprise! Happy 8th B-month guys!